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Best Cannabis Grinders

by Angel Ferrer 8 min read

Best Cannabis Grinders

Best Weed Grinders

No grinder? No problem! When it comes to shopping for a grinder, there are many options on the market. Don't skip on this smoking accessory; consider it more of a smoking necessity.

Herb Grinders come in different materials, styles, and price ranges. The most basic grinder available functions like a cheese grater. Typically, grinders have one, two, or three chambers. Grinders with three chambers are kief collecting – each time they are used, they preserve the resin. 

If you have never smoked resin, you are in for a treat. Each time a grinder is used, trichomes, or resin, fall through the grinder screen (if it is kief collecting with a lower chamber). This kief can be sprinkled on a bowl or smoked in various other ways for an extra potent experience.

When shopping for a grinder, it is good to keep in mind whether or not you will need it to be functional for on the go or if it will be for stationary use. Check out our Guide on How to Choose a Grinder. Many grinders have compartments and chambers that allow for the storage of both bud and ground flower.

There are still ways to Grind Weed Without a Grinder if you want as well.

Each individual has a different preference when it comes to grinders, and some are better than others. Just because a grinder is complicated does not mean it is better; some of the best are the classic designs that most people are familiar with.

Check out our grinders below for keen insight on some of the best grinders available. Whether it is a unique design or tried and true, there is a grinder out there for everyone.

The Keeper™ By Hemper

This grinder is excellent for on the go! It is smell proof and airtight and includes a flexible tether that can be used to clip it wherever you need. There are two storage compartments allowing bud and ground cannabis to be kept separate. 

The grinder can be removed from the outside container and features heavy-duty teeth for a satisfyingly fluffy grind. Available in a wide variety of colors and at an affordable price, The Keeper™ By Hemper is an excellent choice for a quality grind.

Anaxy Seed Grinder 2 Piece

Allowing the user both a safe and hygienic way to load herb, the unique dispensing module on this grinder allows the user to load cannabis directly into any pipe or piece without touching the flower. It includes a conical pipe attachment that serves as a tool to fill pre-rolls.

Featuring Anodized Aluminum blades, the Anaxy Seed Grinder 2 Piece grinds herb into the perfect consistency every time. It is also notoriously convenient to take apart and clean, leading to easy maintenance over time.

Aerospaced 2-Piece Grinder (2.0”)

Are you looking for a compact and straightforward yet highly reliable grinder? Look no further! The Aerospaced 2-Piece Grinder is crafted from Aerospace-Grade Aluminum and is anodized to prevent metal from flaking into the herb it grinds.

The teeth on this grinder are incredibly durable and guaranteed to last over time. A sleek design is held together by an embedded magnet that allows for a perfect spin every time it is rotated.

Hemper Travel Aluminum Grinder 4 Piece Small

This grinder can be taken apart, using the first two pieces alone to grind bud if needed, or combined with the mesh screen and kief collecting chamber to utilize all of its functions. Great for traveling or everyday usage.

Conveniently sized at 1.5 inches, this grinder has a kief collecting chamber at the bottom to save all of the resin and trichomes that fall through. Once there is a noticeable amount in the kief collecting chamber, try adding it to the top of a bowl for a potent smoke session.

Goody Big Face Travel Grinder

Are you looking for a stylish piece? This grinder not only looks cool, but it also performs out of this world. It is 1.5 inches and has four parts in total, allowing for generous kief collection as it is used.

The Goody Big Face Travel Grinder's teeth are made from aluminum and sharp as a blade, allowing for consistent airflow and a smooth smoking experience. An excellent choice for anyone who loves to show off their smoking accessories. 

Rico Nasty Keeper™

This limited-edition grinder is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. It contains buds, ground cannabis, and a grinder all in one location. When in a hurry, use the flexible tether to clip it on to anything to secure it in place. 

The precision cutting teeth on the Rico Nasty Keeper™ allow for a struggle-free grind. This piece is smell proof, airtight, and water-resistant, making it ideal for those who love the outdoors. It is sure to last a while!

Anaxy Star Grinder 4 Piece

An impressive, creative grinder made from 9 threadless parts connected through magnets. It is the only grinder that allows for the storage of different strains while also allowing them to be ground separately. 

An ideal tool for a group smoke session includes a dispensing module that allows the user to load their cannabis into an accessory without needing to touch it physically. Perfect for anyone worried about hygiene but still wants to indulge with their friends.

Although its features are complicated, it couldn’t be easier to disassemble, clean, and reassemble. The blades are sharp and made from anodized aluminum, providing the best barrier between the blade and the bud.

Aerospaced Herb Grinder 4 Piece (1.6”)

Are you interested in a classy, classic grinder? This piece made from Aerospace-Grade Aluminum with an anodized finish has a refined and straightforward look. Compact and lightweight, it is easy to tuck away in a pocket, purse, or backpack.

