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Arizer Air II Vaporizer


If you’re looking to take your vaping experience to whole new heights, go no further than the Arizer Air II. This big brother to the powerful Arizer Air takes an already beautiful design and manages to elevate it to a whole new level. The Arizer Air II keeps all the features you know and love from the original Arizer Air while also loading it with a 50% higher battery capacity, an even faster heat-up time, and more customizable options.

The Arizer Air II is controlled via a user-friendly LED display. You’ll be welcomed with a smiley face followed by editable audio alerts that notify you when your session is ready. An auto-off timer is also built in to shut down the Arizer Air II automatically after a set amount of time to preserve battery. Other controls include display brightness options, battery life indicator, precision temperature control, and a heat indicator allowing you to choose the right temperature for your session down to the degree with simple plus and minus buttons.

Thanks to precision engineering, you can be sure the Arizer II’s vapor will remain potent, flavorful, and pure. Your vapor will never have contact with components or surfaces that could possibly taint its purity. Overall, the Arizer Air II is the perfect companion for anyone looking for a portable yet powerful dry herb vaporizer. The rapid heat up time is ideal for those who live busy and active lives, giving you the ability to get in a few quick rips whenever the moment strikes.