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The days of firing up a blowtorch and scorching a wax dab have gone the way of dinosaurs and dodo birds, thanks to the new technology available in E-rigs and E-nails. The fully electric heating technology brings serious benefits to the dabbing, allowing all users from novice patients to longtime enthusiasts a fast and easy way to get all the benefits of dabbing with more flavor and consistency. 

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In the simplest terms, E-rigs or electronic rigs are electric heaters for dabbing. They attach to a traditional nail and use electricity to heat it to any temperature between 200 and 900 degrees, typically. E-rigs replace blowtorch lighters, which have traditionally been used to superheat wax dabs to a temperature high enough to release the active ingredients within the wax for inhalation. 

The terms E-rig and E-nail are sometimes used interchangeably but have different technical definitions. Products that call themselves E-nails usually attach to standard rigs. E-rigs on the other hand, are fully self-contained units that function with electricity. No matter what the product is called, both E-nails and E-rigs function same way. Both use electrically heated nails that maintain a consistent, user-defined temperature. 

How do E-nails work?

E-rigs make dabbing easier, safer, and more consistent. They also take advantage of the latest scientific understanding about wax cannabis consumption. To make an E-rig function, simply attach its electronically heated coil to your nail, connect the nail to your rig, then plug in the coil (or, if it's battery-operated, ignore this step). Once that's set, enter your desired temperature on the control box. This part is important. To get the most out of dabbing, users should use the wax creator's recommended temperature — or whatever heat setting serves their personal tastes. In about two minutes (depending on which product you choose), the coil should be hot enough to use. Learn more: What is an E-rig?

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Why Use an E-rig or E-nail?

If blowtorches work, why try something new? E-rigs have several benefits over the traditional kind of dabbing. While a blowtorch is the more cost-effective option, E-rigs, and E-nails more than makeup for their cost in terms of the ease, enjoyment, and chemical extraction, they permit dabbers. 

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First, E-rigs are consistent. A non-fluctuating temperature ensures that every dab can be exactly the same. E-rig users can forget about smokey tasting, cough-inducing dabs that harm the lungs and ruin the moment. And, because the temperature on an E-rig is manually set, users can adjust to new kinds of dabs with ease. If certain products work better under different conditions, making adjustment only takes a few clicks. With blowtorches, heating the nail is a haphazard process vulnerable to guesswork. Even the best dabbers never know exactly how hot their nail becomes, and frequently take low-quality dabs that suffer from being either too hot or too cold. 

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In this way, E-rigs or E-nails are also superior for the product. Using a consistent temperature means that users can get the full flavor and feeling of every dab. Blowtorched nails can overheat the dab and cause smoke to cloud up the experience. With E-rigs, that doesn't happen. Every dab can be smooth and tasty. 

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Beyond that, E-rigs are also safer and easier to use. Blowtorches are simply clumsy. They leave a superheated nail jutting out from a rig that's just begging to be brushed by someone's arm. It's also a bummer to see a blowtorch lose fuel just as a new session is starting. E-rigs make the heating process safer and simpler. Because the temperature never raises or lowers, E-rigs allow multiple dabs to happen quickly. Instead of passing the blowtorch to a buddy who has to re-heat the nail and then wait for it to cool off again, E-rig users can simply add more wax to the nail and take another toke. The entire process is foolproof. 

What is the best kind of E-rig to buy?

All E-nails and E-rigs take advantage of the same basic technology. They all provide coils that are heated to prices temperatures through electricity. The biggest differences between products are the aesthetics, materials, price, and extras. Choosing the right E-rig simply means finding the one that works best for your purposes and your wallet. 

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Perhaps the most important variant to consider when buying a new E-rig is portability. If you're a traveling dabber who likes to bring their own rig over to friends' houses or elsewhere, getting a smaller, more portable device could be a wise investment. Some E-nails are battery powered and don't need to be plugged into a home outlet. On the other hand, if you have a designated dabbing spot at home, you may not need to consider the E-rig's control box's size as a factor in your purchase. 

Another factor to consider is how well the new product will fit in with your existing setup. Users who already have a rig may opt for an E-nail of a similar color or build, while new users may prefer to go all-in on an E-rig. 

Your e-rig always has to be at the right temperature to get the right flavor. But this can be a time-consuming process so what’s the answer?

The electronic rig goes in a small holster and is no bigger than a business card. You can fit it in your pocket or in your holder with the rest of your materials snugly. It will keep a constant temperature so whenever you’re ready to chill out, you’ll be ready to go without any waiting.

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Your E-Rig goes in an elegant container that can be designed according to your needs. Now you can express yourself with your electronic rig and have it fit in with the rest of your gear.

The rig is crafted from the finest materials, so your electronic rig is designed to last. These are not made from cheap Chinese materials that will cause your electronic rig to break after just a few weeks. Your electronic rig will last for years if you take good care of it.

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These are the finest quality electronic rigs you’re likely to find anywhere. And they’re safe because they don’t contain butane. Without butane, you can get your electronic rigs cheaper and be ready to go anytime you feel like you want to chill.

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