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Choosing the Ultimate Herb Grinder

by Hemper Co 7 min read

Choosing the Ultimate Herb Grinder

How to Choose the Best Herb Grinder

Cannabis is nature’s miracle herb, providing countless individuals with relief from a broad range of ailments, and improving their overall quality of life. But if you’ve landed on this page then you already know all about the wonders cannabis has to offer. 

At some point, those of us that enjoy smoking our favorite herb will begin to look towards accessories that can make our life (and experience) with our favorite ganja that more pleasurable.

And when it come to smoking accessories, one of the best additions you can make to your collection of supplies is a new herb grinder.

Herb Grinder – a MUST have accessory

These handy accessories are a convenient tool that can be easily utilized to break up and grind smoking herbs (and even tobacco) into smaller particulates. Grinders not only save you time and effort breaking up your buds and flowers, but they also enhance the smoking experience, providing an improved surface area for vaporizing or burning your favorite strains.

Yet with so many options available on the market you might not know how to choose one that will best suit your needs. 

Whether picking up this tool for the first time, upgrading to an improved design, or simply replacing your old standby after years of reliable service, you have a virtual treasure trove of options literally at your fingertips online.

Herb Grinders – how to find your herb’s perfect match

Grinders aren’t all that complex, but they do come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with differences in both the way they grind your herb and how finely they grind it.

Out of all your options, you’ll want to consider aspects such as: 

  • Size – do you need something portable that can fit in a pocket or purse?
  • Material/ Build – various materials may provide better durability and longer performance
  • Multiple Piece devices – two, three and even four-piece devices
  • How well or how finely it can grind your herb
  • Reputation and quality of the brand or model 

Size Matters 

Grinders can range in size from mini or travel-sized, to extra large. Consider what is most valuable in an accessory to best suit your needs. If searching for a portable grinder to take on the go, then your purchase should be in the mini to small range in terms of size.

Those individuals looking for something to keep at home will like the medium or large variety. Extra large grinders (by contrast) are usually reserved for heavy smokers looking to prep large quantities of tobacco or smoking herb at one time. Note that when purchasing, the size of the grinder listed on the model description generally references the diameter or the width of the grinder rather than the depth of its chamber.


While acrylic and wood grinders are available – and cheaper, they tend not to be as durable and may need replacement sooner than their metal counterparts. 

Purchasing a well-known brand can help assure that the tool is made from a high-grade aluminum or ABS plastic, rather than a cheap plastic or weak wooden form that may wear or break over time. 

Multiple Piece Herb Grinders – Which is Best?

Herb grinders are available as either single or two-piece units. Two-piece grinders are generally the most simplistic in form and design, yet also the least functional.

A three-piece includes a top, the grinding teeth and an additional chamber in which the herb falls after passing through the teeth. This is makes gathering the processed herb easier for the consumer. 

Finally, the four-piece grinder has every piece that a three-sectioned grinder has, except there is also a sieve-like pollen catcher. All of the dust and fine particles that are also a product of grinding the herb are caught here, which allows the entire herb to be used without waste.


Unless you’ve recently won the lotto, you likely have to keep your budget in perspective just like the rest of us. Grinders can get pricey, and not every smoker considers them essential to a great experience, but finding one at a suitable price that meets all of your needs is often just a matter of doing a little research. And we feel that a grinder is well worth the expense.

You don’t need to spend a lot to get a lot of value. Do your research, check out reviews and explore the makes and models below to learn more about the various types and brands available from reputable manufacturers.

Value & Build Quality 

To get the most bang for your buck, consider the ways you will be using your grinder, how often, and where (in your home or on the go). Find a make and model that will best fit your use cases and one that you can see yourself using on a regular basis.

Seek out units with strong threading that will prevent wear and tear during opening and closing the case, as well as those with a strong coating or finish on the metal itself that will prevent it from peeling or grinding into the herb.

Other parts to examine for build quality include: include the teeth, the pollen screen, and the threading on the case's top and the metal case itself. 

