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22 Adorably Cute Bongs You Can't Resist 2024

by Christy Coy 8 min read

cute bongs

If you thought your love for all things adorable stopped at internet cat videos, think again. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, prepare to see the playful side of puffing as cannabis bongs get a cute makeover.

From purr-fect cat bongs that will have you feline good, to adorable cactus bongs that promise a ‘sharp’ yet smooth hit, we’ve lined up 22 of the cutest bongs of 2024. But if cuddly is not your thing and you want something on the rougher side of town make sure to check out our collection of monster bongs.



Cauldron Cutie bong

cute witch bong

Say hello to the Cauldron Cutie, your not-so-ordinary bong that’s bubbling with personality.

Stir up some magic with each sesh as this little boiler’s split fission percolator fills the cauldron with bubbles for a soft and smooth bong rip. With its cheeky grin and playful design, the Cauldron bong is ready to conjure up some clouds of delight.

Pro-tip: If this is your first time choosing a bong, make sure to check out our guide on every type of percolator so you can pick the right filtration and cooling settings for your needs.

Lucky Whiskers cat bong

cute cat bong

Lucky vibes and smooth tokes come together in the adorable Lucky Whiskers Bong. Where good fortune meets purr-fect filtration, your charming kitty comes with a money bag percolator nestled in its belly to tone down even the biggest of bong rips.

The Lucky Cat is a symbol of prosperity, yet it promises to attract not just wealth but also tranquility with every session. This bong is the ideal couch companion and will have you feeling as cozy as a kitten on a sunny windowsill.



Gummy Bear Bong

cute bear bong

Relive the joy of candy store escapades with the Gummy Bear bong, drenched in beautiful translucent teals bringing to life the iconic shape that sparks a playful bounce in your inner child.

This lovable bong is 6.6 inches tall and is equipped with a diffused downstem that cools the draw, softening each bong rip for a smoother toke. Each rip is a trip down memory lane, back to the times of pocket money spent on handfuls of squishy, fruity wonders.



Double Delight donut bong

cute girly donut bong

Indulge in the sweetest sessions with the Double Delight Donut Bong, where every puff is a treat. Standing at a snackable 10 inches, you get an adorable vanilla frosted donut with a sugary smile at the base, and a chuckling chocolate frosted donut up top.

Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, it’s durable enough to handle the heat for back-to-back bowls because of the double donut perc body. The inline percolator is the cherry on top, ensuring each hit is as smooth and cool as ice cream on a hot day. Take a bit out of this deliciously fun smoking experience - no calories, just clouds!



Happy Cactus bong

cute girly bongs

Prickling with personality and packed with joy, the Happy Cactus Bong brings the desert’s cheer right to your table. This compact 6-inch bong is ready to turn your cannabis dry spells into an oasis of smooth hits with its showerhead percolator blooming in its flowerpot chamber.

The extra cactus ‘bulb’ isn’t just for show; it functions as a hidden but angled mouthpiece for easy bong rips. So, puff away and let this delightful desert dweller bring a splash of hydration to your high times!



Sweet Smile donut bong

donut bong

Get ready to glaze your day with the Sweet Smile Donut Bong, a treat that turns every session into a celebration! This delectable piece is a vanilla-frosted donut with a bright smile and a dash of colorful sprinkles for fun.

The diffused downstem whips up a frothy smooth bong rip as the smoke is cooled on the popping surfaces of bubbles. With its wide mouthpiece, this adorable donut is always ready to deliver you a blissful bite of smoke. Spark up and sprinkle your day with a bit of joy, no trip to the bakery required!

"Boo" the glow in the dark ghost bong

cute ghost bong

Float into cloud nine with the Cute Ghost Bong, a spooktacular friend that glows by night and charms by day! This frosted glass phantom stands a compact 6.5 inches tall and has a knack for making your sessions supernaturally smooth with its multi-slit diffuser.

And when it’s time to crash at night this friendly ghost reveals its true colors in the dark, glowing with a reassuring presence, so even night owls have a companion in their midnight tokes. Lean in for an easy smoke with its angled mouthpiece, and let this adorable apparition bring you good vibe haunts into the night.

Trippy toadstool bong

girly mushroom bong

Embark on a magical journey with the Trippy Toadstool Bong, a whimsical wonder that’s all about good vibes and iridescent skies. With a friendly face and a body that glimmers with rainbow hues, this 6-inch wonder features a wide water chamber so it sits snugly for any clumsy stoners out there.

Its inline percolator has ample room for water filtration and cooling and to top it off, the mushroom cap serves as your mouthpiece. Let this little “fun-gi” be your guide to a wonderland of smooth, flavorful terpene puffs.

Jolly Green Giant XL cactus bong

cute cactus bong

Elevate your smoke sessions with the jolly green giant: the 8-inch tall XL Happy Cactus bong! Made of tough-as-nails borosilicate glass, it’s as resilient as the hardiest desert flora.

The showerhead percolator features ample filtration space in the flower pot water chamber to turn even the harshest of bong rips into a cool, misty oasis of smoothness. This bong features an orange bloom bowl reminiscent of a fiery desert sunset. With every inhale, this friendly cacti promises a smooth siesta under the sun, no thorns attached!

Giant Bubble Buddy bong

cute iridescent bong

Cradle the comfort of childhood bubbles in the arms of this Giant Bubble Buddy, standing tall at 8.25 inches with arms wide open for the warmest of hugs. This XL bong gleams with an iridescent sheen, mirroring the colorful dance of soap suds and bubbles.

At the heart of its embrace is a rubber ducky percolator, which provides maximum cooling and filtration to tone down even the biggest of bong rips. This cute girly bong is a splash of comfort and a ripple of bliss with every toke you take.

