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5 Reasons To Add Beaker Bongs In Your Stoner Collection

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

5 Reasons To Add Beaker Bongs In Your Stoner Collection

5 Reasons You Need a Beaker Bong In Your Smoking Collection

Bongs are a must-have item for any self-respecting stoner. Why? A bong not only delivers a cooler, smoother smoking experience, but they are also revered for their ability to reduce toxins, making for a healthier and all-around more pleasurable smoking session.

When it comes to curating that perfect smoke, there are plenty of bong shapes and styles available for the choosing. So how do you know which one to try next?

We want our customers to be as clued-up as possible on all the options, so if you haven’t already tried one, here are 4 reasons why you should treat yourself to a staple piece of glassware - the Beaker bong.

The Anatomy of a Bong

Before we look at the benefits of the beaker bong, let’s first take a look at the anatomy of the bong. A bong has five basic components:

The Bowl

This is the bulbous, wider part of the bong, it is where the dried herb is inserted and combusted.

The Carb

Short for ‘carburettor’, the carb is a hole by which the user can clear smoke from the bong chamber.

The Downstem

The downstem is a small tube through which the smoke travels from the bowl to the base before it percolates through the water.

The Tube

The tube is a chamber which fills with the smoke that has been filtered through the water.

The Base

The base refers to the bottom of the bong and it can come in a few different styles. The base of a beaker bong is very distinctive and operates as a water chamber, through which the smoke passes.

What Is A Beaker Bong?

Now you’ve got the basics down, let’s take a closer look at the beaker bong. A beaker bong literally looks like a piece of science lab equipment. Aside from adding to this bong’s geeky appeal, the conical flask-shaped base of this piece offers a number of benefits to the smoker.

Reasons why Every Stoner Needs a Beaker Bong

Strong, Stable Structure

The wide footprint of the beaker bong gives it greater stability. The beaker bong has a much more sturdy base than many other bong styles meaning that this bong is able to withstand flailing arm or elbows, meaning fewer spills and less clean up. The heavy bottom of this piece makes it great for daily use. Not only this but the wider base will also generate lots of smoke giving you a more rapid hit.

A Better Tasting Hit / Pull

A beaker bong is a great way to enhance the taste of your herbs. The reason for this is simple; the wider base of the beaker bong holds more smoke, giving you a more generous hit and ultimately a bigger high.

More Water Means Better Cooling

Any bong devotee will tell you that more water means better filtration. The larger surface area of the beaker bong gives it a greater water capacity, meaning it delivers a cooler, smoother and tastier hit compared to some other bongs.


This bit of glassware is easy to use and equally easy to clean. If you’re looking for a bong that you can just ‘grab and go’, a beaker bong is a great choice for you. When you get home from a long day, all you need to do is grab your beaker bong, settle down and get elevated. No mess, no fuss.

A Healthier Way To Smoke

Bongs don’t just give you a cooler, smoother and better-tasting hit. The majority of bong aficionados believe that smoking from bongs is healthier too. The good news for all bong fans is that there are a number of studies proving this to be true. The water in the bong is thought to trap up to 90% of the harmful cancer-causing toxins that are created when you burn any substance. The water catches these harmful substances before they reach your lungs and reducing the number of toxins that you’re inhaling can only be a good thing.

Bongs don’t just filter out those unwanted toxins to offer you a cleaner hit, they have other benefits too. Most people prefer the hit that they get from a bong because it offers a higher quality smoking experience. The water in the bong doesn’t only filter the smoke, it also reduces the temperature of the smoke before it hits your mouth and lungs.

More Ways to Improve The Quality Of Your Bong Experience

If you’re looking for other ways to optimize your bong hits, there are a few things you can do. Choose a glass bong instead of a plastic or metal pipe. Plastic and metal can transmit dangerous chemicals to your lungs when you smoke through them. This is due to the heat causing the plastic or metal to release harmful toxins. It may be tempting to opt for a cheaper bong which is made of plastic but invest in a glass model and you (and your lungs) will thank you later!

You should also keep your bong water fresh and clean to improve the quality of your smoking experience. Any chemicals in the water will affect the taste of your hit and some chemicals - such as chlorine - can be dangerous if inhaled. This is why you should always keep your bong clean before each use.

Every dedicated smoker should have a bit of glassware to enhance the sesh. So why not treat yourself to a beaker bong and experience that superior tasty, smooth, cool hit for yourself. Grab some from our sale.