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Introducing Hemper Tech Cleaning Plugs+Caps & How to use them

by Angel Junior 2 min read

Introducing Hemper Tech Cleaning Plugs+Caps & How to use them

The HEMPER Team is constantly looking to innovate and develop the latest and greatest accessories that are missing from your day to day routine. Clean glass will always provide the smoothest and most flavorful hit, which is why we set out to simplify this process for all of us. Are you tired of soggy paper towels? We were too, and now we are proud to present our all new Hemper Tech Cleaning Plugs+Caps


Hemper Tech Cleaning Plugs+Caps

The Hemper Tech cleaning line was developed with the modern smoker in mind. Check out the full collection featuring isopropyl cleaning wipes, snap cap alcohol swabs, wooden cotton tips, cleaning bristles  and more to keep your glass and set up looking fresh. Hemper Tech will change the way you clean.  Start treating your glass right with our all new cleaning plugs+caps and you’ll never look back!

HemperTECH Plugs


We made sure to develop our plugs with medical grade silicone for a number of reasons. One is durability, medical grade silicone will never melt or shatter, and we made sure our plugs were durable enough to resist abrasives such as salt. We ensured that our plugs would be difficult to tear or cut without a sharp object. Our Hemper Tech plugs are dishwasher safe, but can be easily cleaned with your favorite glass cleaner, or some isopropyl rubbing alcohol on the suction fins.


We developed our cleaning plugs to be as universal as possible, specially designing them to fit any Male or Female joint. We realized that other cleaning caps on the market were not truly universal, and lacked functionality for Male Joints.  Hemper Tech Plugs+Caps feature a double sided suction mechanism. One side features that familiar looking plug shape, while the reverse features a gap that will fit over any Male ground joint. Our plugs are a truly universal glass cleaning solution. 



Although you might already have a set routine for cleaning your glass, at Hemper, we’ve discovered some of the most efficient and effective cleaning techniques that you will instantly want to use.

1. Apply the desired cleaning solution to glass (We prefer Kryptonite)

Hemper Cleaning Bong

2. Ensure that both the Joint and Mouthpiece are dry for a tight seal
3. Insert or cap your plugs into your joint or mouthpiece
HemperTECH Plugs Cleaning Bong4. Give it a few shakes to fully coat the inside of the glass
5. Wait 5-10 minutes, or longer as per desired cleaning solution instructions

HemperTECH Cleaning Plugs

6. Remove and rinse!



Each package includes 2 smaller plugs for 10-18mm Male and Female joints, as well as 1 large plug for bongs or rigs with a wide mouthpiece. 

HemperTech Plugs + Caps