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The Ultimate Guide to Travel Bongs for a Springtime Sesh

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Bongs for a Springtime Sesh

As temperatures begin to start climbing, you’re probably feeling the itch to venture outside and enjoy a great smoking sesh away from home. While you could venture to the great outdoors, plan a road trip, or just spend more time in your backyard, you’ll likely want to take your bong with you.

We get that. Nothing beats the vibes when smoking outside when the weather is just right.

If you’re gearing up for your next adventurous sesh, we’ve put together this guide to help you prepare to travel with your bong of choice. Whether you’re hiking a local trail, hopping in the car for a long drive to a new destination, or you’re planning to fly, keep reading for some tips to keep the vibes going in the right direction during your vacation.

Smaller is Better for Travel Seshes

If bringing a glass bong is a must-have, pack smaller for your trip. Select a micro or mini bong shorter than 7” in height so that you can slip it into a suitcase or bag without having to compete for too much space with the rest of your essentials.

Additionally, smaller bongs require less cleaning than their larger counterparts. Depending on how long you’re venturing away from home, this could be a difference-maker if you’re planning on giving your piece a deep clean.

While you’re planning your trip, don’t forget to have fun with your smoking seshes. Pick up a mini bong with a unique design that reflects your personality or the vibes you’re anticipating at your destination. For example, the 7” Wish Ball Bong is perfect for anime fans everywhere, while the Pineapple Bong V2 is the ideal accessory for a tropical getaway.

Get a Freezable Glass Piece for Warm Weather Getaways

Nothing beats the vibe of a cool breeze by the beach, accompanied by an ice-cold hit from a quality piece. Even the iciest and sweetest margarita can’t outcompete the refreshing feeling of inhaling a perfect cloud of chilled smoke.

Freezable glass pieces like those found in the KRYO collection are designed for smoother, sweeter, and cooler hits every time. All you have to do is remove the freezable components from the rest of the bong, place them in a freezer or cooler, and take them out and reattach them when you’re ready for your next sesh.

If you prefer to scale it down and travel a little lighter, you can also pick up a freezable bubble hand pipe or a Sherlock pipe. Both deliver the same exceptionally icy hits but will take up less room in your luggage.

Pack Your Glass the Right Way

Packing a glass bong for travel may seem intimidating. No one wants to find theirs shattered in transit. Thankfully, with some quick prep work, you can avoid these types of headaches.

First, start by bubble wrapping the bong, preferably in multiple layers. This will provide an extra cushion and also keep it from moving around. Also, avoid using a wrapping material like newspaper as packing material, as the ink can be corrosive and ruin your bong.

Once it’s wrapped securely in its protective nest, place it carefully inside a sturdy piece of luggage like a hardshell suitcase. Doing so will prevent the bong from being crushed under other items.

If you’re flying, be sure to check in whatever suitcase is carrying your bong into checked luggage. Inform the airline representative that the suitcase contains fragile items so that they can mark it accordingly.

Lastly, play it smart. While packing a bong for a trip within the U.S. won’t be likely to raise any red flags in checked luggage, other countries may have other policies as far as smoking accessories go. Research the laws around cannabis consumption and possession before hopping on an international flight so that you can decide whether bringing your bong is worth the risk.

Remove the Risk of Breakage with a Silicone Bong

Silicone bongs are some of our favorite pieces for a sesh when smoking away from the comforts of home. Nothing can dampen the vibe, though, quite like a broken glass bong.

While most bongs are constructed with beautiful borosilicate glass that is designed to resist breakage more effectively, that does not mean they are 100% shatterproof. That’s where a silicone bong comes in.

Silicone bongs are created from pure, high-grade silicone so that you can smoke up without having to worry about breaking your piece if it falls or slips. In fact, it may even bounce if you drop it!

Unlike glass bongs, silicone ones are also way more flexible. You can pack them in virtually any type of luggage for a road trip without having to worry about them breaking during your travels.

Eliminate the Odor with a Personal Air Filter

If you’re staying somewhere that discourages smoking herb, you might be concerned about smoke blowing up your spot. Depending on where you’re staying, this could even result in extra cleaning charges that no one wants to pay for.

Using a personal air filter like one of the SmokeFiends, you can simply exhale into the mouthpiece to reduce secondhand smoke and eliminate odor before they even have a chance to start. SmokeFiends filters are also biodegradable and can be disposed of easily without impacting the environment if you need to change yours outdoors.

If you want to take extra caution to cover up the smoke, consider picking up a SmokeFiends Travel Kit. The bundle also includes a scent-proof container for flower and an odor-eliminator spray to put your mind at ease so you can vibe as you please.

Grab Your Must-Have Gear for Your Next Trip

At Hemper, we supply stoners everywhere with the most complete setup of smoking goodies for any sesh and situation. From taking a vacation to just chilling out at home, you’ll be sure to find something to complete your experience and make your next hit that much better.

To find the perfect travel bong and other must-haves, shop our full range or contact us anytime for more information on any of our products.