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Top 10 Must Have On-The-Go Pipes

by Angel Ferrer 4 min read

Top 10 Must Have On-The-Go Pipes

Top 10 On-The-Go Pipes Every Smoker Should Consider Adding to their Stash

Who doesn’t love having the means to enjoy their favorite strain of herb while going about their busy lives? With so many great options available on the market, you may feel overwhelmed when picking the perfect travel pipe.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top-10 favorite styles of pipes for enjoying a bit of dry herb on the go. Whether traveling long distance or just going about your daily “to-do” list, having one of these pipes in tote can come in handy.

Best On the Go Pipes


One-hitters are one of the best on-the-go options for those who value discretion or have limited space. A one-hitter is usually a small cylindrical pipe with just enough space in the bowl to get, as the name implies, one good hit of your favorite strain. One-hitters come in a variety of styles, with some offering stealth ways to enjoy your herbal intake in areas where you may not want to flaunt your recreational activities. The classic cigarette shaped one-hitter is a popular choice for this purpose.  

Another benefit to the one-hitter is that they usually come with a dugout, a container made to hold both your pipe and a small stash so you can refill on the go. One-hitters are also usually small enough to carry in your pocket or a small purse.

Glass spoon pipe

This is the classic quintessential weed pipe, so our list just wouldn’t be complete without it. Glass spoon pipes get their name from their spoon-like shape. The glass spoon pipe is usually made from a single piece of glass with a bowl for your herbs and a separate hole that acts as a carburetor. The carburetor, also sometimes referred to as a carb, helps you adjust the airflow to your liking.  

Glass spoon pipes come in a variety of sizes and colors, often hand-blown, which creates a beautiful one-of-a-kind effect. Glass is also the ultimate smoking material for those who want the purest expression of the strain possible.  


The chillum is the slightly bigger brother to the classic one-hitter. Featuring a bit of a larger bowl, a chillum is perfect for those with a slightly larger appetite than a one-hitter allows or for those who like the option to share a smoke while on the go. Chillums come in a variety of materials and usually pack enough bud for 3-5 hits.

Metal pipe

There are many types of metal pipes available on the market with the chamber style being the most common and best for portability. Chamber pipes usually come in an L-shape with a metal bowl that screws onto a metal tube and mouthpiece.

Sherlock pipe

The stylish and sophisticated Sherlock pipe was inspired by the famous detective from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels. This sleek and classy shape allows you to smoke your favorite bud in style. Sherlock pipes come in a variety of materials and colors, with glass and wood being our top picks.

Gandalf pipes also fall into the Sherlock category, with an elongated stem reminiscent of the pipe used by the legendary wizard in Lord of the Rings. We should note, however, that the Gandalf pipe is slightly less portable than a traditional Sherlock due to its size and when made out of glass, the long stems can be quite delicate.

Wooden pipe

Though most often used for tobacco, wooden pipes offer a rich smoking experience for cannabis aficionados as well. Wooden pipes come in an array of styles, some beautifully decorated with ornate carvings or made from luxurious types of wood.

Smoking out of wood adds a rich and warm flavor to your bud, making it a wonderful option for spicier strains. Unlike glass, wood is sturdy and difficult to break, making it a nice option for those of us who don’t want to worry about protecting a glass pipe when going about our busy lives.

Foldable pipe

Foldable pipes were designed with travel in mind. Often made from wood or metal, foldable pipes are usually made from two pieces that slide or fold together. Some are even made with magnets and can be conveniently hidden amongst other magnets on your fridge for discreet storage when you’re home.

Stealth pipe

Though many stealth pipes often fall into the one-hitter category, options with slightly larger bowls are available as well. Stealth pipes are made to resemble normal everyday items such as pens or lipstick, making it perfect for those who require something a little more discreet.

Vaporizer pipe

A vaporizer pipe is a more modern invention giving you the ability to vaporize your weed instead of burning it. This allows you to extract the THC without the addition of harmful chemicals that are a byproduct of combustion. Vaporizer pipes come in a variety of styles and are often more expensive than traditional pipes.  

Glass blunt

Glass blunts are a wildly popular new addition to the world of smoking. They were created to replace rolling papers and often consist of an outer tube and an inner tube held in place by a rubber casing. Given that they are constructed out of glass, you can rest assured the flavor of your strain won't be compromised.  

Explore and Experiment

Still not sure which one is right for you? Consider testing and experimenting to find the perfect match. Ask your friends about their experiences and read up on reviews online to gain a deeper insight into which will suit you best.

And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for expert advice or with any questions you might have. We love helping customers find just what they need! We hope this guide from Hemper helps your pipe hunt!