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Hydrology9 Vape - Why You Should Try One

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

Hydrology9 Vape - Why You Should Try One

The Unique Vaping Experience Brought by Hydrology9

Despite being a fairly nascent industry, vaping has caught the fancy of the tech-savvy toking generation. And as a result, recently we have been seeing a deluge of new vaporizers in the market that tinker with experimental ideas and are peppered with a generous dose of tech. 

But Cloudious9’s new Hydrology9 changes everything that we’ve seen so far

It’s not rectangular. It’s not black. And it doesn’t have the soft glowing LEDs that seem to have become the norm. Instead, it takes the conventional vaporizer design and spins it on its head. 

The result is a sleek and futuristic looking gadget that provides novices and seasoned vaping experts alike a pretty solid vaping experience. If you have been intrigued by this vape, then here’s our detailed review of the Hydrology9 that lays out the pros and cons in bite-sized chunks that will make it easy for you to make a decision. 

An Overview

The Hydrology9 is a dry vape that uses convection heating to produce vapor. That sounds like any run-of-the-mill vape that you can find in a head store. The only difference is that this features water cooling.

Oh yes, just like a bong, there’s a water chamber that cools and filters the vape giving you a bong-like experience. But it’s not as bulky as a bong. With some careful packing, you can tuck the Hydrology9 into your purse or pocket. 

The Design

The Hydrology9 looks straight out of Star Trek. 

There are three main parts to the design.

On the top, you have the dust cap and the ¼” thick borosilicate glass mouthpiece that helps avoid any off taste when you vape.

In the middle, you have a patent-pending borosilicate glass cylinder with a tunnel tube design. This also features the LED lights that change colors according to the temperature setting that you select. 

On the bottom, you have the ceramic heating chamber, the battery and the chip-controlled heat distribution system. 

Everything is enclosed in sleek, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with a matte silver finish. The connections are all magnetic and this makes it a breeze to connect and dismantle the vaporizer after use. Anti-leak seals are thrown in for good measure. So you can tilt it or hang it upside down. Not even a drop of water leaks out of the vaporizer. 

At approximately 1.7” x 6.9”, it is bigger than an iPhone and weighs nearly 700 grams. A lot of users call it a Desktop vaporizer rather than one suited for on-the-go use. 

The Tech Powering the Device

A lot of conscious effort has gone into the Hydrology9 to make it stand out from among the crowd.

However, the changes are not purely cosmetic. Under the hood, this vaporizer is a beast and it produces consistently good vapor that is easy on the lungs. 

  • Patent pending heating chamber: At the forefront of the technological advancements that have been integrated into the Hydrology9 is the patent-pending heating chamber. It features a chip that automatically increases the temperature if it dips post vapor inhalation. This ensures that the dry herb is heated evenly and consistently. There is no dip in flavor or vapor quality at any time.
  • Integrated Stirrer: Being a conduction vape, it is imperative that you stir the vaping bowl during a session to ensure that the herb is vaporized evenly. Hydrology9 takes the guesswork out of this. It features an integrated stirring tool. All that you need to do is rotate a knob positioned at the bottom of the vaporizer to stir the bowl. Easy peasy. 
  • 5-Temperature settings: You can choose from 5 temperature settings starting with Blue, which is the lowest at 200C and Red which is the highest at 240C. It doesn’t go beyond 240 which prevents the herb from releasing benzene and other carcinogens. So, it’s perfect for both low temperature vaping as well as a high-temperature intense session. 
  • LED light show: The LED lights change colors depending on the temperature setting that you choose. Blue is the lowest temperature setting followed by yellow, orange, purple and then red. The lights reflecting off the water in the chamber creates a spectacular display. In fact, the LED light show is one of the best features of the Hydrology9. 
  • Battery: It ships with a 2000 mAh battery that lasts for about 15 sessions on a single charge. Takes about 60-minutes for a full charge and about 60-seconds to heat up. 

How Does it Stack up Performance-Wise?

All said and done, how does it perform?

Does it give you cloud after cloud of thick, flavorful vape?  Or does it fall short of being one of the best portable vaporizers that money can buy? 

The Hydrology9 produces the best quality vapor that you can ever taste. It is much better than any other vaporizer in its class and it’s as close to a bong as you can get at this size. 

You get the customary bubbling sound and an intense (and huge) hit. In fact, we were taken by surprise the first couple of times we used this.

The vapor is easy on your lungs and your throat. No harshness, no dry mouth. 

But there’s some trial and error involved in getting this right. You should only fill the water chamber about 60%. Anything more and there will be bong water in your mouth when you draw. Read this guide if you need to improve vapor quality.

The Good

  • Sleek, stylish and durable device
  • Three chamber design with magnetic connections
  • Dust cap makes it less prone to damage
  • Anti-leak seals at all connections
  • Anti-rust aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction
  • ¼” thick borosilicate glass cylinder and mouthpiece
  • Water cooled vape like a bong
  • Five temperature settings to choose from 
  • 200C to 240C
  • LED lights corresponding to the light settings
  • Chip controlled temperature adjustment
  • Even heat distribution
  • Integrated stirring device
  • 2000 mAh battery

The Bad

  • At 7”, it definitely will not fit into your jeans or trouser pockets
  • Weighs nearly 700 grams

Our Verdict

Despite a few minor niggles, the Hydrology9 is a winner all the way. It produces the smoothest and thickest vapor that we have tasted in a while. And it backs up the performance with a stylish, futuristic design. If you need a smaller vape, check out the linx vape pen review.

Hard to find a better pick at this price point. You can pick up a Hydrology9 here.