Sweet Cactus Jack bong

cute cactus bong

Get ready to plant some joy with the Cactus Jack Bong, a 7-inch beacon of happiness in your smoking savanna. Its circle showerhead percolator gives you a wraparound 360-degree whirlwind of cooling for even the biggest bong rips.

The Saguaro-inspired cactus design brings the spirit of the desert into your living room, complete with a smile that’s sunnier than an Arizona day. Lean into comfort with the long, bent neck - perfect for easy lighting and an even easier rip. Put your other bongs away because this friendly cactus bong is sure to be the sharpest tool in the shed.

Cozy Popcorn Bucket bong

movie bong

Settle in for the feature presentation with the big screen XL Popcorn Bong, where every rip is as epic as the season finale. This 9-inch tall masterpiece, decked out in nostalgic red stripes, is the perfect addition to any cozy bake sesh and movie night.

The giant popcorn percolator turns your bong rips into smooth, buttery clouds of bliss - a standing ovation-worthy performance in cooling and filtration. So, pass the munchies, flick on the tube, and grab a front-row seat to your premier elevation.

Nostalgic Milk & Cookies bong

cookies bong

Rekindle the sweet simplicity of after-school treats with the Milk & Cookies bong, a classic cup-shaped piece that’s a nod to those carefree childhood snack times we all miss.

This 6-inch glass bong reminds you of a warm laughter-filled kitchen with its cookie percolator that cools each bong rip to smooth, milky goodness. This cute bong is a batch of warm memories in every hit, a delicious throwback that pairs perfectly with the comfort of cannabis.



Bubble Buddy bongcute glass bongs

Bubble baths will never be the same. The Bubble Buddy Bong is an iridescent piece that captures the heart of your warmest, bubbliest moments. The iridescent finish captures different spectrum hues just like the bubbles in your childhood bubble bath.

With a grin that’ll melt your stress away and a bubble percolator inside the bong’s water chamber that delivers smooth and cool bong rips, this 4.5-inch bong will be your new bath-time buddy. Inhale the good vibes and exhale your stress away with this little charmer bubble bath bong.



Mini Teacup bongdisney bong

Sip on the nostalgia of Saturday morning movies with this charming Teacup bong, a nod to your cherished childhood memories.

This 6-inch tall water pipe, complete with a showerhead percolator, brews the perfect filtration for a smooth, dreamy bong rip. Perfectly paired with its teapot counterpart below, the duo makes the cutest bong collection in your cabinet. So here’s to high tea time, where every rip is a toast to the sweeter moments in life.



Tea pot bongbeauty and the beast bong

Step into a tale as old as time with the Teapot bong. Hidden inside the 8-inch teapot is a large showerhead percolator, ready to turn your favorite strains into smooth and tasty rips. Pair it with the companion teacup bong above, and you’ve got the cutest duo in bong collections.



Giant Gentle Whale bongcute whale bong

Embark on a joyous voyage with this giant whale bong with a smile as wide as the horizon on a calm sea. This friendly giant, measuring 6.25 inches tall and 5 inches wide, offers an enormous chamber for ample water filtration and cooling with its showerhead percolator.

The water shooting from his spout doubles as a wide mouthpiece for larger-than-life bong rips. Set sail with this happy behemoth, and let your cares drift away with the tides.



Joyful Whale bonghappy whale bong

Set sail with this delightful Whale Bong, with its wide joyous smile ready to dive deep with you on your next smoke session.

Floating at 6.5 inches tall, with an inline percolator to help you smooth out those harsh bong rips this gentle ocean dweller makes the perfect smoking companion. Inhales are a breeze with a large mouthpiece designed for comfort and the wide base allows this piece to sit safely on any flat surface. Let every rip be a splash of joy, as this little playful whale escorts you into the depths of relaxation.



Cupcake bongcupcake bong

Whipped up to sweet perfection, this glass piece is a delicious twist on your favorite bakery treat.

The Cupcake Bong is 8 inches of frosted fun, with a sturdy cup base that holds a large showerhead percolator that showers your bong rip with bubbles for a smooth and rich hit. The bowl, dotted with sprinkles and frosting, is easy to light as you take a pull from the cherry-on-top mouthpiece.



Swirling Lollipop bonglollipop bong

Indulge in a sweet escape with this candy-inspired bong, swirling with the iconic red and white of a peppermint twist. The Jollypop bong sits at a playful 7.5 inches tall, with a cleverly designed angled mouthpiece that extends like the stick of a lollipop, ensuring each light and rip is effortless.

Beneath its candy-coated exterior lies a diffused stem percolator, ready to smooth out the roughest of bong rips like the creamy center in a hard candy shell. This childhood classic will turn every puff into a playful day through Candyland.



Ducky bongduck bong

Splash into relaxation with this limited edition Rubber Ducky bong, where your favorite bath time pal is all set for a bubble bath of its own. At 6 inches tall, this delightful bong hides a showerhead percolator smoothing out bong rips through maximum bubble production.



Adorable Snowman bongcozy snowman bong

Chill out with the coolest buddy on the block, an adorable snowman bong complete with a dapper green scarf and hat. Standing at a frosty 8 inches and equipped with a multi-slit fission diffuser, every bong rip comes out frosty smooth, and rich in flavor. He will melt your heart the same way he melts in the sun, so cozy up with this bong over hot cocoa, a fireplace, and your favorite strain.


Final thoughts

We hope our charming lineup, from the glowing warmth of the Ghost Bong to the playful splashes of the Bubble Buddy bong, has helped you to find your new favorite cute bong. Whether it’s movie nights with the Popcorn bong or serene sunsets with your Smiling Saguaro, there’s a delightful and adorable companion for every mood and moment in this list.

Make sure to check out our beautiful collection of blue bongs or take a peek at our entire online headshop where we have everything you need for the perfect sesh.