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Tips on Hiding the Smell of Smoking

by Angel Ferrer 5 min read

Tips to Hide Smell of Smoking

Ways You Can Mask the Smell From Herb Smoking

Even though recreational and medical marijuana use is becoming more socially acceptable, there are still quite a few reasons why you may wish to mask the pungent and highly discernable aroma of your favorite herbal strains.  

Perhaps you’re entertaining older family members who still fall prey to the outdated social stigma that has surrounded weed throughout the previous generations. Or maybe you just dislike the scent of stale smoke lingering on your furniture or clothing (let's face it, even the best smelling strains don’t always leave the best odors on clothing!).

No matter the reason, we’ve put together a list of fail-proof methods to keep your smoking area smelling fresh and clean at all times.

Follow this guide to keep both yourself and your surroundings smelling fresh and weed-free…

Make Sure to use Proper Ventilation

This one should come as a given, but smoking in a well-ventilated area is always going to reduce the lingering effects of smoke in the air. Improved airflow not only dilutes the scent but prevents smoke and aromatic compounds in the air from seeping into fabrics and other items in the room.

Open all your windows while smoking or, better yet, sit by an open window and blow your smoke outward. If you really want to assure all the smoke goes where you want it to, you can place a small fan by the window to help control the airflow.

Stock up on Some High-Quality Scented Candles

Scented candles not only cover the smell of unpleasant odors, but they can also make your house smell clean and inviting by offering a variety of fun scents. However, not all scented candles are created equal, and it’s best to look for candles that are specifically designed to eliminate odors created by smoke.

A few of our personal favorites include theAROMAS line of candles. Not only are the scents derived from natural terpenes, but they were also specially designed for cannabis smokers. They come in delectable scents like Maui Wowie (mango, rose hips, and tamarind) and Pineapple Express (plumeria, hibiscus, and lemon zest).

Make use of Your Bathroom Fan

If it’s mid-winter and therefore too cold to smoke by the window, or no window is readily available (such as in a hotel room) make use of your bathroom fan instead. The bathroom is a good choice for smoking due to the fact that bathrooms usually aren’t carpeted and don’t normally feature plush furniture (both of which tend to hold onto the smell of smoke). Regulate your smoke to keep it to a minimum, and the bathroom fan can help dissipate the smoky aroma in no time.  

PRO TIP: Please make sure you are away from any fire alarms. You would be surprised how sensitive some devices are.

Vacuum Frequently and Clean your Rug/Carpet and Furniture

As mentioned above, carpets and soft fabrics such as those used with furniture (i.e. couches) and curtains really like to hold onto the smell of smoke. Particulates bind to and get ground into the fabric, causing the area to permanently smell of smoke.

For most of us, eliminating luxurious curtains, soft carpeting and plush furniture just isn’t a viable solution. So you have two options, do not smoke around these items, or, clean and shampoo them frequently.

A good shampoo/vacuum combo can actually lift those smoke particles out of fabric, helping your home smell extra fresh and clean. Same goes for your furniture. Curtains can also be “aired” outside on a clothesline for added assistance in reducing the odor.

Smell-proof Bags

While these can’t be used to hide the smell of smoke in the air, they can be easily employed to hide the “smoky” aroma emanating from your pipe and herb when not in use.

At Hemper we have a 5ct pack oftriple-sealed bags that will keep your herb fresh and discreet, while also blocking any odors from seeping through.

Get Creative with a DIY “sploof”

You can bet this creation was the result of pure stoner ingenuity. A sploof (also known as a “doob tube”) is a handy little device you can create with items you already have lying around your house.

Simply place a few of your favorite scented dryer sheets at the end of a toilet paper or paper towel roll and secure them in place with a rubber band. Then, exhale every hit of your tasty bud through the tube with the dryer sheet side facing out. The dryer sheets will act as a filter, eliminating the smell of the smoke entirely! However, you’re still going to get some smoke in the air from the lit joint or pipe, so it's still advisable to smoke near a window if possible.  

Personal Air Filter

No, these aren’t the “air purifiers” you see in your mother’s living room. On the contrary, these personal air filters are designed to hide the smell of smoke and small enough to carry around in your pocket.

Simply exhale into the device, and eliminate the odor and toxins from second-hand smoke before they even start. We suggest theSmokeBuddy JR for its size, discretion and effectiveness. Best of all, this handy little device isn’t just for herb, it works with cigarettes and cigars too.

Use an Air Neutralizer or Air Freshener

If you’re a frequent smoker, a high-quality air neutralizer may be a worthy investment. A good air neutralizer pulls odors from the air and binds with them to actually “neutralize” the odor.

Another option is to explore various air fresheners. Rather than “neutralize” that actual smell, air fresheners replace them and cover up the smell (often with essential aromatic oils).

And while both have their uses, sometimes a combination is best. We call it the 1-2 punch in boxing. First, neutralize the odor with a neutralizing spray, then cover up any leftover smell of smoke with a freshener.

Check out our very ownHEMPER Tech Odor Spray Eliminator, engineered to provide superior odor eliminating results, and small enough to take on the go.

Light Some Incense

Another inexpensive option, if you’re not a fan of the traditional air fresheners, is incense. Since incense also creates scent by using smoke, it can make for an easy and quick way to mask other types of smoke aroma that is lingering behind. Stronger smelling scents are your best bet if you’re a frequent smoker, while lighter scents should work for the occasional need to hide the smell of smoke.

Try Switching to a Vaporizer

If you’re finding the smell of smoking to be a big concern in your life, it may be time to give vaping a try. More and more smokers have been switching to vaping in recent years not only to avoid the smell of smoke but also because vaping is so much healthier than smoking. There are a wide variety of vaporizers on the market now, ranging in size and price, giving you the ability to find the perfect unit to suit your lifestyle.


Closing Thoughts

No matter what your cause for discretion, there are a number of things you can do to hide the smell of smoke. From specially designed sprays, to candles and air purifiers, you certainly have options.

We hope that you found this guide useful. For more tips on hiding smoke or to check Hemper’s line of odor-eliminating products, head on over to ourodor-eliminating page today.