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How To Choose The Best Dabber Tools

by Angel Ferrer 7 min read

The Best Dab Tools You Need to Have

Are you one of the millions of individuals worldwide that enjoy a little herb now and then? If yes, then you no doubt have come across dabbing. And if you haven’t, you soon will.

Dabbing is HOT, and rightly so. This form of enjoying your favorite cannabis strains and concentrates (where legal) will open your mind figuratively and physically as to what is possible.

When done safely (and legally), dabbing is hands down one of the cleanest and most potent ways to enjoy concentrates.

And while you don’t need a lot to get started, there are some key tools and accessories essential to the process. There are many different types of tools, and each one has its own advantages, depending on how you intend to use it. 

This guide will help you distinguish between the sea of dab tools, so you know which ones are right for your rig, expectations and uses.

There are a few important questions that must be answered before choosing your tools, and this guide will help you figure out what’s what.

1) First, What Are You Dabbing?

It is important to match up your dabbing tool to the consistency and type of concentrate you intend to use on a regular basis. Thus, the type of concentrate you are using is important to consider. Some dabbing rigs and tools are designed for specific types of concentrates, while others are a “jack of all trade” type of setup that can handle multiple mediums with ease. 

Basic Types of Dabbers Include: 

  • Ballpoint dabber – These are excellent for breaking your shatter into smaller more manageable pieces. Better for stable varieties of concentrates that you can easily position under your tool and that won’t change shape on you as you push down, these ballpoint dabbers boast a tiny ballpoint tip and a spear. 

  • Needlepoints – This dabber also works well with stable and solid concentrates. The needlepoint makes it possible to achieve a very precise, clean break on larger slabs to break up the concentrate into a more suitable dosage for your dabbing session.

  • Scoops and spoon-shaped dabbers – These dabbers are better suited for the sappier or more pliable concentrates. CO2 distillates, crumbling waxes, and live oil resins work well with these tools. The broad surface makes these dabbers perfect for these types of concentrates. 

2) What Type of Rig and Dab Nail Do You Use?

Matching Your Nail to the Material or Medium you Intend to Dab

Nails are generally made out of one of one of these three different materials: titanium, quartz, and ceramic. There are other options available, but most rigs have setups for these three main materials. 

Titanium is durable and stylish, quartz is clean and durable but takes longer to heat up, and ceramic is a happy medium of durability, fast heating and affordability (but isn’t as durable).

As you probably figured out at this point, your rig has custom parts, making it important to consider what you are using when you shop for tools. 

Matching Your Rig

The carb cap is a great example of a dabber tool that your rig may (or may not) require. Some dabbers do not have carb caps while others utilize them to great effect. 

Carb caps act to suppress and control air flow in a precise way. Also, cap sizes are not universal and will vary by nail type, meaning you need to pay attention when buying replacement parts. Make sure that your dabber tool is the proper size and form for your rig and nail. 

Another element to keep in mind is the material the dabber tool is constructed of. Since nails are made of different materials, it is important to choose the proper dabber tool material.

Size Matters (sorry guys…and gals)

Dabber tools come in varying sizes, shapes and forms. It is not always possible to keep a full-size tool on you, and in those cases, compact portable designs are worth consideration. 

Some pens include portable tools, but for those that do not, you can now find plenty of pocket-sized tools available on the market. When shopping for portable dabber tools, look at the broadness of the scoop and find ones that can pack in more than one dose. Some are capable of loading an entire pen, making them a better option for sharing or multiple dabbing sessions while out and about.

3) What is the Size of Your Dose?

Concentrates usually come in packages of either half a gram (500 mg) or a gram (1,000 mg). Outside of this, the only way to measure a dose is to use a dabber tool. If the dose matters, and it usually does, find an appropriately-sized dabbing tool to ensure you are only getting as much you want. As you learn to be more efficient with your dabs, this will affect how much you get from each dose and will allow you to preserve your stash longer while getting the most out of each session.

Top Ten Accessories 

Now that you have a list of questions to ask yourself or aspects to consider when shopping for your dabber tools, it is time to take a look at everything you will need to optimize your concentrate consumption:

  1. Quartz Banger Nail – When you use a torch to light your concentrate, it is the nail that faces most of the heat. The rig, however, is not protected from the entirety of this heat, which causes the joint to weaken after a few years. Quartz banger nails face the dish at an angle away from the rig, minimizing this risk. Quartz also has the added benefit of not needing to be seasoned before use.

  1. Torch – Butane torches are used to heat up the nails, which then vaporize the wax. Not all torches, though, are created equal. Be sure to grab a durable torch with a good grip and a little weight to it.

  1. Universal Titanium Nail – Rig joints differ by individual set up, and these joints can be male or female. As long as you can have glass on glass, universal titanium nails work with anything, regardless of these details.

  1. Dabber – Dabbers, or “wands”, are the object used to pick up the concentrate. As mentioned before, the type of dabber you want will vary according to the type of concentrate you are vaporizing.

Dabbers are made of many different materials. Glass and quartz look pretty and are durable against heat, but titanium is the longest-lasting. Ceramic will outlast glass, but not titanium, and does not conduct heat as much as the other materials.

  1. Silicone Jar – Concentrate can be difficult to store. Some are sticky, and others can melt under moderate circumstances, meaning that you may find your concentrate has melted in its container, causing a big mess. Silicone is valued for its ability to not let anything stick to it. Invest in a thick, silicone jar for a no-hassle ability to access your concentrate.

  1. Dish/Dabber Set – Dishes are handy for holding liquid dabs while you smoke. You can often buy themed dish and dabber sets, which makes the experience even more fun! Sets also can provide a greater economic value helping save you more than it would cost to purchase each item individually.

  1. Carb Cap – It can be difficult to properly heat your nail, resulting in inefficient smoking and loss of concentrates. Carb caps collect any rising vapor by covering the nail to help you make the most of your concentrate.

  1. E-Nail Kit – E-Nails are what happens when technology meets concentrate consumption. These powered devices combine the ability of a nail and a torch. The power box plugs into any outlet, and you can easily set and read the temperature you desire.

  1. Honey Bucket – This nail contains a “bucket” on top that helps regulate airflow. By creating a vacuum, it allows you to have more intense inhales. The bucket is heated, a dab is placed in the center, and the bucket is lowered into the dome.

The carb cap is the final piece that creates a near-perfect vacuum, so it is essential to have one. The fit is not universal, so consider a honey bucket that includes a custom carb cap.

  1. Reclaim Catcher – No one wants to waste money burning concentrate they don’t get to consume. Some concentrate can fall into the joint of a rig, also. Reclaim catchers help gather this concentrate by branching off as an extra joint with a dish at the bottom. The concentrate falls into the dish, where it can be gathered.

Experienced Dabbers are Efficient Dabbers

Knowledge is power, and now you have this guide to help you in your quest to find the most efficient dab for your rig. By keeping the above questions in mind, you can run through this list of accessories with confidence, finding the perfect tools for your dabbing experience. 

Making efficient use of concentrate saves money, so investing up front in these pieces is worth it overall. As this practice gains more traction, more options are coming out that allow for more efficient experiences.

Show Off Your Personal Style 

There is a lot to be said for function but just as much to be said for form. Expressing personality through your rig and dabber tools can be a lot of fun! Some dab tools are shaped like lollipops and lightsabers. Carb caps can have glass pineapples or hemp plants crafted on top. Have fun with your accessories!

There are many different rigs out there to choose from, and there are many different dabbing tools to help you with your concentrate. By researching your choices, it will be easy to select the right nails, carb caps, and dabber tools for your rig. Take charge of your experience today!