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You’ve heard of recycling, but have you ever smoked with a recycler? These rigs provide an all new way to enjoy your vapor or smoke session.

Recycler bongs take your classic bong and turn it up to eleven. Instead of featuring just one air chamber, recyclers come standard with two chambers that are designed to pull the maximum amount of flavor from your herb.

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The reason why recycler style bongs have become so popular? It’s simple. You’re getting the smoothest, most flavorful dab rig style around. Recyclers provide one of the most user-friendly ways of enjoying your chill time. The risk of splash back is all but eliminated, which is not all that common amongst classic bongs or dab rigs.

The water ensures that your smoke goes through a heavy filtration process, resulting in a smoother and purer hit than nearly any other type of rig. Forget about stale inhales too, a recycler ensures a nearly full clear every time! Find the recycler bong rig that’s right for you and customize it with your design. You can choose the color, the style, and even the type of percolator that suits your needs.

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You’re not going to find a smoother, or more flavorful hit anywhere else. Most recyclers are also compact and portable, so you can bring and use them anywhere. Any self-respecting smoker should have a recycler style bong rig at home if they want to experience a session like no other.