Novelty Pipes

Themed Novelty Pipes

When asked to describe a novelty pipe, we at Hemper would use anything but the word ordinary. To us, novelty pieces are collectibles. They are high quality, unique, and different in every way. They mean a lot to the people who purchase them because, like a new outfit, haircut, or tattoo, they express our different styles and personalities. You won’t find just any old pipe in our selection. 

While it’s not uncommon to purchase a random piece now and again, most people put substantial time and effort into browsing for the perfect pipe to add to their collection. Whether it be the ingenuity of the design, the superior quality, or the pretty colors, we understand that collectible pieces are an essential part of this culture. Sometimes, they resonate with who you are. 

When buying a pipe, it is crucial to keep a few things in mind:

Glass Thickness 

The thickness of the glass will determine the fragility of the piece. It may be hard to find something extremely sturdy with delicate and intricate novelty pieces, but with most of our novelty pipes, you will find that they are durable and long-lasting.

Bowl Depth

The broader and deeper the bowl, the more you can fit to smoke. Whether you plan to use the pipe solo or with friends may help you determine whether the bowl size on our novelty pieces matches your needs. 

Dry/Hand Pipe or Water Pipe

If hitting a regular hand pipe is too harsh for you, consider trying one of our novelty bubblers. They are compact and easy to travel with and allow for water to filter the smoke, making it easier on your throat and lungs. 

Pipe Size

The size you’re looking for may depend on whether you want a piece you can keep at home and marvel at when you smoke it or take it on the go and fit into a small pocket. You can find novelty pipes in various sizes.


Novelty pipes can cost anywhere from $20 to $1,000. You’ll find that our collection is more affordable than most, so you can purchase a beautiful and quality piece without breaking the bank for it. 

At Hemper, we put time and effort into curating a unique selection of Novelty Pipes that will soon become your favorite smoking devices. When purchasing a novelty pipe, adds sophistication and visual aesthetic to your smoking experience. We offer a wide variety of collectible sets, so you can enjoy creating a fun new trend within your smoking space. A collector's set will consist of a unique pipe in various colors or various designs that fit within a category. 

Treat yourself with the Goody Goodies line of fun food pipes such as fruit, veggies, ice cream, and pastries. This collection is perfect for our munchie lovers!  Have a favorite cat lady or man in your life? We’ve got something for them, too. Check out our Goody Animal line that includes some of your childhood favorites: penguins, lizards, and even mythical creatures like unicorns. 

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 We also provide innovative collectible designs that are intriguing and exciting. They come in the form of strange shapes and fun concepts of pipes and bubblers that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether novelty pipes are glass or even hand-carved, there is undoubtedly a pipe out there for everyone. View our selection today!
When it comes to smoking, novelty pipes are becoming more and more popular. When choosing a novelty piece there are many different styles, brands, as well as builds. This is what is going to make a piece feel unique to a specific person.

When purchasing a novelty pipe, it adds sophistication to a smoking experience and it also adds a visual aesthetic to a collection. Hemper is known for having a wide variety of novelty pipes to choose from. A pipe will also be a very convenient and easy way to smoke. Novelty pipes can be glass or even hand carved but no matter what a person desires, there is a novelty pipe out there for everyone.