Spoon Pipes

Not a fan of battery powered vape pens and prefer a more traditional method of enjoying your smoke sesh? Then check out the spoon pipe! The Spoon is the trendiest, yet still classic method for enjoying your favorite herbs.
Spoon pipes are handheld, spoon shaped glass pipes that can quickly and easily be stashed, or taken on the go. Most Spoon pipes are comprised of just three parts. The bowl, which is used to hold and burn your tobacco or herb, the mouthpiece for inhalation, and a carburetor hole to control airflow!  

Spoon pipes are made entirely from glass, so the stale flavor of your last smoke will be long gone by the next time you pull out your pipe.
Spoon pipes are unparalleled in their ability to let you control the strength of your hits. Just apply more or less pressure on the carburetor, and you can easily change how much you inhale, to get either a strong or light hit. With a spoon, you have total control over your smoke sessions.

Your spoon pipe is ultimately designed for discretion, you can simply put it in your pocket or in a small case for quick storage. Another option to take a look at are small glass bowls.

With a spoon pipe, smoking the tastiest herbs on the go is just a single purchase away! Glass spoon pipes come in a range of beautiful designs. You can choose the one that fits your style from some of our customized pieces! Through one of our custom pieces, you can express yourself through your spoon pipe.

Are you ready to enjoy a smoking experience like no other?