Dab Torches

Butane Torches

If you are into concentrates, the torch is a basic and essential piece you’ll need for your kit. You can’t be caught without one otherwise you’re not going to get that incredible concentrate vaporizing experience you’ve come to expect with a quartz banger! Most dab torches are powered by butane and can generate flames as hot as 2000 degrees Fahrenheit! If you have a quartz banger this is the type of high powered torch that you will need. You’re never going to get the same level of heat or power your standard conventional lighter.

Although your dab torch is an essential, it is much more than just a simple tool. It’s yet another chance to express yourself through your accessories! Dab torches come in a range of different styles, colors, and sizes! You can get a huge torch that can sit on your kitchen table, or a smaller, travel sized device you can discreetly take on vacation.

With the innovation of portable dab torches, theres no longer an excuse to not have all the tools you need for your sesh! If you’re more of an on the go smoker, you don’t have to carry around something that looks like a blowtorch. If you’re going to be in public, you can use the more discreet versions of the dab torch, many are pocket sized! With one of our more discreet devices, you’ll be able to enjoy your smoking experience without getting any odd looks from others. If you need a dab torch that does the job and does it well, you’re in the right place!

Torch Lighters

Torch lighters work by using a piezo ignition to set a spark to a stream of butane that's flowing through a lighter's ports. With pinpoint accuracy, you're able to roast the end of your cigar with ease, giving you a perfect light and burn every time. "These lighters sound expensive," you may wonder out loud. Worry not, amigo, as we'll fix that quick with three words - rock bottom prices. Instead of torturing yourself over the finer budgetary details and how much is a torch lighter going to set you back.

Torches Lighters