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7 Cute Bongs by Hemper

by Christy Coy 3 min read


7 of the Cutest Bongs You Have Ever Seen

Yes, we all want cool glass, but sometimes the same ‘ol design at the headshop just isn’t going to cut it. We want pieces that we can display not only for their convenience and function but for their art and fun. Not only are the 7 bongs listed below the cutest things you have seen, but they are also all designed to give you the most pleasurable smoking experience. So if you want to smile every time you pick up your new bong, or dab rig, make a selection from Hemper! 


Green on double time! This adorable Globgoblin monster bong is 8.5 inches tall but also 4 inches around. Complete with googly eyes on stalks and teeth. There are white texture bumps on the back of this round-shaped body. The bowl sits on the backside of the bong, looking like a cute little tail with matching white bumps.  The double fission diffuser will have you making some monster clouds and probably chatting with your new friend!


If novelty bongs are your squad’s jam, they are going to be jelly for this one. A SpongeBob themed jellyfish bong!  Bringing back all the feels, the legs are a tree-style percolator with large holes to cool the smoke without slowing it down. Even at 7 inches tall, the base is a handy 3.5 inches around. It can easily fit into most cup holders for all those under the sea adventures!  


What is your friendly ghost’s name? You could probably call this one smoky, don’t call him average! This boo is a  6.5-inch bong that has a frosted white, glow-in-the-dark body. If you are thinking about a gift for your boo, maybe consider this boo! After all, shouldn’t everyone have a bong for each holiday? If you love this cute ghost rig, you had better hustle up before it sells out! 

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The classics get me every time. We were absolutely punching for the feels on this one. The old-school video game nostalgia isn’t the only thing hitting high with this 7-inch bong! The flower bowl, green boro tube sitting in a pipe-shaped base, rushes back images of a couple of Italian brothers and all their friends running amuck in a faraway land! Take you and the homies to the next level with this super cute gaming bong from Hemper today. 


Looking like it might have come out of a science lab, this 11 inch XL bong with a heart of pineapple is sure to help you feel like you are at the beach right from your backyard.  The globe-shaped chamber holds its brilliant yellow pineapple in the middle, not only for an amazing visual effect but also as a convenient splash guard. While this rig might be bigger than your average, the dual percs are absolutely worth this guy taking up a little more room on the shelf! Pineapple express your way into an afternoon at the beach. 


Can you even with this little cow? Our Mothership XL is the bigger version of our UFO Vortex rig. And just like the vastness of space, the Mothership XL has 3 chambers for staking smoke.  With our largest percolator yet, shaped like an alien spaceship and a chamber shaped like an alien transport beam, it guarantees that super hit you just took will whip through those larger chambers to create a cool, smooth rip for your lungs. Talk about a galactic experience. 


This little fella is only 7 inches and ready to be your sidekick during any Sunday Funday this year. Not only totally adorable, but it’s also functional! You can actually see the apple working as the smoke pulls through, cooling down for a crisp rip. Just like biting into a fresh apple. 

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You’ve made it through 7 of the cutest bongs you have ever seen! Each of the Hemper pieces is designed with care and creativity. Our goal is to match our incredible and unique customer base with glass they cherish and are proud to display. Visit our online headshop to find the piece that speaks to you and all your cuteness needs.