Hemper Notes

Hemper Notes Rolling Paper

Coming to you from none other than Hemper itself is a unique selection of Hemper notes Paper, featuring iconic currency and dollar bill rolling paper designs.

Rolling paper and pre-rolled cones are staples in any smoker’s arsenal. Knowing that our customers demand the best, we sought out to manufacture $100 dollar bill rolling papers that were as performance-minded, pure and usable as they were novel and aesthetic.

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Perfect for the smoker in your life, Hemper Notes Paper is novel, unique, and dare we say, ‘one of a kind’. These luxury rolling papers are crafted from the finest hemp and non-toxic soy-based coloring, creating a design that will have you smoking like a king.

Hemper Notes Luxury Dollar Bill Rolling Papers

Available in single and multiple packs, our Hemper Notes Paper is made from the highest quality organic hemp. Each dollar bill rolling paper incorporates a proprietary non-toxic glue strip made from sugar gum, resulting in unparalleled sealing with every roll. Packaged in a resealable ‘wallet’, these rolling notes are virtually guaranteed to impress.

Hemper Notes Pre-Rolled Cones

Utilizing Hemper’s very own dollar bill rolling paper, Hemper Notes Pre-rolled cones let you smoke in luxury without having to lift a finger. Available in single and multiple packs, each dollar bill pre roll comes with an integrated filter tip for a smooth pull with every session. Made from all-natural ingredients, expect these to burn smooth as silk, offering a savory complement to your favorite herbs. Packaged in a convenient protective ‘wallet’, these cones are the perfect accompaniment at home or on the go.