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Rico Nasty x Hemper Collaboration

by Elliot Reissner 2 min read

Rico Nasty x Hemper Collaboration

Rico Nasty x Hemper

The Hemper Team is PROUD to announce that we have collaborated with the rising star, Rico Nasty, for the September Hemper box! Rico was a long time Hemper subscriber before we ever reached out to offer a complimentary subscription.  After receiving her first complimentary box, Rico asked us about the possibility of a collaboration, and now here we are!

According to Rico, “If you don’t speak up, you’ll never be heard.” and Rico Nasty certainly has no problem speaking up… At 21 years old she is just at the beginning of her musical journey but has been breaking down barriers with each mixtape and video release. Hailing from the DMV area, Rico is known for her fiery lyrics, edgy style of fashion, and for being a Poppin Ass B*tch. Her recent tape “Nasty” features fan favorites like “Countin’ Up”(featuring the iconic Noreaga “Superthug” sample), the anthemic “Bitch I’m Nasty” and “Pressing Me”. Currently Rico is touring across the nation on her very own headliner tour – The Nasty Tour, with labelmate Maliibu Miitch - hitting cities like New York, DC, LA, and more!

Rico Nasty X Hemper

After meeting with Rico and her team earlier this year, it became clear that above all, she wanted a unique grinder to be included in her box. Combining Rico’s feedback with our expert developers designs led us to the Hemper KEEPER. The Hemper KEEPER is the worlds first 3-in-1 Grinding + Storage system. It's smellproof, water resistant, and features 2 storage compartments to keep your flower and ground material separate, as well as a removable grinder with sharp, durable teeth for a fluffy grind. As a bonus, the removable and flexible tether allows you to clip the KEEPER wherever you need it; on your belt, bag, or even your keychain. The Hemper KEEPER is the new one-stop solution for preparing and storing your herb and we are HYPED to be releasing it to the public with Rico Nasty! The Rico Nasty box will feature Limited Edition Black & Pink colored KEEPER. 


Along with the KEEPER, the Rico Nasty Hemper box will feature:

In the end, Rico won’t ever stop speaking her mind, and hip-hop is better for it.

“It’s only going to get realer,” she leaves off. “I want to talk about myself even more and what I’ve been through. Nasty is just the beginning. I have to give you something you haven’t already heard from me every time I drop a project.” Stay up to date with her latest project, the Rico Nasty x HEMPER collaboration, by subscribing to our newsletter and following us @Hemperco on Instagram!

All supplies for this custom box are limited, so don’t sleep on reserving yours here.

Rico Nasty X Hemper