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8 Cannabis-Infused Date Ideas

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

8 Cannabis-Infused Date Ideas

8 Date Ideas For The Stoner Couple

Cannabis can take your dating experiences to new heights (pun intended, and I’m not sorry).

Cliche cultural wisdom says couples should share an interest or two: a favorite TV show, a board game, or an unconventional hobby. For many modern couples, a great shared interest is cannabis.

Trying a new strain with your significant other is an incredible experience. But dabbing, munching, or smoking cannabis is just one piece of a great 420-inspired date. Check our list below for awesome experiences to try together while you’re stoned:

1. Go on an “appetizer/dessert crawl”

What are your favorite restaurants? Are there any places you haven’t tried yet?

Before using cannabis, make a list of all the restaurants you each love or want to try. (Bonus points if you can introduce each other to your personal favorite places to grab a bite to eat!) Map out an “appetizer/dessert crawl” path: pinpoint each restaurant’s location, and trace a path between the closest ones. You can try an appetizer or dessert at each location, then move on before you get too stuffed.

If you don’t feel like going out, try listing the best places that offer delivery. Couchlock can be intense, but it shouldn’t interfere with your date night plans.

Then, get high together. When the munchies hit—you know where to go.

2. Try a new art form

When you’re high, your mind wanders without limitations. Why not channel your unconventional ideas into new art?

Take a trip to the arts and crafts store with your significant other before using cannabis. Pick out something you’ve never tried before: sculpting, painting, multimedia art, or something else. (Look for art that doesn’t involve heat or sharp objects for safety)

Once you’re high, work on creating a new art project together. If you’re more of an independent type, you could each work on a project individually and trade at the end.

The best part of this date? By the end, you’ll have a memento of your time together. You may or may not want to display it, but you’ll have it. Somewhere. Maybe in storage.

3. See a concert

Cannabis enthusiasts have been getting high at concerts since the dawn of time. You and your partner can continue this time-honored tradition to enjoy an all-around heightened experience together.

If you’re the type to plan ahead, buy tickets for an artist you both love and get stoned before the concert (remember not to drive while high). Adventurous couples may want to book tickets for a brand-new artist. You less-adventurous types who are rolling your eyes—maybe just pick up a new CD or find a great playlist on Spotify.

Most city bars offer local music weekend nights, so if you’re not interested in paying the big bucks for a mainstream concert (or all the concerts in your area are sold out), drop in your local bar and pay just the cover fee.

Then, let the music (and the marijuana) move you.

4. Give each other massages

Cannabis amplifies your senses. As a result, anything involving touch—massages, petting zoos, sex—will be more interesting stoned than sober.

Start your evening by picking out your favorite massage oils and soothing music. You can use anything from coconut oil to specially-crafted massage oils during your treatment, so take some time to look around at our options.

Some people enjoy burning candles or incense for aromatherapy during a massage, but for safety reasons, we recommend you find a flameless wax melter or essential oil diffuser for your cannabis spa nights (especially if you have pets in your home who might casually knock over burning objects while you’re high).

If you’re not sure how to give a soothing massage, pull up a few YouTube videos beforehand. Focus on areas your partner is usually sore or tight.

Then, go for it! And if you decide to move toward more erotic “massages”? Getting sexy while high is lots of fun, too.

5. Play a game together

Some people find cannabis increases their focus, helping them get higher scores in their favorite video games.

Either way, playing your favorite video game while high is a great way to bond with your significant other—if you’re not too competitive about it.

Game recommendations vary, but most cannabis enthusiasts agree that Grand Theft Auto and MarioKart are great places to start.

6. Bake and get baked

Lastly, one of the best things to do when you get the munchies is to chow down on some homemade comfort food. Why not make the comfort food while you’re high?

As long as you’re confident you can bake safely—an oven or toaster oven with an automatic shut-off timer is best, in case you forget you have something in the oven—it’s fun to try new recipes between hits. Bookmark some recipes for mac ‘n’ cheese, brownies, and spicy foods beforehand, then get creative when the cravings hit.

7. Visit a Planetarium

Ever been so stoned you felt like “one” with the universe? Now imagine immersing yourself in that experience with your date on a trippy exploration of the universe. Sure, the planetarium isn’t exactly the same as being out in nature, but if you live in a smog filled city with no easy access to crystal clear skies, it can serve as one heck of a pinch hitter. Not to mention being under thousands of lit up stars is romantic in its own way.

8. Video Killed the Radio Store…but not all of them

There’s nothing quite like exploring new music together to spiritually and emotionally connect. Vintage record stores can make for a fun experience sharing each other’s’ musical tastes and exploring new artists.

Explore and Enjoy!

Whether you smoke, dab, munch, or vape, cannabis is a unique experience to share with your loved one. Take some of the above ideas, add them to your dates, and make some new memories—or not, if your memory tends to disappear after a good hit. Just make sure to enjoy safely and ensure your partner does the same, and you’ll have a great time.