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7 Unique Cool Bongs to Add to Your Collection

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

7 Unique Cool Bongs to Add to Your Collection

While the classic glass beaker bong is a staple of any stoner’s collection, sometimes you just want to spice things up a bit. With so many unique cool bongs being sold, there are countless ways that you can impress your friends by taking your bong game to the next level.

If you're looking for something that will look different from what everyone else is smoking, we have you covered. Today, we're going to look at 7 unique cool bongs that you almost definitely have never seen before.

1: Chinese Takeout Bong

Chinese takeout isn’t just a great call for when you have the munchies. It’s also the inspiration for this unique bong. Crafted in the style of a traditional Chinese takeout box, this piece sports a stem-diffuser percolator, chopstick-shaped mouthpiece, and traditional Chinese food-style graphics printed directly onto the glass.

This micro bong is the perfect size to easily transport to the next sesh so you can whip it out and impress everyone after ordering from your favorite Chinese spot.

2: Flower Vase XL Bong

If you’re looking for a bong that can double as a tasteful table decoration, then this is the one for you. The Flower Vase XL’s decorative and stylish exterior makes for an automatic conversation piece. Featuring a flower-shaped downstem and scalloped glass design, this bong gives you super smooth hits through its wide, flower-shaped bowl.

The added bonus? The Flower Vase XL’s ornate design allows for easy and discreet storage once you’re done with it. For added secrecy, you could even place some fake flowers in it once the bowl’s cooled down and you’re done with your sesh.

3: Ocean XL Bong

The Ocean XL is the perfect bong for all you ocean-loving stoners. With a fish bottom percolator, jellyfish top percolator, and custom sea-themed graphics printed directly on the glass, this piece gives you an aquarium in your hands!

The Ocean XL is a large piece that's perfect for incredibly smooth seshes when you’re chilling on the beach (or wishing you were). With summertime on its way, nothing can compare to a stylish glass piece in hand while you’re relaxing along the coast.

4: Chronic XL Bong

Designed as a tribute to a classic fast hedgehog that we all know and love, the Chronic XL brings instant nostalgia to any gamer. With one percolator designed as a spikey blue ball, and the next as a spring shower head disc, this piece serves as a reminder of a timeless classic that never gets old.

The golden ring splash guard and white and red themed flower bowl are the cherries on top for any stoner who streams, games, or just wants a unique piece that will always catch someone’s eye.

5: Das Boot Bong

Styled after the popular glass boot mug you're bound to see at a house party or two, the Das Boot Bong is a great and unique piece for beer enthusiasts. The large top half of the chamber allows for plenty of smoke to accumulate, resulting in a thick cloud that will be sure to have you buzzing.

Pair your new Das Boot bong with a refreshing sip from a traditional das boot filled with your favorite drink to complete the full experience. Just be careful to enjoy both responsibly!

6: Freezable Glycerin Bong

Any seasoned stoner is sure to be familiar with the uncomfortable coughing fits that can break out after a fat bong rip. KRYO’s Freezable Glycerin Bong is the best way to prevent those pesky coughs from ruining your sesh.

The KRYO collection is a line of high-end freezable glassware containing kryogel - a natural and freezable gel that cools down smoke.

Simply remove the freezable parts, place them in your freezer, and reconnect them when you're ready to start a new sesh. This leads to cooler, smoother, and more flavorful hits every time.

7: Puffco Budsy

Ever just want to take a bong around with you without worrying about it drawing unwanted attention?

That’s where Puffco’s Budsy comes in.

Designed to look like a standard travel water bottle, the Puffco Budsy is the perfect unique bong for traveling when you want to go unnoticed. When you’re not using it to light up, most people will probably just assume it’s any ordinary refillable water bottle you might take with you on a run or when hitting the gym.

Made with BPA-free plastic, this stealthy bong features hidden bowl storage and a discreet ceramic bowl. The Puffco Budsy is also easy to clean so that any odors can be quickly eliminated before you take it on the go for your next sesh.

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