HEMPER Windproof Torch Lighter


This HEMPER Torch is the first of its kind!  Windproof for lighting up in those extra windy spots!  We've all been in that situation where a normal lighter just won't work... a HEMPER Windproof torch will save the sesh!

This HEMPER Torch was featured in our Adam iLL x HEMPER Highest Host collab box!  Adam iLL (aka “The Highest Host” or “The Kosher Stoner”) is a well known host and personality in the community. He’s hosted shows on the likes of BRealTV, Herb, &  MERRY JANE!  He also hosts LA’s best kept secret the infamous, meetup ”Secret Sesh” 

Check out the full Adam Ill Collection here.


  • 1 Windproof HEMPER Torch