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Advantages of Smoking From Glass Bongs

by Angel Ferrer 5 min read

Advantages of Smoking From Glass Bongs

Reasons You Should Use a Bong to Smoke

Relaxed regulations and legalization have had a real and exciting impact on the cannabis industry. Along with this increase in popularity and mainstream adoption has come a multitude of smoking devices and accessories.

Yet one smoking device has stood the test of time: glass bongs.

Glass bongs are a tried and true, time-tested smoking apparatus that provides a superior experience and are perfect for both newbies and veteran smokers alike.

Sure, joints have the benefit of simplicity and portability, with users being able to roll one out anywhere and anytime. And then there are the more complex blunts and spliffs which can be tailored down to the thickness, the material and the flavor of the rolling paper. (We love unflavored tobacco paper. Blends perfectly with our preferred herb strain)

There are Thai sticks and even edibles for those who have a liking for that sort of thing.

Yet despite all of these options, glass bongs have remained not only a classic, but an often preferred way to enjoy herb, coming in miles ahead of the others by providing a superior experience.

Don’t you think that there’s something inherently cool about pulling smoke through water from a fine piece of glass? Reminiscent of royalty if you ask us. But, even if you don’t fancy yourself a king or queen, then there are reasons galore to switch to glass bongs for your daily fix. Here are some of them.

The Purest Flavor

Having smoked extensively from bongs made of different materials like bamboo, wood, plastic and metal, we can vouch for the fact that glass delivers the cleanest tasting smoke. There’s not even a hint of aftertaste. Call us purists if you so feel, but we absolutely hate it when we source the best strains of CBD and get an altered taste due to the material of the bong. Bronze, for example, looks stunning. Straight out of an antique store. But the taste is a major letdown. Almost like licking an ashtray. Not with glass. If you prefer unflavored hits, glass bongs are the way to go.

Big Potent Rips

There are occasions when we prefer taking smaller hits. Repeated, small chugs. But on other days, we’re looking to get lit with big rips that send us straight into the clouds.

Glass bongs make it easier to do this than alternatives such as hand pipes or joints. In a large bong, you can fill the chamber with as much smoke as you can palate in one go. Also, if you want a more potent hit, get one with a carburetor. Simple fixes to seemingly complex problems. That’s glass bongs for you.

Durable, Long-Lasting and Eco-Friendly

A well-made glass bong can last you years…even decades if taken care of. This makes them a long-term investment that is both friendly on the wallet as well as on the environment. You’ll also never have to worry about running out of rolling papers, or misplacing a small hand pipe. Your glass bong is just like old faithful, ready, willing and excited to help you toke up at a moment’s notice.

All said and done, we detest the throwaway culture that we seem to be embracing. Consider a glass bong as an eco-friendly way to enjoy your herb while reducing your carbon footprint.

Simple to Use and Easy to Clean

Don’t you absolutely hate it when that sparkling clean glass bong turns tar-black with gunk after a smoking session? Thankfully, they are as easy to clean. Glass bongs are transparent and you will know when it’s time to dig out your tools to scrape the resin off the glass.

All that you need is some Isopropyl Alcohol and a toothpick. Scrape it, run it under some hot water and bingo. As good as new again. Borosilicate glass is non-porous. So you don’t have to worry about pesky residual particles sticking around to contaminate your fresh hit. Also, no bacteria to offset the flavor. Any germophobes around? Good quality glass bongs are bacteria free.

Smoother, Cleaner Hits

If you’ve never smoked from a bong before, then you are in for the smoothest hits of your life. Just in case you were unaware, the smoke in glass bongs passes through water which does two things.

  1. It cools it down. We’ve seen numerous horror stories of throats and mouth cavities being torched due to frequent, repeated hits from pipes. Pulls from a glass bong will be cooler and gentler on your throat and lungs, making it a perfect option for those sensitive to smoke or irritants.  
  2. The water filters the smoke and traps a lot of the particles, tar and other chemical byproducts that would otherwise make the way into your mouth and lungs (such as butane from your torch).

Bongs are what a lot of people like to refer to as game changers. Chances are that one you smoke from bongs; you are never going back to anything else ever again. Take a look at our best bongs or bongs under 100.

Impressive Designs and Works of Art

Every handmade glass bong is a piece of art. It is as unique as the artisan who designed and shaped it with hand. And it’s a great way to express your personal sense of style. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes too. You can opt for one made of clear, borosilicate glass or you can find ones made of colored and even antique slag glass for that matter. The fact that glass bongs their bit for home décor and aesthetics doesn’t hurt either. We’ve met enthusiasts who have an enviable collection of glass bongs that can give ‘Sotheby’s’ a run for their money.

They Can be Customized

Unlike other types of smoking apparatus where you are limited by the design, glass bongs can be customized completely to your liking. Right from the type of mouthpiece to the number of percolators, you can tailor everything to get the exact type of smoke you desire. Thick and creamy? Add a honeycomb percolator. Cooler? Add an ice catcher.

Closing thoughts

Smoking from glass bongs is for the connoisseur who enjoys the unadulterated, refined taste of their herbs. Not to mention they do a great job at filtering out impurities, making for a cleaner and smoother hit that won’t leave you coughing like an amateur. Check out some bongs on sale.

If you’re ready to explore the wonderful world of glass bongs, check out our online shop, full of hand-curated selections of the best glass pipes at prices that won’t hurt your wallet. Here are some tips for choosing your next bong.