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Hemper’s 420 Tier Sale:Spend $50+ for $30 worth of free products (Tier 1), $100+ for $80 worth (Tiers 1 & 2), or $150+ for an amazing $300 worth (All 3 Tiers)!

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Stoner Gifts

Best Stoner Gifts

You are stuck racking your brain on that perfect gift for your favorite stoner. After procrastinating until the very last minute and stressing out, you are just about ready to go with that obviously generic option. Stop! We have you covered with so many original, verifiably awesome products that are perfect for your toking friend that your only problem will be choosing which one and how many to buy. No matter your budget, you are guaranteed to find a gift from our online headshop that will propel you to the top of your stony friend’s favorite person list. 

From full-on Dab Rigs to our novelty Hemper Henny Bong V2, we got you covered! Budget savvy? No worries, take a peek at the Hemper 8” Shock Absorbent Glass Pads or some ridiculously good flavored rolling papers. There are a ton of different designs and flavors to choose from for that special somebody. Novelty gifts like the Hemper It’s Lit Rolling Tray, available in all kinds of different designs and finishes, are the perfect accessory to add to your special friend’s collection.

We carry all the best brands so easily filter out the nonsense and go for the good stuff. Grab some glass from Grav Labs or some delicious rolling papers from the likes of Juicy Jay’s or RAW. The Dynavap 2020 “M” Vaporizer is perfect for the tech-savvy connoisseur! No matter which you choose, we’re confident these gifts will ensure your stony buddy recognizes just how much you care.