Glass Bongs For Sale

Bongs For Sale

The Bong, or water pipe, has been a smokers favorite for thousands of years. Whether you’re a novice or expert smoker, a Bong is one of the best ways to hit your herbs. Bongs differ from spoon pipes in one specific way, water filtration. The most classic designs have a beaker base, and a removable bowl and downstem.

Nowadays, glass bongs have evolved to feature cutting edge technology. Bongs are specially designed to prevent those hot inhales that ever smoker hates! Pulling your smoke through a water chamber, which usually features a percolator, allows for a cleaner and cooler hit. While this allows for deeper cleaning, having loose pieces of glass ultimately results in breakages, through continued use.

At HEMPER, we’ve simplified our down stems to be built into the actual piece, fixed to the internal base of the pipe.Our bongs are portable and don’t require a specific usage area. We have a variety of colors and designs featuring different joint angles to help you make your glass bong custom to you.