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How to: Use your Bong for Dabbing

by Christy Coy 3 min read


Dab With Your Bong

If you’ve heard about dabbing, the method of using small amounts of concentrate instead of larger amounts of dried herbs, you're definitely wanting to try it out for yourself!  But the odds are that you don’t yet have a proper dab rig, just your trusty old bong.  While dabbing typically requires a completely new set up, with a little bit of adaptation, you can use your bong for dabbing.  In this guide we'll walk you through everything you need to quickly and cheaply convert your bong into a powerful dab rig!

To start dabbing off of your bong, you’ll need four additional items, all of which can be purchased for a great deal in our shop.  You'll need a quartz banger, a dab tool, a carb cap, and last but not least a torch.  Once you've acquired these items, you'll be ready to start taking dabs from your bong!


Banger or Bowl?

A quartz banger is the "bowl" piece that you use to vaporize your concentrate.  While metal nails are also inexpensive and easily accessible, many people dislike the slightly metallic aftertaste that a metal nail can leave you with. A quartz banger, on the other hand, leaves no residual aftertaste as you concentrate evaporates on its surface.

We carry several different styles of quartz bangers in our shop, whether you're a newbie or a connoisseur, we have a banger for all different needs. If you want something really basic to get yourself started, a standard High airflow banger will serve you well. For extra airflow and maximum vaporization, a larger banger with airflow slits will do the trick!  If you want to dab with friends or at a party, you can’t go wrong with a double banger so you can take two different dabs at the same time.


Dab Tools

Before you can actually enjoy your dab, you have to safely get your concentrate onto your banger.  Because your nail will be too hot to touch after torching, you'll need a metal or glass dab tool.  

Dab tools are long devices with pointed ends used to take small amounts of concentrate from the container where you store them and place them on the heated banger. The material of dab tool you choose depends on your personal preferences, budget, and style. Many dab tools also come with extra features built in, such as a scoop for extracting the concentrate from storage or as a bonus carb cap. 


HEMPER Pineapple Glass Carb Cap

Once you have the concentrate on the heated banger, you'll need to apply a carb cap to ensure the most efficient vaporization. Covering the banger with a carb cap helps to restrict airflow, allowing the concentrate to vaporize completely while also preserving the taste.

Choosing the right carb cap for you is all about your individual style and your personal smoking preferences. Carb caps can be small and extremely portable, with some even being built into dab tools. Other more traditional carb caps are larger and highly decorative, meaning they’re less discreet when you’re out and about.


 HEMPER Butane Torches

When you decide to start dabbing, the days of lighting up with a gas station lighter or a match are over. Properly heating a dabber for slow but thorough melting of your concentrate takes a powerful heat source.  

A butane torch, which has an on switch and a long nozzle to keep the flame away from your fingers, will heat your banger to the perfect temperature every time. Choose from a variety of sizes, from mini torches that are great for when you’re on the go to jumbo torches that you can set on a table, and have easy lighting from now on. As a bonus: Most butane torches are refillable and will last countless seshes!

Everything You Need to Use Your Bong for Dabbing

At HEMPER, we specialize in collecting only the best products in the industry so you can thoroughly enjoy your smoking experience.  If we can’t find it somewhere else, we make it in-house. We’re experts at not only finding you what you need to build a dab rig from the ground up, but to create your own rig set-up on a budget. Convert your bong for dabs today at!

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