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The First Ever Cannabis Drinks Expo

by Angel Ferrer 3 min read

The First Ever Cannabis Drinks Expo

San Francisco Cannabis Drinks Expo

As cannabis becomes more widely available throughout the US, the beverage industry has taken note and is eager to jump on the bandwagon with cannabis-infused cocktails, CBD beers, and even marijuana-infused wine! This exciting bridge between the cannabis and drinks world is still in its infancy and we’re all eager to see what the future has in store. Lucky for us, the first ever cannabis drinks expo will be taking place in San Francisco this year to give us a sneak peek at the current trends, laws, and what we may be able to expect from the future!

According to their website, “It will be the first time that drinks producers, manufacturers, brand owners, distilleries and brewers can come together and collectively look at ways they can benefit from legalized cannabis. It will provide a platform and meeting place for major players within the legal cannabis sector to come forward, meet their counterparts within the drinks industry, share ideas and potentially find ways they can work together. Assess, analyze, and implement ways they can both individually and together take advantage of what is effectively a new major consumer goods market.”

What to expect from the expo

Whether you’re an established professional in the cannabis or beverage industry, looking to break into the business, or just an aficionado wanting to stay on top of the current trends, the 2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo hosted by the Beverage Trade Network will provide you with seminars on subjects such as the legal status of cannabis as it relates to the drinks industry, exhibitions by leading cannabis and beverage companies, and a chance to meet and network with your peers.

Some exhibitors we’ve got our eye on

Cannabiniers: A company who creates cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beverages with brands such as Two Roots Brewing Co. and the Just Society Coffee and Tea Co.

Rebel Coast Winery: The world’s first and only cannabis-infused wine company.

cleen:craft: Cleen:craft creates kegged and canned CBD wellness tonics and soda. Their portfolio includes tasty concoctions like cleen:ginger, cleen:cola, and cleen:lime

Weedka Amsterdam: An innovative spirits company producing delectable weed flavored vodka.

Hill Street Beverage Company Inc: An award-winning company specializing in alcohol-free cannabis-infused adult beverages.

A sneak peek at some of the speakers

Jamie Evens: Founder of the Herb Somm, San Francisco. Jamie Evens is an educator, host, and writer who specializes in tying together the worlds of food, recipes, and wine with cannabis culture through her blog and lifestyle brand. She started her career with over 10 years of experience in the wine industry before switching gears to cannabis. She also hosts Thursday Infused, a gourmet series which highlights chefs and edible producers in the bay area.  

Chip Forsythe: Owner of Rebel Coast Winery. Chip Forsythe is the owner of Rebel Coast Winery, the first winery to legally produce a marijuana-infused sauvignon blanc which will hopefully be hitting shelves soon.

Omar Figueroa: Founder of the Law Offices of Omar Figueroa, author, and cannabis law expert. Here to tackle the subject of legality is Omar Figueroa, a lawyer who has spent two decades advocating for the cannabis industry. He started his career as a criminal defender, defending those accused of cannabis-related crimes before shifting his focus to legalization. He has also written a book entitled “Cannabis Codes of California”, which is a comprehensive guide to cannabis laws in the state of California.

Kathleen Murphy: VP of Innovation and Business Development at Francis Ford Coppola, San Francisco.Kathleen Murphy spearheaded the California wine community’s entrance into the cannabis market by launching the critically acclaimed “Growers Series”. The initial Coppola offering is an appellated flower sampling kit with three distinct strains along with smoking accessories

Warren Bobrow: Author of “Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics: The Art of Spirited Drinks and Buzz-Worthy Libations”. Warren Bobrow, self-appointed “spirit whisperer,” wrote one of the first books on cannabis cocktails and mocktails in 2016.

John Korkidis: Founder of the Proposition Cocktail Co, California. John Korkidis, also known as ChronVivant, is a creative cannabis mixologist and educator. In addition to running a successful cannabis cocktail blog, John also does consulting on content production, brand strategy, and growth marketing.

More info and tickets

The Cannabis Drinks Expo will be held in the South San Francisco Conference Center on July 25th, 2019. It promises to give the worldwide drinks industry, and North America in particular, the chance to come together and look at ways it can address legalized cannabis and find ways to start the fight back against this enormous threat to the future of the overall industry while providing a place for a variety of drinks producers to highlight their products and craft for the first time under one roof.

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