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Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Bong: the Best Discreet Bong?

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Bong: the Best Discreet Bong?

Sometimes, a new piece hits the market, and it's so innovative that we can’t help but highlight it.

Introducing one of the latest new bongs that you won’t want to miss: Puffco’s Budsy.

Designed to look like a common sporty water bottle, the Budsy can go anywhere your day takes you while looking nothing like something you’re going to smoke with. Plus, the performance design makes it a perfect travel companion for any hiking trip or adventure away from home.

Today, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about the Puffco Budsy in-depth so that you can enjoy a sesh hidden in plain sight!

Features of the Puffco Budsy Bong

BPA-Free Tritan Bottle

A BPA-free Tritan water bottle is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable, lightweight, and safe drinking solution. BPA-free materials are free from endocrine-disrupting chemicals, which can have numerous health implications over time.

Tritan water bottles are made with Eastman Tritan Copolyester, entirely free of all such chemicals, and each one is subject to rigorous testing to guarantee it's completely safe and dependable. Plus, it's shatterproof, stain resistant, and retains its clarity over time. With its supreme durability and health-conscious design, why settle for anything less?

Easy-to-Use Ceramic Bowl

Using the bowl is simple. Just unscrew the top cover, flip up the mouthpiece, and you’ll see a slot housing a perfectly sized ceramic bowl. Pack it with your favorite flower, spark it up, and take a hit through the mouthpiece that looks no different than any mass-market water bottle.

When you’re finished, just clear out the bowl and reinsert it into its compartment and push the mouthpiece down overtop. Within seconds, the Budsy resumes its disguise, and you can go about the rest of your day.

Easy to Clean

The bottle chamber can be cleaned like any other water bottle. Just place it in the dishwasher when you’re doing the rest of your dishes.

The mouthpiece and ceramic bowl can also be easily cleaned with some dish soap and warm water. However, we’d also recommend using a pipe cleaner to also scrub the hard-to-reach areas to prevent any buildup of resin.

Designed for Regular Lighters

No high-tech lighters or torches are needed to enjoy your sesh with your Budsy. To keep everything as discreet as possible, just use any typical store-bought lighter to spark up and take a hit.

As a safety precaution, do not attempt to light your Budsy bowl with anything other than a standard lighter. We don’t want any melted plastic harming your health or ruining a sesh.

Perfect for Traveling

Thanks to its shatterproof construction and low-profile appearance, the Budsy is also an ideal travel accessory for cannabis enthusiasts. Just pack it with the rest of your luggage and fill it up with fresh water when you arrive at your destination.

Multiple Colorways to Choose From

Prefer a creative design for your water bottle? Choose your favorite shade with one of the multiple color varieties for your Budsy.

The Budsy is available in four different color options:

  • Black (black cap with clear chamber)
  • Voodoo (purple cap with purple chamber and green mouthpiece)
  • Emerald (blue cap with green chamber and green mouthpiece)
  • Glacier (Blue cap and chamber with orange mouthpiece)

The color doesn’t change the performance or features of this quality piece. Just pick one that you like the best and start your sesh.


Consuming cannabis or any other smokable herb can quickly become an expensive hobby. From buying flower to creating that perfect setup with all your must-have accessories, the budget strain is real for many.

The Budsy retails for just $49.99. It’s perfect for regular use and can be affordably replaced without breaking the bank if you ever need to.

Complete the Discreet Experience with Other Goodies

If you’re all about discreet smoking, you know the careful thought and planning that comes with it. To create a perfectly portable and low-profile setup, here are some other accessories you should consider:

Black Hemper Keeper

The smell-proof Hemper Keeper is a 3-in-1 container designed for freshly storing and preparing your herb of choice. The all-black colorway prevents anyone from seeing what you’re storing inside, and the built-in grinder results in one less object that you have to carry around with you.

SmokeFiends Personal Air Filter

Okay, so you have the discreet bong and a clandestine storage method, but what about when you’re actually smoking? After all, the exhale creates the strongest smoke smell.

That’s where the SmokeFiends become your new best friend.

Designed as a compact, eco-friendly, and highly portable air filter, the SmokeFiends remove smoke and odor from the equation so that you can smoke in peace. All you do is exhale through the filter and watch the smoke disappear.

Get the Puffco Budsy and Other Dope Accessories for your Next Sesh

At Hemper, we’re proud retail partners with our friends at Puffco. When they showed us the Budsy, we couldn’t pass it up. Now, we’re proud to share this innovation with you.

Get ready for discreet smoking like never before. Pick up a Budsy today or reach out anytime to learn more.