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Staff Picks: Top 4 Hemper Rigs 2018

by Angel Ferrer 3 min read

Staff Picks: Top 4 Hemper Rigs 2018

At Hemper Co, we are proud to offer nothing but the best glass pipes and other smoking essentials to our customers. With more than 10,000 loyal subscribers, we decided we couldn’t continue to offer the same high quality without doing some of the work ourselves.

We began developing our own line of glass pipes in-house, so we can listen to the wants and needs of our customers at every turn. Each specially designed rig is scientifically developed to maximize each hit’s flavor and power regardless of your method of smoking. And not only do our house-made glass pipes give you the smoke you deserve, they look great, too!

Though we offer a wide variety of amazing glass pipes that will give you a killer hit every time, we do have our favorites. Here are the 5 best glass pipes, made just for you by Hemper:


Hemper Pineapple Bong

With our April collaboration with Strain Central, we at Hemper Co. really wanted to find a way to incorporate a pineapple into our custom rig. But we didn’t just want to decorate with pineapples, or add a non-functional pineapple topper; we wanted to make the pineapple an important, functional part of the rig design. And so, the pineapple splashguard was born! It can be 4/20 all year long with the Hemper Pineapple Rig.


Hemper Upright Bong

This bent-neck bubbler became an instant classic when we debuted it in our May 2018 Glassentials Box. Featuring a recessed joint and showerhead percolator for better filtration and a smoother smoke, you can enjoy bubblestacking rips with every toke from the Hemper Upright Bubbler.


Hemper Flavor Saver

Deceptively simple in its design, the Flavor Saver Rig packs a big punch for concentrate enthusiasts. With its bent neck, this micro oil rig is perfect for anyone who loves tiny rigs without sacrificing flavor. The diffuser offers just the right amount of percolation to give you the smoke you crave, and the bent neck doubles as a built-in splash guard so you don’t get wet!


Puck-style rigs have exploded on the market in popularity, and this enduring design from our May 2016 box is no exception! The large lower chamber allows you to draw bigger rips than are possible with other 6-inch rigs of different designs, meaning you get more power in every toke. This little piece is tough as nails and fits into the palm of your hand. The Showerhead percolator, which comes with either diffusion holes or slits, provides powerful flavor diffusion with little to no drag. Like the Flavor Saver Rig, the Puck Rig’s bent neck serves as a built-in splash guard for dry smoking!

All Your Smoking Essentials under One Roof

Not only does Hemper Co. design and sell the best glass pipes you’ll find anywhere on the market, but we offer everything you need to enjoy your smoke under one roof. From cleaning supplies to rolling papers, vaporizers to herb grinders, Hemper Co. can turn any cannabis novice into a full-blown connoisseur.

And if you already have a kit of your own, you’re sure to find something new and unique to add to your stash with our subscription boxes, available in monthly, bi-monthly, or every three-month delivery frequency. Get all your daily essentials, the best glass pipes around, and some unique products you won’t find anywhere else, all packaged together and delivered right to your door.

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