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10 Best Portable Pipes for On-The-Go

by Hemper Co 5 min read

10 Best Portable Pipes for On-The-Go

Whether you’re on a road trip, hiking through the woods, or taking a “walk” with your cousins before Thanksgiving dinner, having a portable pipe can be a game-changer for cannabis enthusiasts. That being said, you don’t want to attract attention with a fragile and bulky piece while you’re on the move. 

To make sure you buy the perfect portable pipe for your needs, here are some things to consider:

Discreet Shape and Size

Buying a pipe that you’re able to comfortably and discreetly carry is a must when you’re using it on-the-go. After all, you don’t need everyone knowing that you’re walking around with a big bulky bowl in your pocket. To avoid any unwanted stares from strangers, make sure to purchase a compact pipe that can be discreetly carried.

Easy to Pack and Light

A portable pipe should be easy and quick to pack so that you can light up whenever, wherever. Be sure to look for one that features a slim and compact bowl, making the packing process smooth and efficient. 

Can Fit Into a Pocket or Bag Easily

When you’re out and about, you don’t want to worry about where you have to stash your pipe. An ideal portable pipe should be compact enough to easily fit into your pocket or whatever type of bag you’re carrying. 

Simple Cleaning and Maintenance

Any good pipe-owner knows the importance of keeping their piece clean to avoid excess buildup of bad odors and bacteria. While this can be a tedious process for larger devices like bongs, bubblers or even more intricate pipes, your portable pipe should be simple to maintain due to its size and build. 


The ultimate vibe-killer is when you’re pulling your pipe out of your pocket and it falls and shatters. In order to avoid this, make sure that your portable pipe is able to withstand the wear-and-tear and absent-minded drops that come with day-to-day use.  

Our 10 Portable Pipe Picks 

1:Hemper Silicone Ice Cream Hand Pipe

This sweet pipe’s silicone casing offers a steady grip along with extra protection if you accidentally drop it. Choose from multiple colors like green, pink, white, and yellow add some visual flavor to your sesh. 

2:Hemper Mini Peanut Pipe

The Mini Peanut is made of the same classic spoon shape that you love but in a compact size. The sturdy design and classic aesthetic make it easy to quickly pack and hit while on the go. 

Made with 100% borosilicate glass and offered in a variety of colors, each pipe has its own aesthetic and no two are ever identical. 

3:Hemper One Hitter Taster

One hitters are perfect if you just want to have a little taste of your favorite flower while you're out at a concert, traveling, or exploring the outdoors. 

The slim, 3" long profile makes it an incredibly discreet piece that can easily fit in a pocket or secure travel case. Whenever the mood is right, just pack it and take a quick and refreshing hit. 

You can also try an infused glass one hitter that adds additional flavor to each hit, with flavors like banana, blueberry, and many others. 

4:Hemper V12 Twisty Mini Glass Blunt

This mini glass blunt takes everything you love about smoking a blunt and turns it into a compact, reusable, and versatile option for on-the-go. 

Simply pack the glass blunt, light the end, and enjoy. To ash, just twist the screw clockwise and it will leave the glass in the process. 

While small, this glass blunt lasts longer than others and does not need to be consistently re-lit. This lets you enjoy a longer sesh while on the go, especially if you're spending time outdoors. It can also be used with a 14mm bong if you prefer to use it with a water piece.

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5:KRYO Freezable Bubble Pipe

The Hemper KRYO series features an all-natural, freezable glycerine that cools down the smoke to provide a smoother experience and better taste. Just place the freezable pieces into the freezer and reassemble before you're ready to head out for the day. 

While the KRYO pipe is a bit longer than others mentioned here at 6", it offers another type of discretion: coughing prevention. 

Hot smoke burning the throat or esophagus is the most common cause for coughing while smoking. With a KRYO pipe, it will stay cool so that you can avoid those loud coughing fits. 

You could also place it in an insulated bag with an ice pack to re-cool it while you're going about your day. 

6:GRAV Labs Pebble Pipe

GRAV Labs' Pebble Pipe is one of the most compact and stylish pipes for on-the-go smoking. 

With a smooth, low, and round profile, it easily fits into your hands for a discreet session wherever you go. The Pebble Pipe’s size makes it perfect for carrying in a pocket or purse. 

At 3" in length, you can also choose from multiple colors at varying levels of opacity. 

7:Eyce Proteck Alien Spoon 

The Eyce Proteck Alien Spoon brings a familiar spoon pipe design with some extra added features. With a flavor-retaining borosilicate bowl covered in platinum-cured silicone for protection and non-slip, you can trust that it will endure through your travels. It even comes with a poker holder and tool so you can clean your bowl on-the-go. 

8:Eyce Spoon Pipe

The Eyce Spoon Pipe’s body is made of platinum-cured silicone with a removable borosilicate bowl.This allows you to get the maximum flavor in a durable package.

This pipe comes with a poker tool, built-in stash container and loading tool so you can keep your flower and bowl in one place. 

9:LEVEL Horizon Hand Pipe

The LEVEL Horizon Hand Pipe features a unique design and frosted glass for a distinct aesthetic that doesn’t look like any other pipe out there. With only a 3.5" diameter, it can easily fit into a bag or pocket when on the go. 

10:Hemper Silicone Astronaut

Built for any mission, this astronaut is designed first and foremost for durability. Its 100% food-grade silicone body can withstand the wear and tear of on-the-go use and comes with an attached bowl cover for even more discretion.

While it might have a larger 5" length, the added bowl cover can conceal any cannabis odor and it will look more like a toy rather than your new favorite portable pipe.

For the Vapers (and Vapors): The Pipe Battery 

If you prefer to vape your favorite cannabinoid rather than smoke it, you can also easily enjoy a sesh in the wild with one of thePipe Vape Batteries. Small enough to fit in a jacket pocket or bag, just add your favorite cartridge with a 510 thread and enjoy from anywhere and everywhere you find life taking you that day. 

The pipe battery also packs plenty of punch for your vaping sesh. Choose from 3 volts, 3.7 volts, or 4.2 volts for that perfect hit with just the right amount of intensity, and charge it up from wherever using the USB cable it comes with. 

Get a New Portable Pipe for Your Next On-the-Go Sesh

Portable pipes are one of the best ways to bring the vibe wherever you go. At Hemper, we supply you with the widest range possible so you can pick one that you love that will stay discreet for your sesh away from your usual spot. 

To find the perfect pipe for you, check out any of the ones listed above or contact us anytime for more info. 

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