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Best Ash Catchers For Smoking Pleasure

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

Best Ash Catchers For Smoking Pleasure

These Ash Catchers Will Aid Your Smoke Sesh

Even though ashtrays don’t generally make the list of the most interesting or prettiest things to look at, they do represent a useful (and dare say) mandatory accessory for any serious smoker.

No matter if you smoke herb, cigarettes, or cigars, a good ashtray is often the perfect companion tool in your smoking inventory.

Ashtrays are instrumental in keeping bothersome ash, buts and more, safely in one place. They are also pivotal in fire prevention as they offer you a place to set down your smoldering cigarettes, cigars, joints and even red hot metal pipes and torches.

Some Interesting Designs and Features

Ashtrays are simply not just ashtrays anymore. A lot of them also come with built-in features that add to their ease and convenience. Some even have lighter holders and compartments that reduce clutter while keeping all of your tools (herbs, tobacco, rolling papers, lighters, etc.) safely in one spot.

One of the top ashtray brands is De-Bowler because they are tops in offering convenience to their users. De-Bowler ashtrays also come with a built-in spike so that you can poke out your pipe’s bowel before you ash it out. This type of ashtray takes away the need to carry along a poker, which can be messy in the long-run. Nobody likes ashes on their clothes, in their car, or stuck on their pen cap (if that’s what you used to get the ashes out in the first place). De-Bowler ashtrays are crafted from plastic, ceramic, glass, and indestructible rubber materials.

Still, some ashtrays come with a lid and pocket system to hold joints, while others have side nooks to rest your pipe on. A popular feature among smokers is the ability for their ashtray to have multiple compartments or a divided tray design. These ultimately allow users to separate their butts, ash, and other smoking elements.


Ashtrays are crafted from a wide array of materials from heat treated wood, to quartz, to marble designs, to hand painted clay, or intricate glass. Ashtrays that are made out of ceramics that are molded into a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors are among some of the most popular materials.

Our Selection

At Hemper, we have a top-of-the-line selection of ashtrays to suit your every need and personality. We offer a small line of affordable ashtrays that will be sure to fit your unique style.

  • De-Bowler Ashtray — This ashtray has a built-in poker. So no longer will you need to hang onto dirty, caked up pokers. This ashtray is perfect for ashing out even the most clogged bowls. Take the mess out of your next smoking session by using an ashtray that lets you ash and de-bowl in the same session. This ashtray works well for pipes and bowl pieces, and the center spike will help you reach the bottom of any caked-up bowl.
  • Hemper Cannaflage “Asher” Ashtray in Black and Gold, Black and White — The Hemper Silicone Ashtray’s modern look will brighten up any smoking space. It’s made of high-quality heat-resistant silicone, so it can ensure your hottest joints and smoldering ash. The silicone design means that it is both flexible, rugged, and durable. The symmetrical sides come with four grooves to share with your friends.
  • Hemper “Asher” New Money Print Ashtray — This Hemper Silicone Ashtray spruces up any smoking spot. It’s carefully constructed of high-quality, heat-resistant silicone so it can endure smoldering ash and heat from any freshly lit joint. The silicone design makes this ashtray flexible, rugged, and durable. And much like the Hemper Cannaflage “Asher” Ashtray, this one also comes with four grooved sides for resting your smoke on.
  • Hemper Metal Ashtray — This lightweight, durable, and easily cleanable ashtray is your ashtray to take with you wherever you go. It’s metal construction means that you can use it both indoors and out. There are also four indentations around the ashtray so that you can securely place any burning goods down when you need to. There are also 12 funky styles to choose from, so there’s no excuse to not keep your smoking area clean and funky.
  • Hemper Silicone Cache – De-bowling Ashtray — Our Hemper De-bowling ashtray is the best ashtray out on the market today. This ashtray was carefully and thoughtfully developed by the Hemper team after years of using inferior de-bowling ashtrays. After using ashtrays that lost their efficacy over time and break/damage our glass, we came up with the Cache!

Our Cache features:

  • An ascending point to fit all bowls
  • Heat resistant medical-grade silicone
  • Nonstick surface to avoid resin buildup
  • Crafted from durable and indestructible silicone
  • Easy to clean
  • Hemper Cache + 3 Bowls Bundle — The Hemper  Cache is the best de-bowling ashtray on the market today. It features an ascending point to fit all bowls, is made of heat resistant, medical-grade silicone, and has a nonstick surface so that resin will not build up.

Our Hemper Cache is different from other de-bowlers because it’s made of medical-grade silicone, so it’s not only rugged and durable, it’s also flexible. It can also withstand high temperatures while being easy to clean. So, fear not! To clean, simply pop this ashtray into the dishwasher or soak it in hot water.

  • Hemper Rolling Kit — This kit sets you up with everything you need for the perfect smoking session! This exclusive, discounted bundle features Hemper’s line of rolling essentials rolled into a single box at an amazing price.

What’s included:

  • Assorted King Size Rolling Papers
  • Assorted Hemper Rolling Tray
  • Assorted Hemper Tin Ashtray
  • Hemper Grinder Assorted
  • Perforated Rolling Tips Assorted
  • Hemper Clipper Lighter Assorted

Check out our Selection Today!

You can’t go wrong with any of our specialized ashtrays. Stylish, feature-rich and made to last, our ash trays are the perfect addition to your smoking accessories.

The only difficult decision now is to figure out which one you like best. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help or have questions. The team at Hemper loves talking shop and helping visitors find the perfect product for their needs.