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15 of the Most Iconic Blue Bongs of 2024

by Angel Ferrer 5 min read

15 of the Most Iconic Blue Bongs of 2024

Fun fact: blue hues have been proven to bring about feelings of relaxation and tranquility. Inspired by the calming vibes of sunny blue skies and ocean waves, our blue bong collection is here to chill you out. From deep royal blues to mesmerizing cobalt, we’ve got a blue glass bong to match your every mood!

Dive into our 15 most iconic and best-selling blue water pipes of 2024. And, hey, don’t forget to explore our full catalog of bongs designed and engineered by our in-house team right here in the U.S.!


The blue gummy bear bong

Blue gummy bear bong

Ah, nostalgia alert! Say hello to your childhood fave. Introducing our 8.5-inch transparent royal Blue Gummy Bear bong, complete with a powerhouse matrix percolator.

It’s all about those smooth, tasty rips with maximum bubble action! Ready to take a trip back in time? Because who said adulting couldn’t be fun?


The true blue Globgoblin bong

blue bongs


Embrace the weirdness, folks! Hey, no judgment here - different is beautiful. And let’s talk about beauty - picture the Globgoblin Monster chilling on your table, keeping watch as you soar to cloud nine.

This 9.5-inch true blue glass bong is the real deal, boasting a double fission diffuser for double the bubble action, delivering those smooth, buttery hits you crave. Who needs a smoking buddy when you’ve got the Globgoblin by your side?

A giant blue whale bong

blue whale bong

Who doesn’t love whales, am I right? Picture this: You take a hit from the Blue Whale bong and suddenly, you’re grinning ear to ear, just like this beautiful majestic ocean giant. Its translucent Cerulean blue design isn’t just easy on the eyes, it also packs a punch with a powerful Showerhead perc - because, hey, whales love bubbles too, right?

This 6.25-inch bong is built with a wide body structure that sits snug on your table, perfect for anyone who’s a bit clumsy. Why wait? Dive into the depths of relaxation and whale-being.

Yum, milk and cookies

blue water pipe

Milk and cookies, anyone? Yes, the straw is your mouthpiece and the percolator is a cookie - how sweet is that? This 6-inch glass bong boasts an easy-to-hold cup shape, making it perfect for those cozy share sessions with your buddies.

Crafted from ultra-durable borosilicate glass, the Milk and Cookies bong adds a touch of style with the classic Cookie Monster Persian blue color in its logo.

Intergalactic smoke buddy

Blue glass bong

What’s cooler than kicking it with an intergalactic buddy during a smoke session? Meet the Blue Space Monster Bong - an XL bong ready to launch you into new dimensions.

You’ll love the blue-gray space creature popping out from your bong water, chilling on top of a monster percolator for smooth and flavorful rips. Strap in folks, it’s about to get high-ly extraterrestrial.

Blue bong water anybody?

Blue beaker bong

Get ready to dive into blue bliss with the 10” Phoenix bong. Built on the classic beaker bong shape but drenched and adorned in stunning hues. Translucent blues drip from the neck of the bong, enveloping even the water base for a cool blue effect with your bong water.

Not stopping there, all the bong parts from the bowl, downstem, and clip are even all rich royal hues. Best of all, the neck features an ice pinch to hold ice cubes, for an extra icy, smooth rip making this a perfect beginners bong.

Shark bong: blue bubbles galore

Blue shark bong

Forget Shark Week - this iconic Shark Bong is the real star of the show! Encased in a translucent aero-blue glass body, this beast isn’t just for looks - the shark also pulls double duty as a monster percolator.

Take a rip and watch as the water and bubbles swirl around your shark's head in a mesmerizing blue tornado. No need to say it, but we know you’re thinking it: Sharknado vibes.

Icy blue snowman bong

blue snowman bong

Introducing the Snowman bong: a winter wonder that’s sure to melt away your stress.

With a royal blue hat and scarf adding some chilly style, this 8-inch tall bong packs a multi-slit fission diffuser for a frosty smooth-smoking experience. Why build a snowman when you can blaze with one?

Swirling blue crystal ball bong

Blue crystal ball bong

Step into the realm of the mystic with our Blue Crystal Ball Bong. This enchanting piece is more than just a bong - it’s a portal to your smoking destiny.

With a showerhead perc for smooth bubble filtration, watch as the smoke swirls up into the sphere, resembling the mystical visions of a magical crystal ball. It’s time to spark up and see what destiny has in store for you.

Retro blue spotted egg bong

Blue yoshi bong


If you are a fan of retro games you’ll love the Blue Spotted Egg bong. This customer-favorite offers easy smoking with its angled neck and comfy blue mouthpiece.

Sitting at 7 inches tall and equipped with a shower head percolator at the base for ultra-efficient bubble filtration this gamer bong delivers power-packed bong rips every time.


Blue lava lamp bong

Blue lava lamp bong

Get groovy with our Blue Lava Lamp Bong - an ode to the 70’s nostalgia that’ll take your smoking experience to psychedelic heights! Shaped like a class lava lamp, this water pipe is a trip down memory lane.

Featuring double filtration with an inline percolator and a lava dome percolator, it delivers smooth hits and plenty of bubbles just like a lava lamp. Why settle for boring when you can light up and groove to this retro-inspired delight?

Blue Cyberpunk recycler bong

Blue recycler bong

Tall, blue, and handsome? The Cyberpunk XL recycler has some of our richest true blue tones in both the bowl piece and the recycler arms.

If you’re looking for the smoothest hits a water bong can offer, the Cyberpunk cools combusted smoke first in the shower head percolator and then through a vortex drain effect as the heated smoke recirculates through the recycling water system as many times as your heart desires. If you don’t know how it works check out our helpful guide on how to use a recycler bong.

The zero-cough glycerin bong

blue glycerin bong

If you can’t stand harsh bong rips and coughing then the Kyro Glycerin Bong will change your life without trying to freeze your bong.

Hot smoke irritates the lungs but the Kyro houses blue glass coils for your smoke to travel through which is surrounded by frozen glycerin, cooling your smoke up to 300 degrees before reaching your lungs. The result: the smoothest and softest bong rip you’ve ever had.


Ultra smooth blue ocean bong

Blue ocean bong


Dive into the depths with the Ocean XL bong - an aquatic adventure like no other!
Crafted from ultra-sturdy boro glass, this bong stands tall at 10 inches, boasting not one, but two powerful filtration systems.

First, the hot smoke navigates through the fish percolator at the base, then upwards through the jellyfish percolator at the top. The result? A super smooth hit that’ll make waves in your head.


Blue rocket ship bong

Blue rocket ship bong

Get ready to take off with our Blue Rocket Ship XL bong, standing tall and proud on its grid fins, this isn’t just a bong - it’s a journey into the cosmos.

With dual percolators for double the filtration for reduced harshness, hitting this bong is a smooth ride off to an intergalactic head space. It’s time to elevate your smoke sessions to infinity and beyond.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to blue bongs, the sky is the limit with Hemper. Whether you’re diving into the depths of the ocean with the Big Wale bong or soaring to new heights with the Rocket Bong, we hope you found the perfect shade of blue to satisfy your style and personality.