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The Science Behind Helix Pipes and Accessories

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

The Science Behind Helix Pipes and Accessories

Helix Pipes and How They're Designed

Pipes, the preferred method of many a herb enthusiast are wonderful works of design, creativity, and yes, science!

While many of us don’t put much thought behind “how” they work or what scientific principles make them so powerful, efficient and amazing to use, there are those that are interested in learning more.

If you rank among those interested in the science behind helix pipes, then you’ve come to the right place. What cannabinoids are, how they interact with our bodies, how some rigs and pipes heat differently and which is better for desired effects will all be covered…and then some.

Want to know what’s better than using science to enhance our experience with herb? Helix pipes, that’s what.

Enter Grav Lab’s Helix line, manufactured in good old Texas USA. If you’ve ever used Grav Lab’s products before, then you already know that they offer high-quality equipment and performs flawlessly and exceeds expectations.

They pride themselves on innovative products that bring unique and incredible experiences to the user. The Helix line doesn’t disappoint; instead, it offers some pretty interesting effects thanks to the aforementioned ready for this?

The Tornado Effect: Bernoulli’s Principle

Helix Pipes rely on a scientific theory known as Bernoulli's Principle of Airflow in a Venturi Shape -- aka, the tornado effect. This effect helps to both aerate and cool your smoke, making each draw smooth as silk. If you have sensitive lungs or just want a gently pull from your pipe, this is the way to go.

How does the Helix line-up of pipes pull this off? The chamber is a funnel-shaped glass piece with airflow being guided through tiny holes that are angled up in the same direction. The smoke traveling through the apparatus then swirls into a tornado-like shape. The speed of the air coming through the pipe is increased due to the holes, leading to this twister effect.

When the holes are placed on opposing chamber sides, the two streams of air twist around each other, creating a cool twisting helix shape. It doesn’t just look cool, though; this cools down your smoke, slows the burning to conserve more herb, and creates a uniquely smooth and pure hit bursting with flavor.

Benefits of Helix Pipes

The swirling smoke doesn’t just look cool and help to aerate the flow of smoke. It also helps preserve your stash by optimally producing the best ratio of smoke to oxygen inhaled without “Excessive” burn down of your herb. The designers explain, “Our lungs aren’t designed to absorb an entire hit of pure smoke, so the added air cuts down on waste.”

The Waterless Percolator

Perhaps the greatest perk of the Helix chamber is that it can make smoking easier for both wet and dry pipes. Helix chambers sit near the mouthpiece of a bong, unlike a regular percolator. The dab rig still hits smoothly since the Helix chamber is right above the splash guard -- it’s like having all the perks of a percolator without the hassle of cleaning one.

Some styles like the Helix Nano Straight and Helix Flare Bong, have their helix chambers in the mouthpiece, allowing for easy mouth placement.

A Variety of Designs and Products

Grav Lab’s Helix line carries several great products featuring the tornado effect in all shapes and sizes, including the classic hand pipe, the mini-helix, and the steamroller. Dabbing accessories like the Solo Vape attachment and Sceptre straw have been added to the line, as well.

Other members of the family include:

  • Helix Upright Bubbler. This piece can stay in arm’s reach thanks to its sturdy and balanced design. High-quality glass lifts the upright shape to comfortably angle the mouthpiece. Atop the rich showerhead-diffused downstem rests a funnel slide that’s easy to adjust.
  • Helix Classic Pipe. The classic pipe can rest comfortably in the palm of your hand, letting you enjoy the awe-inspiring swirl within. This eight-inch pipe can rest easy next to your bed or path-- or wherever you want to keep it. Also available as a six-inch Mini Classic.
  • Helix Nano Water Pipe. This pipe comes in four variations, but each offers a stout design that can stand on any table or counter. The diffused downstem is removable, kept in place with a keck clip.
  • Helix Basic Bubbler. The Helix chamber is perfectly complemented with water filtration, allowing smooth, easy rips. This Bubbler is also easy to clean compared to a full-sized water pipe. The glass silhouette is pretty easy on the eyes, to boot.
  • Helix Chillum. The smallest sibling in the Helix line, this piece combines the portability of chillums with the innovative and smooth performance of Helix.
  • Helix Vape Pen Adapter Kit. All you need to do is attach the cartridge to the adapter, and you’re introduced to a smooth draw as the air spins and cools through the Venturi.
  • Helix Mouthpiece. This mouthpiece works best paired with a Helix STAX base and with a chiller popped in. You can savor crips, fresh flavor from this easy to rinse, always ready 11-inch tube.
  • Helix 3-in-1 Multi Bubbler. They say variety is the spice of life. With this bubbler, you have your choice of three different heads. A sturdy keck clip allows you to securely attach the head, and the disassembly allows for easy cleaning.

Smooth Sensations and Exceptional Experience

While the number of pipes available to smoke with is virtually endless, the Helix pipe has earned a special place on the shelves of a great many smokers. Its unique aesthetic, coupled with impressively smooth smoke makes it a winner for novices and advanced users alike.

Looking for a Helix Pipe that is made to last and impress? Check out theGrav Helix Flare Water Pipe. This stylish and trusted one bowel hitter is an impressive addition to any lineup of pipes you may already have on hand.

If you run into any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. The Hemper team is always on standby, ready and willing to help!