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Hemper’s 420 Tier Sale:Spend $50+ for $30 worth of free products (Tier 1), $100+ for $80 worth (Tiers 1 & 2), or $150+ for an amazing $300 worth (All 3 Tiers)!

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Goody Glass

A new generation of mini rigs, hand pipes, smoking accessories, and dabbing accessories have arrived! Goody Glass brings you a series of collectible miniature rigs made to put the “fun” back in function.

A series of food and emoji inspired pipes made to add some fun and color into your routine. Each pipe features the signature Goody Glass produce sticker decal and fun colors, so grab the whole collection to complete the Goodies set!

Goody glass couldn't help themselves so they also revealed Goody Animals, their very first series of animal inspired pipes. Each animal pipe is handcrafted and has its own personality, so grab them all while they’re out in the wild!

OH! You thought they were done?! Nope. Get ready to prepare your herbs in style with signature large and travel size grinders. 

To finish it all off, Goody glass also created rolling trays and shock absorbent glass pads to upgrade your current smoking and dabbing accessories!