Herb Grinder Selection Guide:

Now that you have a good basic understanding of the key components and important aspects to consider when shopping for a new herb grinder, let’s dig into some high quality makes and models to explore… 

Hemper Aluminum Grinder

A travel-sized grinder, the Hemper Aluminum Grinder is still a complete, four-piece grinder with a pollen scraper, which means the quality will not be compromised no matter where the smoking session takes place. Customers like the razor-sharp teeth and discreet size for easy use and travel.

Aerospaced Grinder

Similar to Sharpstone grinders, the original Aerospaced Grinder features a textured top for easy gripping. The anodized finish keeps the metal from flaking off into your herb or tobacco while crushing it to provide an even result for perfect vaporization. The small size makes this a good choice for personal use at home or while moving around. This grinder also includes a scraper and teeth that will not dull over time and uses. 

Groove Grinder

Featuring a coaxial turbine and extremely sharp diamond-shaped teeth, this new grinder claims to save even more time by requiring less herb or tobacco prep before grinding. Producing a feathery, fluffy result, the Groove Grinder, which is made by Aerospaced, is made with aerospace-grade aluminum and finished with an anodized coat for smooth action. The fine grind and small size make this an optimal choice for smokers on the move who enjoy using vaporizers.

Space Case

American-made, this titanium grinder comes with a higher price tag, but is built to last for many years to come. The four-sectioned tool features a deep chamber in which the processed herb or tobacco falls. The medium, two and a half inch size makes this an ideal choice to keep at home. High quality materials throughout, such as the medical grade stainless steel pollen screen and nylon O-rings for smooth rotation make every penny spent on this accessory worth it. To top it off, Space Case comes with a lifetime warranty and is made to be scratch resistant.

Cali Crusher

With a notched top, the Cali Crusher is easy to grip. Though this grinder is known for its versatility by allowing a two-way grind thanks to its teeth for a light or dense result, the pollen screen may allow more to fall through than the user may want. The medium, American-made, medical grade aluminum tool features a quarter-turn lock for easy opening and closing. Another bonus: the teeth and blades come with a lifetime warranty.

Santa Cruz Shredder

One of the best-known products on the market, the Santa Cruz Shredder is a tried-and-true option. Thanks to the anodized threading, opening and closing the grinder will not force wear and tear. Producing a fluffier grind, the accessory has a larger chamber, but falls into the smaller size range, though it is still a good choice to keep at home. The micronic stainless steel screen resists fraying while the exterior is scratch resistant. Be aware that choosing a more intricate design will move the price tag up the scale as well. 


Squared teeth in this grinder allow it to produce a denser ground product, which also occurs because this tool has more teeth than most other grinders. The ceramic-coated aerospace grade aluminum has a shorter than average chamber, but is very easy to empty. The stainless steel pollen screen is quite fine, which ensures only the smallest particles fall through.


Though not a good choice for vaporizers due to the coarse grind this accessory produces, Alpaca is another well-known and beloved brand. The durable grinder is lightweight and stops odors from leaking out with its basecap, making this a good "on the go" grinder. The patented design saves time and ground herb or tobacco by dispensing it directly into the smoking device. Made from aircraft aluminum finished with a non-stick coating, consumers will find that build-up does not occur or become an issue.

Herb Saver

Made from a transparent plastic, the Herb Saver allows its user to see when everything is ground, though it does not produce a finely ground result. Significantly taller than most grinders, this tool includes a very deep chamber making it ideal for home use. The accessory comes with a manufacturer lifetime guarantee and is water and odor resistant.  For added fun, choose the glow-in-the-dark option when ordering.


Another trusted brand, Sharpstone comes in multiple sizes that vary from pocket-friendly to very large for at-home use. Made from aircraft aluminum and micro mesh stainless steel for the pollen screen, the premium parts ensure highly rated use – including teflon o-rings for a very smooth action while grinding. Diamond-shaped teeth provide a lighter, fluffier grind. One of the most cost-effective grinders available, choose the classic shape rather than the tapered shape when ordering for easier use.

Closing Thoughts

No matter if you’re looking to replace an old grinder, or add to your stock of herb accessories, there are plenty of quality products and choices from which to select. With a little research, and by taking the time to note your smoking habits and priorities, finding the perfect herb grinder is just a few mouse clicks away.


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