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Activities in San Francisco For Stoners

by Angel Ferrer 5 min read

Activities in San Francisco For Stoners

Stoner-Friendly Things to Do in San Francisco 

San Francisco: the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, and more. Whether you live in “Frisco” or you’re just visiting, there’s plenty to see and do. 

But what about “stoner friendly” activities and attractions? Don’t worry fam, we’ve got you covered. This guide was curated for those that enjoy a little herb now and then, and for those that would like to incorporate bud into their next visit to the big city.

Fact is, San Fran is a stoner-friendly city with plenty of attractions and things to do for those that like to add in a little herb to their experience. Off the beaten path, you’ll find plenty of vape lounges, hippie go-to hangouts, and cannabis-themed activities.

NOTE: Keep in mind that consuming marijuana in public is still illegal—so don’t just stop in the nearest park for a vape—but recreational cannabis is widespread and accepted. Just make sure to educate yourself regarding local laws, rules and regulations to make sure your high doesn’t get interrupted with a buzz killing fine or trip to the local jailhouse. 

Here are a few of the best places to enjoy herb in the Golden City:

1. Stop at the Vape Cafe

Whether you’re in the mood for a beer, a bong, or a little of both, no visit to San Fran is complete without a quick pit stop at the Vape Cafe.

The Vape Cafe combines cafe, bar, and vape shop vibes for an unbeatable experience. Shelves lined with colorful juices greet you as soon as you walk through the doors. Friendly and experienced staff are always available to help you choose the best products for your preferences or goals. And if you have time to hang out for a vape, there’s plenty of seating and good company to be had any day of the week.

The best time to visit the Vape Cafe is to stop by for their happy hour. From Monday to Thursday between 3 to 7 PM, you can try some of the vibrantly mixed drinks at the Vape Cafe without breaking the budget.

2. Grab Munchies and Hang Out with other Stoners

Since California legalized cannabis, a few SF parks have become hippie hotspots. These parks are full of other stoners, friendly faces, good vibes, and—best of all—food trucks. Food truck cuisine in the “Golden City” is mouth-watering even without a high, but when you have the munchies, it’s pure gold. 

Here are a few of the best places to stop for great snacks and better company:

Hippie Hill

Possibly the number-one spot to meet other stoners, hippie hill has been a marijuana hangout for years. In fact, Frisco residents host a 420 festival on Hippie Hill every year (on April 20, of course) to celebrate cannabis. 

The park is usually busy, so come prepared to search a little for parking. Bring a blanket, a musical instrument or two, and a friendly attitude. Cannabis enthusiasts on Hippie Hill aren’t shy! There’s often a drum circle or two to join, if that’s your thing. 

One word of caution: Many people trade, sell, and smoke marijuana on Hippie Hill. While that might sound fun, it’s both illegal and dangerous. Cannabis flower and edibles sold on Hippie Hill have been found laced with dangerous chemicals and drugs, so it’s best to stick to your own personal stash.

When you get the munchies, Hippie Hill has a few junk food places to satisfy your cravings in an area called “Munchie Land.” Whether or not there are food trucks, and which food trucks are parked near the hill, changes based on the week (so we won’t point to any here). However, Munchie Land has churros, hot dogs, and more, so you definitely won’t go hungry.

Dolores Park

Another well-known cannabis hotspot, Dolores Park is a beautiful oasis found right in the heart of the city. Swaying palm trees tower over lush lawns, while whimsical paths wind up and down the hillside. But be sure to bring your camera so you can capture the jaw-dropping views of downtown surrounding the park and memorialize them forever on film.

Do you or your friends enjoy sports? Perfect! You can start a stoned game of basketball, tennis, or soccer at the many public courts available on site. You can even bring your furry friend to the dog play area—they’ll love the opportunity to run free and make new friends!

And when the munchies kick in, head to the Dolores Park Banana Bread and BJs food truck for a bite to eat (among others).

3. Spend a day in Haight-Ashbury

Where’s the best place to meet other stoners? 

For some, it’s shopping in one of the many hippie-themed districts and markets around SF. While the city is dotted with psychedelic stores, the best-known place to shop for cannabis merch is in Haight-Ashbury.

Haight-Ashbury began as a hippie community early in the 60s. San Francisco city officials planned to build a freeway in the area; as a result, real estate value dropped. Apartments and homes became more affordable for younger SF residents. The neighborhood became known for its cannabis culture, and it hasn’t changed since. Even Janis Joplin and The Grateful Dead lived nearby at one point in their careers!

Spend an afternoon strolling through Haight-Ashbury, and you’ll spot incredible street art and creative shops. One example: “X-Ray of a Wolf,” a jaw-dropping mural. There isn’t much of an explanation behind this edgy, intriguing, somewhat-terrifying piece of art. The Haight-Ashbury landmark shows a wolf in pursuit of his prey (we assume), but instead of seeing his fur, we see his organs and skeleton. Intriguing or nightmarish? You decide.

Before you leave Haight-Ashbury, stop in Jammin on Haight. It’s is an incredible shop to visit—whether or not you’re a true tie-dye fan. Not only is its storefront painted in psychedelic colors, but its locally-produced tie-dye apparel will leave your head spinning.

Enjoy all San Francisco Has to Offer!

San Francisco is well-known worldwide for its cultural diversity and laid-back atmosphere. 

Since cannabis’s legalization (let’s be real, even before that) there have been dozens of places for stoners to hang out and enjoy some herb without worry of being hassled or looked down on for enjoying their favorite strains. 

Whether you’re a visitor or a local, take time to visit any of the places recommended in this guide. Know of other fun hangouts for stoners within the city limits? Reach out and let us know about your favorite places and things to do that are “stoner friendly” so we can share them with others.

And as always, enjoy your herb responsibly.