Micro & Mini Bongs

The glass bong has a long and eventful history. Originating almost 2,500 years ago from basic bamboo bongs, the glass bong is a tried and tested smoking device for everyone from the novice to the experienced smoker. Unfortunately, for the most part, ordinary bongs are large, clunky, and hardly portable.

The mini bong is the answer to that. It’s the next evolution of the bong because now you can move your smoke session anywhere you want!

These mini bongs are fitted with features to maximize flavor retention. One example is spreading out the surface area of the smoke against the water. Whatever your favorite herb, you’ll experience its flavor to the fullest. That flavor will be even sweeter without experiencing a hot inhale from a typical dry bowl.

All of these micro bongs are designed with comfort in mind. Choose your favorite bong and get it in the color and design of your choice.

The mini bong is smaller than ever, yet there’s no compromising on the quality of your smoke. Customize it with ash catchers, different joint angles, and your preferred design.

What could be better than that?