The teeth on this grinder create a perfect flower consistency that is not too fine or too chunky. The extra-strong magnets guarantee everything is kept secure. Notoriously long-lasting, this grinder is one of the most user-friendly.

HEMPER Aluminum Grinder 4 Piece Large

Sometimes a small grinder just doesn’t cut it—instead of grinding batch after batch, this large grinder gets the job done all at once. 2.2 inches in diameter, it is sure to fit a considerable amount of bud at once, saving the user time and effort.

With four pieces included, the user can collect a considerable amount of kief in the bottom chamber. The middle's metal screen is easy to clean and features the ideal size of holes in its mesh for capturing trichomes and kief.

Limited Edition Stars & Stripes 4-Piece Grinder

Are you looking for the grinder to show off patriotic pride at a smoke session? This limited edition 4-piece grinder is stylish, featuring stars and stripes in either blue or red. It is sure to stand out amongst other pieces.

Several compartments on this grinder allow for storage of kief and ground bud. The teeth effortlessly shred cannabis into a fluffy consistency. Perfectly compact but not too small, it is an excellent choice for the everyday smoker. 

Grav 3-Piece Grinder

The sleek design on this grinder is a pleasure to the eyes; the perfect consistency of cannabis is a pleasure to the lungs. There are 15 teeth and holes in its upper chamber, strategically spaced to prevent clogging.

With a focus on maximum kief collection, the bottom chamber includes an aluminum scaping tool with a curved edge that perfectly scrapes the grinder's edge. No need to struggle to gather kief when in a hurry!

Aerospaced Groove Herb Grinder 4 Piece (2.0”)

Functional, with the latest in innovative coaxial turbine technology, the grooves in this grinder are scientifically designed for the best grinding experience. Compact, this grinder is made from reliable Aerospace-grade Aluminum.

This grinder can be cleaned and used for spices, herbs, seeds, and other foods, as well as cannabis. Be sure to take it apart and clean it each time before grinding a new type of herb.

Learn More: How to Clean Your Grinder

The modern design of this grinder makes it fun to keep around. Delivering a light, feathery high-end grind, this piece will not disappoint and comes at a reasonable price.

Otto Grinder

Is it a grinder? The sleek design of this tool sets it apart from other grinders on this list. Although it is at a higher price point, it features the world's first automatic smart rolling machine's high-tech design.

Guaranteed to impress anyone at the smoke session, the user will quickly please anyone at once with this machine. It is designed to emulate human hand grinding motions, a unique and thorough way to grind cannabis.

On one charge, it can grind and pack enough cannabis to stuff 20-30 cones evenly. It operates at a fast speed, saving the user any need to prepare their joints. There are 20 cones included with the purchase of the device.

The Otto is the perfect grinder for anyone who has difficulty with hand functionality and could use the extra assistance.

Why You Should Use a Weed Grinder

Your grinder is not just some fancy smoke accessory meant to show off to your friends—yes, many of them have fantastic features that are brag-worthy. However, there are logical reasons why you may want to grind your cannabis as opposed to chopping it up with scissors or ripping it apart with your fingers.

One reason to use a grinder is to achieve the perfect smoothness of your smoke. When your bud is broken up consistently throughout, the airflow is also consistent when you inhale and pull it into your lungs. This is entirely more pleasurable than a hit that is clogged and harsh.

You may want to use a grinder to conserve any of your cannabis that may be wasted when you are breaking it up with your hands. All of the stickiness on your fingers are trichomes that could have made their way into your bowl! 

If your grinder has a kief collecting chamber, you will quickly realize this to be one of the main benefits of having a 4-piece grinder! There are many different ways to incorporate kief into your smoking sessions, depending on the smoking device you are using.

The pull of the joint or blunt is heavily affected by the way the weed is broken up. If it is too clunky, it can be challenging to get a pull off of a joint. If you've ever smoked a perfect joint or blunt, chances are the person who prepared it had a high-quality grinder.

Using a grinder saves time and energy. It also preps the cannabis for the perfect smoke. There is no arguing with the fact that a grinder is a necessity for everyone who consumes cannabis.

Grind Away!

Now that you have explored some of the most high-quality grinders available take your pick depending on which features fit your smoking style. It's also totally acceptable to experiment and start a collection of grinders.

Be sure to clean your grinder every so often by taking it entirely apart and soaking it in a cup of isopropyl alcohol. You may need to use an old toothbrush to scrub off some of the stickier residue. 

If you notice your grinder has dull blades even after cleaning it, it may be time for a replacement. The options above are all durable and long-lasting options with various abilities depending on your preference.

Many people keep grinders in different locations depending on what is useful for them – try a clip-on, smell-proof grinder for your next hike or the Otto Grinder for a stationary smoke session on a coffee table next time you have friends around. The possibilities for grinding are endless!

Once you use a grinder, you will never want to go back to the days of breaking up your bud by hand! Experience the smooth smoke that can only be achieved by the precise blades of a grinding instrument.