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The grinder is one of the most important tools any smoker can have. To grind up those dry herbs and make them perfect enough for a smooth smoke, you need a strong herbal grinder. Thankfully, everything has changed and it’s quite possible to get a grinder made from metals like titanium.

Grinders can fit into a roller tray or your pocket with ease. Make sure the teeth are going to last and that you’ll have no problems cleaning away the residue. The latest herbal grinders are designed to do this. The residue doesn’t stick, and a small amount of water will be enough to clean your grinder and get it ready to go again.

The beauty of a grinder is that you can also show off who you are with them. Think about the color, the logo, and any other artwork you would like to have on it. A simple grinder is boring, so why not customize it according to your own needs?

Regular smokers often have a selection of with a wide variety of colors infused in it.  It’s all part of the experience and a custom herbal grinder is the right way to kick off your chill out time. After grinding, choose from our rolling papers and ashtrays to help enhance your smoking experience. Here at Hemper we carry the best grinders for you or a friend. Find one below!