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Bong Rips 101: Do Bongs Get You Higher?

by Angel Ferrer 8 min read

bong rips 101

Bongs can get you higher because they deliver larger, concentrated hits with more THC absorption through deeper inhalation, and use a vacuum effect for rapid smoke intake. This combination intensifies the high, making bongs a preferred choice for a stronger, faster-acting cannabis experience.

A water pipe is popular not only for stronger hits of medical marijuana but also for providing a healthier experience compared to joints and dry pipes. In this article, we’ll break down how the larger mouthpiece, deeper inhales, and the physics work together to deliver a burst of THC-rich smoke.

Short Answer:

  • Bongs deliver larger, concentrated hits of smoke called a “bong rip” leading to a more intense and immediate effect.
  • Bongs require a deeper inhalation which opens the diaphragm and allows more THC to be absorbed in the lungs.
  • The pressure change in bongs when you pull the glass bowl forces a large volume of smoke up into the lungs quickly.
  • Bongs are complicated, check out our guide on how to find the best beginner bong or learning to choose the right bong for you.

Why do bongs get you so high?

why do bongs get you so high


Bongs get you so high because removing the bowl changes the pressure, causing a rush of smoke into your lungs. This increased airflow means you inhale more smoke quickly, leading to a higher THC intake. The larger volume of smoke requires a deeper inhale, opening your diaphragm to absorb more THC.

The power of your bong depends on the type of bong you have and the size of your bong. Below we’ll go over the three key features that make bong rips so strong no matter the shape or size:


1. Deeper breaths, higher highs

do bongs make you absorb more thc


Summary: "Bigger hits from a bong mean you inhale deeply, letting more smoke and THC into your lungs"

Bongs get you higher because they make you take deeper breaths and expand your lungs more than other smoking methods. Bigger hits from a bong mean you inhale deeply, letting more smoke and THC into your lungs.

The larger volume hits in bongs force your diaphragm to open, leading to deeper, bigger inhales. This increased lung expansion exposes more lung surface area to the smoke, enhancing THC absorption.

More THC in your lungs means a higher concentration in your bloodstream, resulting in a stronger, faster high. This combo of deep inhalation and efficient THC absorption is why bongs are the top pick for a powerful and immediate effect.


2. Why a wider mouthpiece means a stronger high

why bongs rips are so big


Summary: "The larger mouth opening means you throat opens wider, allowing more smoke to be inhaled, compared to pipes and joints"

Bongs usually have larger and wider mouthpieces than joints and pipes, letting you inhale more smoke quickly. This larger mouth opening means your throat opens wider, allowing more smoke into your lungs at once.

At the same time, the water chamber in the bong accumulates more smoke than pipes and joints, leading to bigger and more potent hits. The combination of a larger mouthpiece and a bigger smoke chamber allows you to inhale a substantial amount of smoke per hit, resulting in a powerful and immediate effect.


3. The physics behind a powerful bong rip

why bong rips are so powerful


Summary: "Removing the glass bowl while smoke is inside the bong, creates a release of pressure that forces the smoke up the neck for one single burst of smoke"

When you pull the bowl from a bong, physics kicks in to create a vacuum effect. This sudden release of pressure forces the smoke in the water chamber to shoot up rapidly. The smoke rushes through up the neck of the bong and into your lungs in one concentrated hit.

This vacuum effect drives a large volume of THC-rich smoke directly into your lungs quickly, which is what we call a “bong rip”.

Unlike joints or pipes, which need multiple puffs for the same effect, a bong’s vacuum pull delivers a powerful and immediate high. This rapid delivery system maximizes the THC absorbed by your lungs, giving you one potent hit that you feel immediately, unlike the incremental high from other devices.


Do bongs hit the hardest vs other devices?

Bongs hit harder than pipes, joints, and vaporizers per hit because they deliver larger burst hits of smoke. The water chamber holds more smoke, and physics pushes it up through a wider mouthpiece, forcing you to open your lungs and inhale more THC than other devices, enhancing THC absorption.

While a bong and a bubbler are both water pipes, they are very different because a bong is much more powerful. 

Learn: Bong vs bubbler - What's the Difference?

Below we’ll take a closer look at how bong rips are stronger than smoking from joints and weed pipes. There is a slight learning curve with inhaling bong rips compared to pipes and joints, so check out our guide on how to use a bong.


1. Bongs vs joints: Which one is stronger?

bongs vs joints


Summary: "A bong is stronger than a joint"

Bong rips are stronger than hits from joints because bongs use a rapid delivery system. When you pull the bowl from a bong, a vacuum effect shoots a burst of concentrated smoke that makes you inhale much deeper than with a joint's controlled inhale.

This results in a higher concentration of THC in one hit, unlike joints where smoke is lost to the air and multiple puffs are needed to reach the same THC levels.

Bongs also feature percolators in the water chamber that cool and filter the smoke, removing impurities and making each hit cleaner and smoother. The cooling effect of the perc allows for larger bong rips without irritation and coughing.


