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Horror Haven: Unearthing 12 Monster Bongs Every Fan Should Own

by Angel Ferrer 5 min read

Horror Haven: Unearthing 12 Monster Bongs Every Fan Should Own

Brace yourselves for a wickedly good time as we explore the macabre world of cannabis bongs inspired by your favorite horror legends! From the whispers of the Ghost bong revealing secrets of the afterlife, to Cyclops staring into your soul, and witches brewing up concoctions in their cauldrons, there is a horror bong in this list for any true fan.

Join us as we uncover the most diabolically delightful monster bongs that will have you screaming for more. If this is your first time bong hunting, make sure to check out our guide on finding the best beginner bong.


Glow in the dark ghost bong

glow in the dark ghost bong


Introducing your spectral smoking companion! Standing tall at 6.5 inches, this frosted glass Ghost Bong comes equipped with a multi-slit diffuser percolator for smooth hits.

And guess what? It lights up the dark like a ghostly beacon, adding an extra dash of spookiness to your sessions. With its hauntingly beautiful design and top-notch filtration, the glow-in-the-dark Ghost bong is bound to become your favorite apparition.

Pro-tip: Percs can be confusing when choosing a bong. Make sure to check out our guide of every type of percolator from simple to complex.


The witch's eye bong



There’s more to this bong than meets the … well, eye! Introducing the Witch’s Eye Bong, a powerhouse 10-inch XL bong, where a spider-shaped percolator with eight tree arms awaits for maximum filtration and cooling.

On top of the bloodshot eye rests the Witches hat, doubling as a bent neck mouthpiece for effortless bong rips. Brace yourself for a smoking journey that’ll unveil the enchanting world through the eyes of magic.


Frankenstein XL bong



Behold the XL Frankenstein Bong - towering at 13 inches, it’s a monstrous masterpiece for fans of the iconic tale! Featuring a double percolator design, including a showerhead in the base and another in the head of Frankenstein for maximum cooling and filtration.

Watch as smoke passes through Frankenstein's' black heart and swirls up into his head. Rise above the villagers’ pitchforks and embrace your inner Frankenstein as you elevate your smoking experience to monstrous heights!


Witches cauldron bong

cauldron bong


What’s a witch without her cauldron? It’s like a stoner without a lighter! Craft your strains in the Witches' Cauldron bong.

Light up the herb in the black cat bowl and take a rip that’ll have you flying higher than a broomstick on Halloween night. As the smoke curls and dances in the 9-inch tall cauldron, the showerhead percolator conjures bubbles that deliver a smooth bong rip that will leave you bewitched.


Galactic space monster bong

alien monster bong


Behold the XL Space Monster Bong - your ticket to interstellar smoking adventures! At 11.5 inches tall, this XL bong features a Blue Martian with a trio of piercing gazes and razor-sharp teeth, cruising in his UFO.

Watch as his extraterrestrial head emerges from the water, overseeing smoke filtration through the monster percolator, ensuring the smoothest and tastiest bong rips. Get ready to launch into cosmic highs with this galactic monster bong - because even aliens agree, that cannabis is the key to universal relaxation.


XL Pumpkin bong "Jack the Ripper"

pumpkin bong


Forget carving a pumpkin bong - embrace the terror with the Jack-the-Ripper bong! Crafted from ultra-thick borosilicate glass, this masterpiece boasts mesmerizing oranges from body to bowl.

With a stem-shaped mouthpiece for effortless rips. Inside the classic pumpkin head lurks a 360° showerhead percolator, ensuring spine-chillingly smooth hits. Who needs pumpkins when you can carve out a legendary smoking experience with Jack the Ripper himself?


Cyclops bong "Hi Clops"

cyclops bong


One eye is all you need for an epic experience with the Cyclops Bong. With a gigantic eye for a mouthpiece, get ready to take your bong rips to mythical heights with this 7-inch tall monster water pipe.

Inside the belly of this beast lies a bottom-mounted dome percolator, ensuring a smooth and terpene-rich hit every time. In the realm of monsters and cannabis, the Cyclops bong reigns supreme with its one-eye vision.


Goblin bong "Globgoblin"

goblin bong


In the whimsical world of goblins and dank greens, you get the Goblin bong. Standing 8.5 inches tall, this XL bong features the mischievous Globgoblin with two goofy yet piercing eyes protruding from his body.

With a double fission diffuser, every hit is smoother than a goblin’s cunning scheme. The eyes double down as a mouthpiece and the bowl is the Globgoblin’s spiked tail.


Dankzilla monster bong XL

monster pink bong


Enter the realm where Godzilla crosses paths with the Cyclops, giving birth to the legendary Dankzilla XL bong. This bong is a fusion of monstrous design and unmatched functionality, rampaging with two powerhouse percolators.

As you take a rip, watch the smoke travel through the bottom-mounted dome percolator, where the smoke cools in the belly of the beast. When the smoke ascends into the brain of Dankzilla, it creates a mesmerizing swirling effect. As you take a rip, feel the power of this monster bong coursing through your veins, crushing highs with the ferocity of a city-stomping monster.


Glow in the dark monster bong

glow in the dark monster bong


With its menacing glow-in-the-dark spikes, this 6-inch evil-eyed monster bong means serious business.

Its extended water chamber ensures a sinister presence on any surface preventing any accidental tip-overs. Inside the bong lurks a showerhead percolator, cooling and filtering your smoke for smoother bong rips.


Frankenstein bong "Dankenstein"

frankenstein bong


“It’s alive!” Introducing the Frankenstein bong, a creation that will send shivers down your spine and dank up the brain.

With the classic bolts protruding from the head, this horror bong embodies Dr. Frankenstein’s original creation. At 7.5 inches tall and built with a shower head perc, feel the electric energy surge through you with every bong rip.


Candy Monster Recycler XL

monster recycler bong


With UV-glowing spikes from her arms and tails, the Candy Monster XL is a behemoth at 9 inches tall. Among the other monsters on the roster, the Candy Monster delivers the smoothest rip possible. Its recycler function ensures a continuous loop of cooling, resulting in velvety smooth hits.

The spiked tail not only adds to its menacing allure but also offers convenient handling and tilting for effortless bong rips from the angled wide mouthpiece. Prepare to elevate your smoking experience to monstrous heights.


Final thoughts

In the shadows of the cannabis underworld, where darkness meets dankness, we’ve unearthed the most thrilling collection of monster bongs for any toking ritual. Whether you’re drawn to the electrifying presence of the Frankenstein bong, the bewitching charm of the cauldron, or the mischievous spirit of the goblin bong, we hope you found the perfect horror companion for your next sesh.

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