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Best Smoking Devices

by Christy Coy 6 min read

Best Smoking Devices To Enjoy Cannabis

Best Devices To Enjoy Cannabis Smoke

From novice smokers, to seasoned pros who are looking for the optimal way to enjoy their favorite herb, finding the best smoking device is a fun experience that allows you to experiment and explore the types of devices now available.

With legalization sweeping across the United States and around the world, an increasing number of consumers are ready to discover how medical or recreational cannabis may enhance their lives. From relaxing after a long day’s work, to stress or pain relief, the possibilities are endless.

This guide, brought to you by the team at Hemper, will help provide you with an overview of the different types of smoking devices, as well as which one may be best for your specific needs.

Without further delay, lets jump right in…

Different Types of Smoking Devices

Given the explosion in popularity, the market has responded in kind, with companies pushing the envelope of device innovation and creativity. Store shelves are now packed with a myriad of new and interesting devices to smoke your cannabis.

Although the styles, designs and more are virtually endless, they are (mostly) based off of traditional devices that have simply been improved upon for the modern smoker.
Some of the more popular devices include:

Each of these devices is used differently, and may be more suitable for different needs or purposes. Further, each of these devices or methods also has subcategories that can make a smoker’s choice complex.

Below we’ll break down some of these categories to help you make the right decision.

  1. Bongs

A timeless favorite among cannabis smokers, Bongs come in an endless variety of shapes, materials, and styles to smoke cannabis. For instance, a water bong operates differently than a gravity bong does. 



Water Bong

These bongs are often made of glass and diffuse the smoke through a water-filled chamber. This cools down the smoke and makes hits smoother. Water bongs can be further broken down into three categories:

  • Beaker bongs – named after their similarity in looks to chemistry beakers, these bongs draw the smoke down into the water chamber. Beaker bongs have more drag than straight tubes.
  • Straight tube bongs – These are straight up and down bongs, minus the down stem, although some straight tubes do not have one.
  • Stemless bongs – There are removal stems in these bongs, but one is usually built in. Because of this, these pieces are more durable.

Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs utilize the physics of gravity to draw the smoke into the chamber. Water flows from one container into another, and the smoke fills the empty space. This means less work for the smoker, but be careful, as these hits can be very big ones.

How To Make a Gravity Bong

No matter what type of bong you choose, they can come in a variety of fun shapes. For instance:

  • Jack-the-Ripper bong – Not only is this product a fun play on words, but it can also get you in the Halloween spirit. Check out other themed and holiday pieces as well.
  • Perhaps you prefer the more futuristic look of thePhaser orSpace Car bongs!
  • The70’s bong will allow you to get groovy!

Benefits of Using a Bong

Filtration: Impressive water filtration harnesses nature’s own H2O to remove impurities and contaminants from the smoke. Water may aid in trapping and removing larger airborne particulates, toxins and more, preventing them from entering your airways and lungs. 

Cooling: One of the most cited benefits of water bongs is its ability to gently cool the smoke before it is inhaled. Hot smoke can be irritation got the throat and lungs, and is largely responsible for that hacking cough we get when smoking cannabis.

Sociable:Most bongs are designed to hold a generous portion of cannabis, making them easy to share and pass around at social gatherings or when hanging out with friends.

  1. Pipes

Pipes are as unique as the people who smoke them, and each smoker often finds a piece that they truly connect with. They are also readily available, incredibly easy to use and can be found in just about every budget range.

A few different varieties include:

  • Chillums – These small pieces are easy to carry around, and their portability is what appeals to many smokers. That said, they aren’t meant to be very social. Most chillums are designed to hold a few hits worth of cannabis at a time before they need to be repacked. One other notable feature is that chillums are available in an incredibly wide assortment of styles and designs, and are generally quite affordable. 
  • Dry hand pipe/spoon – These are what most people think of when they hear the word “pipe”. There is a bowl to store cannabis in, a carb to control the flow of the hit, and the mouthpiece. There are many different sizes and styles to choose from. For example, theMini Peanut pipe is an excellent option sporting an exciting blast of colors.
  • Bubbler – Similar to a bong, bubblers are pipes that use water to diffuse the smoke from each rip. Some bubblers have removable bowls for ease of cleaning, but one-piece bubbles are easier to carry around without the risk of spilling. Consider the cute polka dot designs onthis bubbler to give you an idea of what’s possible.

  1. Vapes / Vaporizers

Similar to those that have become popular for tobacco, some vaporizers can also be used for cannabis. Smoking involves heating of the herb to a point at which it combusts and turns into smoke which can then be inhaled. However, the combustion process can create tar and carcinogens which are harmful to your lungs and may increase the risk of various disease and conditions over time.

Vaping, by contrast, is often touted as a potentially healthier alternative to “smoking”. When vaping, what is being inhaled is a vaporized concentration of the active compounds in your cannabis (terpenes, CBD, THC, and more) without any of the “smoke” and potentially harmful byproducts of combustion.

Vaping devices are also generally small and easy to hide, with many smokers appreciating the ability to be discreet. They can also provide a more potent and impactful experience, with the vapor being highly concentrated with the active compounds we all know and enjoy.

Types of Vaporizers Include: 

  • Dry herb vaporizers: for vaping dry herb and cannabis
  • Concentrate / Oil / Wax vaporizers
  • Hybrids that can use both concentrates and dry herbs

Types of Vaping Devices:

  • Vape pens: compact, portable and discreet
  • Box Vapes: mid-sized, portable and powerful 
  • Desktop vaporizers: large, stationary, and requires a plugged power source

Explore Hemper’s Selection of Cannabis Vaping Devices for Yourself:

  1. Slim vapes – These can allow you to skip prepping the coil with an auto-draw feature.
  2. The Puffco Peak heats up in 20 seconds and has four different user options.
  3. Hydrology9 offers a modern take on their vaporizer.

Looking for more info on weed vaporizers? Check out these related links:

  1. Joints

Call us old-fashioned, but sometimes there is nothing quite like the nostalgic experience of rolling up a joint and smoking from your favorite paper. This timeless method of consuming cannabis is still around for a good reason – it is easy to master, easy to store and cool as ice.

Read: How to Roll a Joint

To roll a joint, there are several products that can help you get it just right:

  • Rollers – These hold your paper in place while you fill it and then help you roll it up just right. Try a machine likethis to help you achieve a tight roll.
  • Papers – There are more choices than you think here. Papers can be made from different materials and come in different designs. Theserolling papers are even flavored like watermelon!
  • Grinders – To help break up your weed before putting it in the joint, a grinder is perfect. Afour-piece grinder can offer a smooth rotation with a tray beneath it that helps catch any extra bits!

If you are looking for a greater starter kit,this one comes full of tools that will help take your rolling game to the next level!

Find the Perfect Smoking Device

Whether you prefer the big hits a gravity bong can offer, or the discreet portability and potentially healthier vaporizer, there is a smoking device out there that is perfect for your needs, goals and situation.

With the amount of available inventory and options online from cutting edge digital headshops such as, the possibilities are endless. Now you can shop from the comfort of your home, knowing that the products you’re buying are of the highest quality and backed by some of the industry’s best brands. In fact, shopping for and picking out the piece that speaks to you is part of the fun of smoking cannabis. 

Now that you understand the difference between some of the most popular pieces, we hope that you feel better prepared for your next shopping trip.

Smoking cannabis can help relax the mind, soothe the body, and help you deal with chronic pain (among other conditions). By finding the perfect smoking solution for you, you can enjoy your experience to the fullest. Whichever route you take, practice makes perfect, so keep at it and always enjoy responsibly. Soon, you will be a pro at enjoying your new piece.