2. Why do bongs get you higher than pipes

bong is stronger than a pipe


Bongs get you higher than pipes because they hold more smoke in their water chambers compared to the small bowls of hand pipes. This allows a larger amount of smoke in a single hit because bongs provide a more powerful draw with their stronger vacuum effect, compared to the carb a weed pipe uses.


What are bong rips?

A bong rip is a powerful hit from a bong. When you pull the bowl, a pressure change forces a large volume of filtered and cooled smoke up the neck for an inhale. The large smoke volume forces deeper inhale, delivering more THC in one hit, making bong rips a much more potent way to smoke cannabis.


1. How to take a bong rip:

  1. Light the cannabis in the bowl and slowly inhale from the mouthpiece to pull the smoke into the water for filtration and cooling
  2. Once the lit cannabis turns to ash, remove the glass bowl from the joint of the bong to create a vacuum effect in the water chamber
  3. Inhale deeply pulling all of the smoke from the water chamber into your lungs
  4. Hold the smoke for 1-2 seconds and exhale all of the smoke from your lungs


2. What is a good bong hit?

A good bong hit involves converting all the cannabis flower in the glass bowl into smoke and pulling it into the water chamber to be filtered and cooled. When you pull the bowl, inhale all the smoke deeply in one powerful hit leaving no smoke wasted in the water chamber. This delivers a potent and almost immediate high.

A common mistake when taking a bong rip is not controlling your breath. Inhale gently during the combustion and filtration process and clear the bong’s chamber when you pull the bowl. If you need more oxygen, take a deep breath before clearing the bowl to ensure you inhale all the smoke, avoiding stale and harsh smoke.


3. How high will one bong hit get me?

One bong hit can get you significantly high due to the large, concentrated volume of smoke inhaled. The intensity depends on factors like THC content, your tolerance, and the size of your hit. A single bong rip can provide a potent and immediate high if inhaled correctly.

While bong rips can get you very high quickly, the effects can also fade away fairly fast and abruptly. Smoking joints requires multiple puffs, leading to a more gradual high and a smoother transition as the effects wear off.


4. How many bong rips to get high?

One bong rip is enough to get most beginners high. The number of rips needed varies based on your tolerance, THC content, and hit size. Generally, 1-3 bong rips are enough for most smokers to feel the effects, regardless of tolerance.

Pro-tip: If you aren’t sure, always start with one bong rip and wait 10-15 minutes to feel the full effect to gauge where your tolerance is when taking rips.


Do small bongs hit harder?

Size does matter with bongs. Small bongs can hit harder because they deliver less filtered and more concentrated smoke. The smoke is less diluted and filtered, resulting in intense but harsher rips. However, smaller bongs have less capacity for smoke, so they don’t deliver as much smoke volume as larger bongs.

Small bongs still do hit much harder than single hits from blunts, joints, pipes, bubblers, and vaporizers. The only downside to smaller bongs is they provide a harsher hit because there is less time for the hot smoke to cool and filter in the water chamber.


What type of bongs hit the hardest?

Gravity bongs hit the hardest by using water pressure to force all the smoke into your lungs rapidly without waste. Extra tall bongs deliver powerful hits due to their large chambers that allow more smoke to build up, and straight tube bongs deliver a very strong and direct hit.

Gravity bongs: Gravity bongs don’t waste any smoke, using water pressure to pull the maximum amount from the dry cannabis and rapidly delivering it to your lungs in one powerful hit. Considered to be one of the strongest-hitting bongs on the market and is not recommended as your first-time bong.

Tall bongs: Taller bongs have larger water chambers and greater height to cool smoke down, which helps you take much larger bong rips without the pain. The increased smoke volume capacity means you can take bigger hits while still enjoying a smooth inhale, making them deliver more intense highs compared to smaller bongs.

Straight tube bongs: Straight tube bongs are the most affordable hard-hitting option. Without a large extended water chamber, it’s easy to clear all the smoke with one direct pull. This design reduces the effort needed to inhale all the smoke, making it less taxing on your lungs.



1. Why do bongs hit so hard?

Bongs hit hard because of their design, allowing for larger, concentrated smoke volume. The pressure change when pulling the bowl forces a large amount of smoke into the lungs quickly, delivering a potent hit. Bongs use water to cool and filter the smoke, making these powerful rips more manageable to inhale.


2. Is it safe to smoke from a bong?

Smoking in general is not healthy but smoking from a bong can be somewhat safer than smoking from joints and other dry pipes. Bongs use water to cool and filter the smoke, reducing some harmful particulates from entering the lungs. However, the increased volume of smoke can still irritate the lungs.


3. Why don’t bongs get me high ?

Bongs might not get you high if you’re not clearing all the smoke, not inhaling fully into your lungs, or if your tolerance is too high. Make sure you pull the bowl completely and inhale deeply to get all the smoke into your lungs. If your tolerance is too high try taking a break to reset your resistance to THC.