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Best Weed Devices

by Christy Coy 6 min read


Top Weed Gadgets

We are in a new age of cannabis, with an ever-expanding array of devices uniquely engineered to help you have the best experience possible with your weed of choice.

Gone are the days when rolling papers and tobacco pipes were the only way to enjoy weed. Today, there is an almost overwhelming overload of options for tokers of all skill and experience levels. Modern consumers are becoming familiar with weed devices such as dab rigs, vape pens, mini-rigs, and more.

Let’s consider a few new products featuring some of the latest unique designs and technology from 

The Best Weed Devices You Need in Your Arsenal 

  1. Vape Pens

Vape pens provide a convenient, mess-free, potent and simple way of enjoying concentrates ranging from oils to waxes and everything in-between. There are even vape pens specifically designed to help you enjoy dry herb.

Let’s take a look at some of the best vape weed devices on the market today. 

G Pen Nova

Grenco Science recently announced the launch of their G Pen Nova line. This pen features a dual-use tank with a slow, leisurely mode for casual hitting and an extended draw mode for a more intense vaping session. The G Pen Nova has three settings, made possible by a variable voltage system. The heat is controlled and even, made possible by a ceramic heating element. You can even load the tank directly with the built-in, ceramic loading and stirring tool. Conveniently, the pen features a universal 510 threading for cartridges, a variable Voltage Battery (3.2V, 3.5V, and 3.9V) and pass-through charging via a micro USB port.  The G Pen Nova, with its compact and yet multifaceted design, could be considered one of the most avant-garde vapes on the market today.

G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite features the largest entirely ceramic chamber on the market today. The element is a whole 360 degrees. Fast and even heating via convection provides a smooth but vigorous smoking experience. The G Pen Elite iscapable of operating at multiple settings ranging from 200° - 428°F (93° - 220°C). Customize your experience, by experimenting to determine optimal temperatures for each type of dab or concentrate. Temperature variations can significantly alter flavor and even potency. This vape pen is powered by a high-grade lithium-ion battery with incorporated smart chip technology and it can sustain substantial durations of use without compromising performance. Ergonomically designed for convenient use and travel, the G-Pen Elite features a LED display, complete with battery indicator and temperature control.

Yocan Evolve-D

The Yocan Evolve-D Vaporizer is capable of vaporizing flower. Dual pancake coils provide exceptional heat transfer. A sizable chamber can hold larger loads, and a dual cap lets you push ash and used herb down, making sure you get everything out of every load. This pen features a compact design, combustion chamber, spring-loaded mouthpiece, and a dry-herb atomizer. It includes a replacement spiral coil, a cleaning brush, and a USB charging cable.

  1. The Evolution of Modern Bongs

Modern bongs have come a long way. Innovative designs are not only awe-inspiring and fun to use, but they have also optimized airflow, increased filtration and cooling mechanisms, and offer a cleaner, smoother, more potent rip.

The Hemper UFO Vortex Rig

The HEMPER UFO Vortex Rig is a popular piece that doesn’t break the bank. This UFO-themed rig features a dual-chamber rig to cool your vapors and a bottom chamber contains a classic 6-slit inline perc for maximum diffusion. In the upper chamber, several venturi inlets pull in and spin air into a vortex.

The Phaser Bong

The Phaser Bong features an extra-large chamber and a bottom-mounted particle accelerator percolator for big, bubble stacking rips. You can transition from water pipe to Phaser gun, with the flat-ended handle allowing the Phaser to be displayed in "Phaser" mode. This bong is 9" tall with a 3.5" diameter and a bottom-mounted dome percolator. It features a scope shaped joint and bowl and it can be held either vertically or on the handle.

Hemper Upright Bong

Check out the Hemper Upright Bong. The bent-neck bubbler features a recessed joint and showerhead percolator for better filtration and a smoother pull that is easy on the lungs.

  1. Dab Rigs 

Dab rigs are special water pipes used to smoke concentrates. The sticky oil and wax concentrates must be heated on a very hot surface, often a “nail” made of ceramic or glass. Dabbing burns the materials at a lower temperature, via indirect heat rather than by way of a direct flame, providing the user with a pure, potent and clean hit.

Lunar Omega Rig

or try the Lunar Omega rig, which features a smaller chamber and less filtration, for rips full of flavor and optimal airflow. The classic showerhead perc provides diffusion and the pinched neck just above the bottom chamber prevents you from sucking up water. The piece is ten inches tall and features two-tone 100% borosilicate glass and a 14mm flower bowl too.


A popular new material for making smoking devices is silicone. Silicone bongs such as the EYCE RIG II have a virtually indestructible design to boast of. This piece features reinforced stem-cap walls and a built-in concentrate container, as well as a reversible titanium nail and enhanced stability. When it comes to durability look no further. This piece can stand being dropped or bumped, and it’s heat and chemical resistant too. Silicone is also flexible and easy to manipulate, making it easier to clean. Best of all, the silicone is nonstick! No matter how much stick your wax has, it won’t cling to it.

Choose a dab rig by checking out the “gender” of the joint. If it’s male it’s for dabbing. If it’s “female,” it’s probably just a typical bong but you can always buy nails to convert it into a dab rig.

Heat the “nail” first by using a torch. Place a concentrated “dab” on the surface of the heated nail in the bowl. Then inhale the resulting vapor through the mouthpiece. Use your own nail if it’s the right size, or the one that comes with the rig. Dab rigs come with a “dome,” which is a specialized cover to place over the nail that keeps the vapor in the same place. Use a glass, metal, or ceramic dabber to apply the dab to the hot surface of the nail. You will also need a small kitchen torch. 

  1. E Nails

You can also purchase a nail that doesn’t need a torch at all. The nail is the most important part of your rig.The electronic nail keeps a constant temperature and it’s small enough to stash anywhere.

The Dab Ninja is an affordable nail designed to be compatible with any water device or attachment. It features a 20mm coil heater, and it’s crafted to last, from strong titanium. These high-quality electric nails don’t need a butane torch to reachoptimal temperatures, and they maintain consistency better than a torch can too. The e-nail harnesses electricity to ensure the perfect dab every time. Just turn the unit on, set the desired temperature, and wait for the unit to indicate that it has reached said temperature. You can then dab without concern about heat variability of any kind. E-nails eliminate having to rely on butane and access to electricity is far more common than to a can of butane to fill a torch. Save the butane for camping trip dabbing. 

E-nails require very little power to operate and can last for hours. A con of using e-nails however, can be the danger involved with using a device that is capable of reaching temperatures upwards of 1000 degrees. E nails aren’t cheap; on the low end, electronic nails sell for around $150 for analog units. High-end digital nails can easily cost over $700, offering greater temperature control and consistency. 

Are You Ready to Explore New and Exciting Weed Devices for Yourself?

The world of weed devices is more exciting than ever before, with unique innovations regularly hitting the market, opening up opportunities to explore fun and potent ways to enjoy your weed.

If you’re in the market for something different, consider checking out the product lines at for a selection of the best weed devices the market has to offer.