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Kryptonite: The Best Glass Bong Cleaner You'll Ever Use

Author: Angel Junior

Keeping your kit clean is a required part of an enjoyable, sanitary smoking experience. Sticky residue, burnt plant matter, and resin all build up in your bongs and dab rigs overtime. Getting all the resin out of those tight spaces is tough, and its easy for some to get left behind.

Until now, the best way to get your glass clean was with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and salt. You’d fill your piece with both, hoping you had added enough salt to act as an abrasive, but not so much that you ended up with a block of wet sludge that wouldn't move no matter how hard you shook.

The HEMPER Team is hyped to be able to offer you a new game-changing glass cleaner: Kryptonite! You won’t believe how easy it is to keep your glass clean with Kryptonite!


Using rubbing alcohol and salt, you’re investing a ton of time shaking the solution around, hoping you hit all of the tight spots, and that you’re shaking hard enough to dislodge leftover resin.

Even after all that shaking, you’re left with a hazy white film in your piece, when it should be completely clear. A cloudy rig or bong is not totally clean.  Leftover residue not only impacts the taste of any future smoke sessions, but it can get in your lungs and make you sick. Not exactly what you had in mind!


Kryptonite Cleaner is a clay-based cleaning formula that works to dig away at the residue found in your bongs and dab rigs.  It can even be used to clean hand pipes, extraction tubes, and other hard glass or metal pieces. It powers through grime in a way that rubbing alcohol and salt can’t. 

Get your glass clean AND disinfected at the same time with Kryptonite Cleaner. This all-natural solution gives you the power you want without harmful extra chemicals. Cut your cleaning time and effort in half and, eliminate all the shaking!

Your pieces come out sparkling clean and totally clear with less effort than ever before. 


The beauty of Kryptonite Cleaner is how quick and simple it is to use and how great the final results are. 

Pouring Kryptonite

  1. Fill your piece with enough of the solution to coat the sides
    1. Pour excess back into the bottle to be re-used
  2. The bottle says to let it sit for 30 minutes, but we think 5 to 10 minutes is plenty to get rid of most grime and residue.
  3. For exceptionally dirty pieces, you may want to wait closer to 30 minutes for the best clean.

When your time’s up, thoroughly rinse your piece in warm water to clean off the solution and you’re ready to go!

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Grab your first bottle of Kryptonite Glass Cleaner

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