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Got the Gift of a Vape? - Learn What To Do With It

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

Got the Gift of a Vape? - Learn What To Do With It

So You Got A Vape For Your Birthday, Now What?

Birthdays are one of the best times of year to gather close with family and friends. Even though birthday memories last a lifetime, sadly some of the best-intentioned gifts do not. It’s true that while we do get some pretty amazing and useful gifts on birthdays, the reality is that we also get many gifts that are weird, unsuitable to our personal tastes, are duplicates, or that we simply just cannot use.

Since most people like to take off work for their birthday, it’s a great time to spend some energy investigating some of the few interestingly great presents we did receive from friends and family.

What To Do With That Brand New Vape

So you’ve received your very first vape for your birthday, now you’re left both marveling at its beauty and also wondering how you go about using such a thing. While vapes can be amazing conversation starters, there is also a bit of a learning curve to be had when it comes to figuring out how to use them properly. Not only is there a special way to use vapes, but they also come with a wide variety of names, slang terms, and buzzwords. In order to begin using your new vape properly, it’s best to learn some of the terminology surrounding it. Below are some key terms and their meanings to get you started:

Conduction and Convection

These terms are the most common ones used by those who frequently vape. And even though these may sound complex and overly scientific, all these terms do is simply describe the way in which the vape heats up dry product. Convection vaporizers evaporate active ingredients in the dry product by enabling hot air to flow freely across it. Convection leads to a denser, more tasty vapor, and will take a much longer time. Also, convection vapes tend to be more expensive than conduction vapes.

On the other hand, conduction vapes will directly heat the dry product by working much like a kitchen stove. You will get your vapor very fast but should be careful of pushing too hard as it will ultimately lead to bad tastes from burnt product. Conduction vapes are generally more compact and portable.

Dry Products VS Concentrates

All vapes use one of two different types of materials: dry product or concentrate. Dry product is very common and something that most people are quite familiar with. Dry product needs to be ground up and put into the vape in order for more surface area to be exposed to the heating system. Conversely, concentrates need to be used in a special type of vaporizer. For example, theKandypens Rubi Vaporizer sold by us at Hemper, is a pod-based vaporizer that allows users to extract full-flavored clouds from pods of e-liquids and oils. The open system allows users to refill the pod with their favorite concentrate. Pods are easy to fill and are leakproof so there isn’t any hassle with mess or spit-back from the mouthpiece of the vape. The heating system inside of the Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer instantly vaporizes the concentrate.

Desktop VS Portable

The two main and basic type of vape bodies are desktop and portable. Portable vapes are more common and widely used among vaping enthusiasts. They are constructed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to use. In contrast, desktop vapes are used for their sustainable vaping ability and power. They are usually much larger so that users can take advantage of every bit of power that the desktop vape’s size has to offer.

Portable vapes create a high-end quality vapor, have good, sturdy designs, and have a better temperature range and battery life than desktop vapes do. In using a portable vape, high-end quality vapor is something that you should always want to have. A good portable vape will enable you to have a unique experience that will make you come back for more.

Regardless of whether you have a desktop or a portable vape, the design should be strong and sturdy. A strong vape will not shatter if you accidentally drop it a couple of times.

Temperature range control and a decent battery life will give you a pleasurable experience that will enable you to manipulate the length of and how pleasurable your vaping experience will be. Also of importance, a good vape pen will be able to support both cannabis flowers as well as extracts, so you will be able to experience the best of both worlds.

How Does A Vape Work?

Most vape pens have:

  • A battery located in the bottom of the device
  • A button that activates the atomizer and heats up the pen
  • A chamber that lets the user load the cannabis flower or concentrate

Once the button is pressed, an electric current flows through a set of coils that are hidden in the atomizer. As the electric current flows through a copper coil, it heats up the vape pen. This is sometimes felt as the pen becomes warm. If you are considering a dry herb pen, read this.

The atomizer will then heat up the flower or concentrate in the vape to a pre-selected temperature. The heat will then cause the cannabinoids, along with water vapor, to be released into the air. The only thing left to do is inhale.

What is the Best Temp for Vaping

The best temperature for vaping is anywhere between 383- and 410-degrees Fahrenheit. Since some vapes have the option to calibrate temperature, you will be able to experience different results from different temperatures. Read about the Linx Vape pen review here.

In The End…

Regardless of who gave you that shiny new vape for your birthday, it’s high-time you spent some energy getting to know your new vape so that you can not only show it off but also use it to get the best highs you’ve ever experienced thus far.