a monthly box of smoking essentials

no more late night runs


The OCTOBER Glassentials Box Ft. All NEW HemperTECH Gear & More!

Welcome to the best gift you'll EVER give yourself! 
Featuring our Glassentials box includes the following: 
  • Each month our Glassentials box comes filled with 8-10 high quality and premium brand items.
  • This is an awesome discovery tool whether you're just a beginner or veteran. 
  • The box includes a brand new glass piece in various styles(EVERY MONTH!), smell proof tech, rolling essentials, cleaning gear, Oder eliminators, newest and latest smoking gadgets on the market as well as Hemper original products.   
  • A lot of the items we send you are things you didn't know you needed! The Glassentials box instantly becomes an absolute must for any smoker looking to elevate their smoking experience to untold heights.  
  • The Glassentials box is really a no-brainer, you get over $80+ in value every month for $29.99 including domestic shipping.
  • Our Glassentials box includes all of the supplies you need to give yourself the optimal smoking experience, each and every time. The best part? It’s only a click away.  


International Shipping Rates 

Canada - $14/Box

International - $20/Box



convenience at your doorstep

The Best Monthly Subscription Box For All Your Smoking Accessories

Welcome to Hemper, the absolute best place to get your monthly smoking box for any occasion! Our monthly smoker boxes keep you stocked at all times with all of the smoking goods you could possibly need, regularly replenishing your stash so you don’t have to worry about running out of paper goods, and you can always have new and trendy glassware to keep you occupied.
With Hemper, it is easy to take part in a subscription service that eliminates the need for you to ever need to make a last-minute, late night run to the store for the paper goods you need, putting your party or socializing time with friends on hold while you go out on your errand. Always be prepared with the tools you need on hand to have a good time, thanks to Hemper. Our state-of-the-art, high quality smoker boxes are specifically designed to last users like you an entire month before the next shipment arrives.
Not a heavy smoker? Do you want to take part in this incredible and convenient subscription service, but are afraid that you’ll have too much product still left over when your next box arrives? Not to worry! That is exactly why we offer methods for you to customize your monthly smoking box to tailor fit your needs. No one knows your smoking habits better than you, so you know exactly how often you’re going to need to replenish your paper goods, or how often you’re going to want a new piece of glassware. For this reason, we make it possible for users like you to receive your smoker box every month, every three months, every six months, or once a year. This way, you can choose exactly the plan that works best for you—and you can change it at any time!
Our boxes are packed with hand-selected products to ensure you are getting the highest quality materials for your smoking experience. You can opt for the Original Hemper Box, filled with 10 essential paper products for your smoking needs, or you can choose to go for the Glassentials Combo Box, which contains a mixture of both glass and paper products—and even one of our unique, handpicked glass pieces we offer here at Hemper. At only a small price increase from the Original Hemper Box, this is quite a value that is fit for any true smoker and one that you surely won’t want to pass up.
When it comes to trying to liven up a party or time socializing with your friends, there is no better way to get a smile on everyone’s faces than with one of our high-quality smoker boxes. At the end of a long day, if you just want to enjoy a nice smoking session in your leisure time, there is nothing better than knowing that you will always have the paper and glass products you need being consistently replenished, after only the click of a button on our website. 
Whether you think the Original Hemper Box is best for you because you are most comfortable rolling, or if you would prefer our Glassentials Combo Box to keep your glassware collection growing, we have just what you need. Browse our website to make the best choice for you, and Hemper on!