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How to Use a Wax Pen Vape for Dabbing Concentrates

by Angel Ferrer 5 min read

How to Use a Wax Pen Vape for Dabbing Concentrates

Dabbing Concentrates With a Wax Pen

It was for long believed that smoking is the easiest and most effective way of consuming cannabis. Almost like a ritual that you couldn’t go wrong with. 

The time, however, are changing, with the purported benefits potentially not outweighing the questionable and the long term effects of inhaling smoke. Now, we’re not saying you should drop your traditional smoking devices or favorite rolls outright. 

But what we are saying, is that today’s more health-conscious users are veering towards what may prove as more effective, intense, and potentially healthier alternatives such as wax pen vapes for dabbing concentrates.

Concentrate Vaporizer Bong Dabs Pen

Not to mention portability and discretion rank among the key benefits of a wax vape pen, eliminating “smoke” and substantially reducing the aroma we all know and love, but prefer not to have wafted in the air when we’re out in public.

Unlike flower, concentrates are almost odorless and provide a much more potent hit. They are called concentrates for a reason (i.e. all the active compounds we know and love such as THC, CBD and terpenes are concentrated).  

Moreover, wax pens are compact, can be tucked into your pocket. Perfect for therapeutic use with CBD oil or for a quick psychoactive hit on-the-go. 

However, the wide range of concentrates and an equal number of dabbing apparatus in varying configurations can make it overwhelming for a novice. 

Below we’ve put together a brief guide to help you make an informed decision when selecting your next Wax Pen vaping device. As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at We love our herb as much as you and would love to help you find the perfect wax vape pen for your needs.

What are Concentrates? 

A concentrate is any product made from Marijuana that only has cannabinoids and terpenes in a high concentration, while the undesirable elements have been filtered out. 

Ounce for ounce, a concentrate will give you more potency as compared to natural cannabis flowers. Depending on the type, it can contain as much as 80% THC or CBD whereas even top-shelf flowers contain only up to 20%. 

Due to the high potency, you only need a wee bit to get an intense hit and dabbing is one of the most popular forms of consumption. 

Types of Concentrates for Wax Pens

While wax is the most popular variety of cannabis concentrate, it is not the only option. There are many other types that are named according to their appearance. 

Below we’ll cover some of the most popular types of concentrates on the market. Note that your wax pen may or may not be compatible to use all of them. Always follow your manufacturer’s guidelines for the best experience.

Types of Concentrates: 

Shatter:Shatter, named so due to its glass-like consistency is a concentrate that has a brittle texture and is amber or golden yellow. It is slowly becoming more popular than wax due to the ease of micro-dosing it, which can be very effective for newbies. You can snap a little bit of shatter and use it with the dab pen without making a mess. 

Budder:Think of cannabis-infused peanut butter and you have Budder, a thick, waxy concentrate that can be orange or a bright yellow. Budder is more malleable and is frequently used as a spread with bongs. It can also be used for dabbing with wax pens. 

Crumble:Crumble is a dry, brittle version of Budder that is made when cannabis oil is dried. It is usually matted yellow and has almost, a honeycomb-like consistency. 

Wax:Wax is very similar to budder and has a candle-wax like consistency. Experienced users will only use wax with a dabbing tool as it tends to have a gooey texture that can get messy and even clog the wax pen apparatus. 

Oil:An oil is a solvent-based concentrate that is usually made using CO2 instead of butane. It has a very runny texture and is usually used with 510 oil cartridges. 

What is a Wax Pen for Dabbing Concentrates?

A wax pen is a vaporizer designed to mimic the style of an actual pen. It is extremely compact and uses a conduction or convection method to heat the concentrate. 

The pen contains a small heating element, called the coil, on which the concentrate is placed. There’s an ignition button that needs to be pressed and a battery heats the coil instantly, producing a thick vapor that the user can inhale. Stop pressing the button when you are done inhaling to stop heating the concentrate further. This allows users to customize their hits and also prevents precious cannabis from getting wasted. 

How to use a Dabs Pen Vape

A wax pen has three primary components. There’s a mouthpiece, a heating coil or the atomizer and a battery. All three are connected using universal 510 threading which allows them to be connected and disconnected with ease. 

The mouthpiece needs to be removed to access the heating coil. Use a dab tool to extract a small amount of concentrate from the bottle and place it carefully on the coil. 

Ensure that you don’t use a lot as it can pack it too tightly and prevent airflow around the concentrate. 

Replace the mouthpiece, press the ignition button five times to begin heating the coil and inhale. The five-clicks are used to prevent the pen from accidentally getting powered on in your pocket or bag. 

After the fifth click, you can keep the button pressed for as long as you need to make a deeper hit. 

Depending on the type of dab pen, the coil can get heated in seconds or it might take a couple of minutes. 

Usually, a wax pen can be used multiple times before a reload is required. 

You must always keep the device upright until all the concentrate on the coil is vaporized. If it is turned before this, then the concentrate can leak into the apparatus clogging it permanently and beyond repair. 

Things to Watch out for When Buying a Wax Pen for Dabbing

Select the atomizer depending on the type of concentrate that you wish to use. 

  • Wicked: A wicked atomizer contains a fiber wick which is wrapped tightly inside a metal coil. The wick absorbs the concentrate and produces flavorful vape. Wicked atomizers are used for runny concentrates, like oil and some types of wax.  
  • Wickless: Wickless rod atomizers are usually used by dabbers who seek more power and higher temperatures. These atomizers contain ceramic or quartz rods and come in single, double and triple coil varieties. 
  • Flat ceramic dishes: These are the newest variety of atomizers that are used by slow dabbers who prefer concentrate heated at low temperatures for a long time. It is known to produce intensely flavorful hits. 

Need More Help? Ready to Check out Your Options?

At our selection of smoking and vaping devices and accessories are hand-created by our team of experts who love their herb as much as you do. Check out our online shop today or reach out with any questions you might have. We’d love to help make your next sesh something special.

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