KandyPens - Amber Rose Vaporizer


KandyPens, one of the leading producers of vaping accessories on the market today, has teamed up with actor, model, author, and all around “it” girl Amber Rose to bring you this sexy ultra-limited edition vape pen. Amber brings some of her signature style to the design of this beautiful vaporizer. The elegant design featuring gold trim, champagne gloss paint, gold sparkles, and the official Amber Rose logo is bound to be the envy of all your friends.

In addition to the elegant and pocket-friendly design, the device itself has all the durability and quality we’ve come to expect from KandyPens. The Amber Rose features a suite of premium atomizers, variable voltage, and elevated airflow system which is sure to deliver large clouds packed with flavor. The Amber Rose even features a “Sesh Mode” which allows you to enjoy seamless hits for up to 10 seconds at a time without the need to reheat.

The variable voltage battery has four heat settings optimized to work seamlessly with your favorite eliquids, oils, or waxes. You’ll be able to adjust the Amber Rose to your preferred vaping style whether you prefer small tasty nips or huge flavorful plumes. The easy to use controls make operation a breeze. Simply click the button 5 times to power on, 3 times to cycle through temperature options, or twice to enter the 10-second “Sesh Mode”. When you’re ready for a recharge, simply plug it into any power source using the included micro-USB charger.

In addition to a powerful battery, the Amber Rose Collection includes two atomizers and a glass oil tank, giving you the option to customize your vaping experience even more. The first atomizer features a coil-less quartz crystal chamber, which delivers pure flavor without the need for combustion. The second is a dual quartz rod atomizer with a quartz chamber. This chamber generates larger clouds, offering an intensely potent and flavorful vapor.