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Hemper vs. Hippie Butler

by Christy Coy 5 min read

Hemper vs. Hippie Butler

Hemper Vs. Hippie Butler

Why are those unboxing videos on YouTube so satisfying? Is it the thrill of the unknown, or that there's something undeniably fun about opening a present? Subscription boxes allow adults to feel like kids on Christmas morning. 

Weed subscription packages add a nice little grownup buzz to the experience. But where do you get the best value? Many companies provide these small parcels of sunshine. In some you may even find a Dab Rig.

In this post, we're examining Hemper vs. Hippie Butler to see which company provides the best deal. 

We've considered several elements to ensure that we rate each product fairly. These include:

  • The Goodies Inside: We view this as the most important criteria. It's fun to experiment with different products, but does the company send useful items? Do they carefully curate the packages, or do they add old, unsellable stock?
  • Price: We rated whether or not the product warrants the price. It's convenient to have the items delivered automatically, but you still want a great deal. Otherwise, there's no point in buying in bulk.
  • The Quality: Having a large number of items doesn't necessarily equate to a good deal. We looked at the quality of the items sent. Were they unique, good-quality products that would last—or cheap, mass-produced rubbish?

Hemper vs. Hippie Butler in a Winner-Takes-All Fight


Hemper established itself as a client-centric brand from day one. The firm's buyers research the market looking for the best products. The result is an extensive product range of unique merchandise. 

If you can't find an accessory on this website, it's probably not worth having. 

What makes Hemper unique is how flexible its subscriptions are. Most companies in this market lock you into a monthly plan. Hemper allows you to order monthly, every quarter, or every six months. The firm understands that you need a flexible solution. 

The company provides three subscription options. 

  • Core for $9.99 a month
  • Pack for $21.99 a month
  • Box for $39.99 a month

Shipping within the United States is free. 

Recently, they've also started carrying a wide variety ofvape pens.

If you’re looking for smoking accessories that you literally won’t find anywhere else, Hemper may be the right choice. 

The Hemper Core Box

The lowest-price option comes with six items, including:

Hippie Butler's Rollers Club is the nearest in design but costs an extra $5. The Hemper Core Box offers a better variety and comes with all the essentials you need.

The Hemper Pack

You'll receive at least seven items with this option. The combined value allows you to save at least $15 on your products in total. 

You'll get all the essential items plus a fun mystery glass item. The company often collaborates with manufacturers to produce one-of-a-kind themed pipes, rigs, and ashtrays.

At around half the price of Hippie Butler's mid-range offering, this package is excellent value for the money.  The Butler Box provides an appealing option for someone who's experimenting. We, however, prefer to save our money for what we put inside the paper.



The Hemper Box

Hemper's top product includes a range of essentials and products with a value of $100 or more. If you price the items individually, the rig you get alone is worth the subscription cost.  

The Hemper Box is for the serious connoisseur. You'll build up a collection of the best glass on the market—and some goodies to use with it.  

We've also got to mention that the corresponding product at Hippie Butler costs $100 a month more. We like a fine smoking experience as much as the next person, but that's a massive price difference.

Each box comes with a range of essential accessories and rigs that matches the month. November's offering, for example, is Cyber-themed. The value of the first two items on the list, the Hemper Cyberbong and 510 battery, already exceeds the box’s cost.

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All of the other goodies are just gravy. 


Hippie Butler

Hippie Butler brands itself as a high-end option. Its site looks good, and its people have put some thought into their packaging. The boxes have the HB logo and cute bows stamped on the outside.

It all looks pretty snazzy, but we think they've missed the mark. The packaging is a little too distinctive for the discreet smoker. In fairness, people who recognize the logo probably use the website as well, so they're not likely to say anything.

The firm also provides three options for subscription boxes. Shipping is free within the continental United States. The firm doesn't ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

  • Rower's Club for $15.99 a month
  • Butler Box for $39.99 a month
  • Master's Club for $139.99 a month

Rower's Club

We do wish that the company might be a little clearer on the contents of this package. It only says that it comes with flavored papers or wraps and other smoking essentials. We like the creativity of adding flavored papers for sheer novelty value. 

The Rower's Club is a fun option for the beginner, but is it something you'll want every month? 

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Butler Box

You'll receive a "piece of glass" each month, along with an assortment of other items. These include: 

  • Grinders 
  • Rolling trays
  • Consumables
  • Cottonmouth candy
  • Wicks
  • "Other" items

The company doesn't specify how many items you'll get.  What we like is that you may opt for "Starter" boxes for the first three months. These help you build up your basic kit for smoking. 

After that, you get themed boxes. You may opt to start with these.

Master's Club

Hippie Butler's premium product comes in at an eye-watering $139.99 a month. According to the firm, you'll get supplies to the value of over $200, but they don't say what they are. 

We like that this company gives you a choice of dry blends, concentrates, or a mix. They provide quality products—but be prepared to pay a premium for them.

The Verdict: Hemper vs. Hippie Butler

Hippie Butler's internal branding is flawless. It's a slightly pretentious brand that caters towards the hipster within all of us. Is it for the serious smoker, however? 

We don't think so. Flavored papers and concentrates are fun to try, but what happens when the novelty wears off? Hippie Butler's pricing makes it an expensive experiment. 

Overall, Hemper wins out. You receive high-quality products that you'll use. Hemper is the brand for the confident smoker who doesn't feel the need to prove anything. 

We prefer the experience of having extra money to spend on bud.  

Why not create some unboxing magic for yourself by checking out the stock at Hemper and their Online Smoke Shop.