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Smoking glass pipes are the new trend among smokers all over the country. These designs have been spotted in all 50 states, and for good reason.

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A good smoking glass pipe has been hand-blown and comes with its own design and color scheme. You can even have your own set of smoking glass pipes for every day of the week.

Any quality smoking glass pipe will have a lot of depth in it and will be able to be cleaned without any hassle. Just tip the pipe upside down and the remains of your last session will drop out into the trash can. The tip will also push out any residue that has been left behind.

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These pipes come in many sizes, depending on what you want to use inside. Glass pipes for tobacco will always differ from glass pipes for various dry herbs. But it doesn’t matter which type of pipe you buy because you can slip them into your pocket with your lighter and smoke on the go. No need for extra parts and no need for cases. Just pull it out and smoke away.

Decide on the right smoking glass pipe for you and start your chill-out time now! If you require a bigger glass smoking accessory for an enhanced experience, check out some of our bongsbubblers, and popular brands such as GravLabs.