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Hemper’s 420 Tier Sale:Spend $50+ for $30 worth of free products (Tier 1), $100+ for $80 worth (Tiers 1 & 2), or $150+ for an amazing $300 worth (All 3 Tiers)!

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HEMPER - Pineapple XL Bong Box

Hemper Pineapple XL Bong Box

The PIneapple XL Bong will have you basking in the tropical vibes. This globe shaped heavy hitter boasts not one, but two percolatorsa showerhead and a disc percolatorensuring smooth and refreshing hits every time. As the smoke swirls through the chambers, it dances around a large pineapple-shaped splash guard at the center. it's like taking a mini vacation with every toke.

Every Hrmper XL Box comes with a hand-picked assortment of popular accessories, papers, cones, and wraps. Perfect for trying new items, stocking up on essentials., or dharong with friends.

  • HEMPER Pineapple Bong XL
  • Assorted Clipper Lighter
  • HEMPER Old Money Ceramic Ashtray
  • Hemper Perforated Filter Tips (50ct)
  • HEMPER Large Smell Proof Bags 
  • HEMPER Tech Organic Beeswax Hempwick
  • OCB King Size - Premium Rolling Papers
  • 14 mm Male Quartz High Airflow Male Banger
  • Pineapple Carb Cap + Dab Tool
  • Assorted Ozium Spray
  • KLEAR Kryptonite Cleaner
  • Assorted HEMPER Silicone Caché
  • Assorted HEMPER Aluminum Grinder 4 Piece Large
  • 5 X HEMPER Quick Hitters

What's Inside!