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One Hitters

The One Hitter, sometimes referred to as the chillum, is one of the oldest and quickest methods of lighting up. Smaller than a traditional spoon pipe, the simple design of a One Hitter results in one of the most affordable glass pieces available. Most One hitters have two holes, the mouthpiece, and the bowl compartment. That is the classic design, but Chillums are not limited to just a mouthpiece and bowl set up! Some Chillums feature a carb hole, allowing for a larger hit. Others are designed to look like an actual cigarette for an even more discreet piece! The designs that we at HEMPER specifically love feature built in notches to allow maximum airflow, while also preventing herb material from flying into your mouth.

One Hitter Glass

Although One Hitters are inherrently similar to the more popular Spoon pipe design, One Hitters are compact enough to be discreetly stashed in a back pocket, the same cannot be said for most Spoon pipes! Being small enough to fit in your pocket, but designed to pack a punch, One Hitters are an excellent option for smoking on the go!

As a result of their simple design, Chilums are one of the easiest glass pieces to keep clean, featuring a straight glass tube. Just rinse with Isopropyl alcohol and you're on your way! The ease of use and cleaning makes this classic design which has been in use for centuries, ideal for those on the go seshs!