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Ways to Improve Your Vape's Smoke Quality

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

Ways to Improve Your Vape's Smoke Quality

How to Improve Vapor Quality

One of the easiest ways to separate the novices from those of experience is by simply by taking note of the quality of vapor they produce when enjoying their favorite herb.

Those new to the scene easily stand out when compared to seasoned veterans who know how to get the most out of their vaping devices, dry herb and concentrates. Cloud after cloud of thick, milky, dense and flavorful vape emanates from the devices of those who hold the secret, irrespective of whether it’s from a swanky vaporizer or a rudimentary chillum.

At times, you can’t help but wonder whether they have a special recipe, a secret formula, or a magical mantra that enables them to produce hits capable of taking their experience to an entirely new level. 

What’s the deal you ask? The fact is, there isn’t a single ingredient or method that enables them to produce premium quality vapor. There are multiple factors that work in synergy to produce thick, voluptuous vapor full of potent compounds and brimming with aroma and flavor.

But before we dive into the ways you too can improve the quality of your vapor, let’s first cover the basics…

What makes up or defines “high-quality vapor?”

Is it based on flavor? 

Do bigger, thicker, clouds of smoke, perfect for a photo op count more?

Is it a mix of both, or just an enhanced smoking experience, perhaps? 

From the quality of the grind of your herbs, to the heat settings of the vaporizer, everything can be tailored and fine-tuned to enable you to get the kind of vaping experience you seek. 

The first step though is to get your grind right. 

The Grinder and the grind

A lot of new smokers and vapers underestimate the importance of getting the grind consistency just right. Perfectly ground herb can be vaporized to its maximum potential, amplifying the flavor, potency and amount of vapor with every pull or drag you take.

Depending on the smoking apparatus or device being used, you’ll likely find that either an extremely fine grind, or a slightly coarse herb works best. In either case, consistency matters and you’ll want to utilize a quality grinder that you can experiment with in order to get the perfect consistency. 

For joints, hand grinding might suffice, but if you are using a vape or a bong, invest in a quality ceramic grinder. If you are using a vaporizer, then a finer grind for conduction vapes and coarse for convection vapes. 

It is also important to note that different strains may work better with a different type of consistency of grind, so some experimentation with each herb might be necessary to find the perfect fit.

The Vaporizer

Similar to your herb grinder, you cannot afford to cut corners while selecting a vaporizer. But the fact that there are virtually thousands of brands and models vying for your attention doesn’t make shopping for these any easier. 

Before you go shopping, first understand what it is you want and need to accomplish. 

Desktop Vaporizer

Are you a stay-at-home smoker? Then a desktop vaporizer might be more appropriate. These devices are bulky but pack in more options than what you’d ever need. You can select from a whip-styled vaporizer, which is one of the first models that used convection or hot air to vaporize the herb. There are Forced Air styled models (the legendary Volcano Vaporizer) which use a balloon to collect the vapor, and multifunctional models, which offer the best of both worlds. 

You can customize the temperature, preheat the coils, prime the coils and some models even have preset heat and time settings that take the guesswork out of using them. Just select a preset for that perfectly timed session, every time. 

Portable Vaporizer

If you are looking for a portable device, then you literally have your hands full. There are Vaporizing pens as well as more advanced devices that can work with e-liquids, dry herbs and concentrates. 

Battery powered models are better suited for on-the-go use. But cheaper, store-bought models are often plagued by low battery life as well as frequent recharges. 

Butane powered vaporizers might seem old school. But cause fewer problems. Also, they heat up a lot faster than battery powered vapes.

Look at the build quality. Glass and ceramic components will give you clean, flavorful smoke. Metal parts are considered more durable, but they tend to alter the taste of the vape after a while. 

Cleaning the vaporizer

Vaporizer maintenance is another underrated aspect of getting the most out of your vapor. We have seen vaporizers so densely clogged with resin and debris that a mouse could get trapped in it. 

Not only does this limit the amount of vapor that can be produced, it also affects the flavor of the smoke. Read the manual for your vaporizer and clean it. HemperTech products work great to keep your vape clean.

The bowl and the screen will need special attention. Be careful when you attempt to clean the heating element as it can get damaged very easily. If you need new vape parts or accessories, we carry those here.  

Getting thick smoke from your Joint or Bong

Newer smokers often struggle to produce consistent vapor clouds while using handheld smoking apparatus, like a joint or a bong. But there’s a trick to everything. 

Try switching the joint with a blunt. A blunt is a joint rolled with tobacco paper, that’s thicker and brown. This simple change can make a huge difference in the amount of smoke that you can produce in each hit. Consider a glass blunt if you don't like tobacco.

Also, draw in using your cheeks, somewhat like you would suck a thick milkshake into your mouth using a straw. Hold the smoke in your mouth for a while and then exhale gently.  

With bongs, fill the entire chamber with smoke and draw it in a similar fashion. Hold it in your mouth, do not inhale. 

Need Help Finding the Right Vaporizer to Produce Plumes of Vapor that will Make all of Your Friends Jealous?

Reach out to us today. Our site is jam-packed with the very best products hand-selected or designed by our team of veteran smokers that enjoy herb and concentrates as much as you do.